Tea Party: GOD Created The U.S. Constitution…the BIBLETUTION!

it apparently the tea party patriots which is a georgia based organization
that counts around a wine thousand chapters nationwide is trying is ask its members to pressure
there a local school boards to teach the constitution during a constitution
week we ought why applaud that measure there was a a recent study that showed
that uh… oh we are not teaching civics to our students eighth graders fourth-graders whatever
it is sufficiently all we we have aid generation and maybe some generations of students who are graduating without a sense of
what the constitution says without a sense of of what what uh…
what it means to be a good citizen so i applied the uh… tea party patriots for trying to get schools to to use the
constitution a blitz asaro and when no schools to teach the the
founding document the group is suggesting that they use materials provided by the national center for
constitutional studies well that sounds okay a group that claims the country and
constitution were established by the hand of god the bible to shim folks the n c c s is founder of clean on
screws in became a tea party favorite increasing
here’s when glenn backed out of him on this program as an exemplary
constitutional scholar princeton historian john wallace
described uh… squamous kansans books the five thousand
yearly as quoted trees that assemble selective
quotations in groundless assertions to claim that the u_s_ constitution is
rooted not me lightning but in the bible and first-hand experience in dealing with
these type of tea party glenn beck visions of the constitution year-ago uh… almost in august a twenty
eight i was at the bible tution rally i guess is restoring
honor i’m not sure uh… we’ve gone back at this is from
the youtube that i posted this interview you as you can see is completely are on the edited exchange with a woman who
was at the rally let’s play that now what is restoring honor mean to you
restoring honor against to look at the actual constitution dot it starts at that glove our problems have to do
with taking got out of this but from a constitutional standpoint isn’t there as well as the separation of
church and well i need to take the constitution plaza i
will admit that i have signed up one for one starting at home so i can learn more i don’t want to meet to know what everything about the cause feel that that are bent its board of
directors and i do not like helping i’d like to work let me ask you about it here he replied with government your so
there you have it slows that is the uh… that is the the beauty
there sheet he has trouble she don’t know it to knowing too much
about the constitution but she did admit to traveling nearly a hundred miles to protest that
we’re not living actual constitution constitution course by natural what happens if you take that
constitution course and find out that uh… yourself and then you don’t like it
should have really don’t know my guess is that in fact she won’t find anything in
their that you don’t like particularly if the tea party has to say
that because we all know that god reached down picked up a quilt then hotels are there are a bit off of her fee eighteen hundred years s_l_
seventeen like a seventeen hundred seventy six years uh… i’ve been busy
brett after that drop interest to write this up by the late seventeen hundred and
seventy-six years for this with utility that quill pens cable but would his the but because the steel on their delivery
are rooted the

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  1. ummmm, hey Jew boy… if it not for the hand of God, you might not even be around…or have you forgotten how hard your people have had to fight to merely STAY ALIVE?

  2. APPARENTLY, you have a problem with the belief in God
    should this belief of Divine Intervention be taught in school. Hell No. Let the childern decide for themselves, perhaps when they are older & form their opinions like we all do, but who are you to JUDGE others for their belief in God?????
    fucktard ingrate

  3. everybody knows that God (The Flying Spagetti Monster) dosen't have "hands" he has noodly appendages…

  4. Speaking as someone who went through your average public school..I had a very good education in civics.

    These tea baggers are nuts as usual.

  5. @nativeskygirl You’re an ass. I hope you enjoy your stay in assville with the rest of the asshats.

  6. oh right because the 534th amendment states that if a virgin is raped in the town only the rapist must be stoned to death but if she was raped in the wilderness outside the town they must both be stoned because no one would be around to hear her scream- directly from the BIBLEtution. and lets not forget that 236th Amendement that says if thou enters a field were a bull is and the bull has the tendency to charge you must stone him to death oh and the 214th amendement be kind to strangers

  7. Tea party aka republicans

    I mean c'mon, it's fucking OBVIOUS the republicans hate libertarians. Look how they bastardize everything libertarians try to do.

  8. To claim that God is responsible for the Constitution is a slap in the face to the people who sacrificed all they did to found this nation. Every single Conservative troll who will comment here, will have no idea what's in the Constitution. They will also be some of the least moral people on Earth. Liberals have the moral high ground, so they come up with this shit, so they can feel relevant. You never had this country Conservatives, so there is nothing to restore. The "Honor" is ours already!

  9. Just because I say I don't know what I'm talking about doesn't mean you know what I'm talking about when I say I know what I'm talking about!

  10. No the LORD created the constitution not the christian God or Jesus. Before In God We Trust it was United As One but written in latin. Quit your god damn lieng tea party thugs. This great country has been stolen by a bunch of bible thumping idiots that the fouding fathers did not want to have power because they knew christian law was far worse than giving individual rights to believe what you fucking want.

  11. The beauty of this plan is, like all the assaults on separation of church and state, that radical religious nuts would be able to re-interpret the Constitution and override the secular government at will.

  12. You folks seem to have a handle on Teabag 'Kock Bros' smoker morons. call me if you need me. heh heh 14th Amendment anyone? YEPPERS…..meanwhile back at the ranch, mama n' papa Bachmann in their Fannie and Freddie financed digs [as they complain of such] are teaching our right wing homophobes how to commit suicide bringing them from closets to normalcy. Not really funny…but sorta. And 'ribbon cutting events slamming the stimulis. In other words…a bunch of self righteous bastards. nyuk nyuk

  13. Respond to this video… actually it's the Monroe doctrine plus British common law, with some human rights thrown in. The bit about god is the belief that government does not give us any human rights,(i.e. property rights, personal actions etc) but that we were born with them,

  14. @halloranedward If you can't spell it I would somehow doubt it. Anyway buttcracker I do believe parties made a seizmic shift in mid 20's. Or would you let facts get in the way?

  15. the founding of the great nation has nothing to do with god and nothing with religion. Please read the Constitution of the US and you will not find the word GOD in the document. This was work of some great and free thinking man ….

  16. That was three years ago and now the Tea party is about to breath its last.  Ditto for some wings of the Republican party.  Their pitiful attempts at comparing their war on women to Bil Clinton's dalliance with an intern.  ONE MAN compared to hundreds of politicians all trying to clip women's rights?

    Paul Ryan and Rand Paul–are they both brain damaged?  Yet, Faux is still pumping out the same old excrement they've been pumping out for over a decade., yet more people watch it than actual, REAL news outlets.  They remind me of the movie '"A Few Good Men," they can't HANDLE THE TRUTH!  They would rather watch white people tear into a president whose chemicals give him a dark complexion than THINK FOR THEMSELVES and do what Dr. King hoped for, judge the content of his character and not the color of his skin.

    This country was a once great nation, now torn apart DELIBERATELY by ONE television cable station that is UNFAIR AND UNBALANCED.  The Constitutional Republic our forefathers created is being destroyed by the sheer ignorance of the populace and the unmitigated GREED of the plutocrats who wish to turn us into an Oligarchy which, if they are successful, will lead us into a Fascist state.

    God help us!

    Dr. B. Kurtin, Ph.D. 

  17. I just read anonymous201096's comment about God being kicked out of schools and other places.  Like so many fanatics, he, lie so many of his ilk, are so wrong that it isn't funny.  It is tragic.  

    Prayer in schools was ALWAYS unlawful. It took a lawsuit to make it clear to Christians that Christian prayers were not welcome in our public schools because not every student is a Christian.  I am not a Christian, I am, however, a God fearing woman.  Christianity is not THE only religion in the United States.

    There are many places for prayer: Church, homes, and among like-minded people, but NOT in the public arena.

    Suppose, dear Christian brothers and sisters, that you were forced to listen to prayers that were asked in the name of, say, Zeus.  You would scream FOUL!  Wouldn't you?  That is how I and others like me feel when we were forced to listen to prayers that were asked in the name of Jesus.

    Jesus is nothing to me and others like me.  To me, praying to Jesus is a violation of the Ten Commandments.  The first commandment is "you shall not put other gods before me."  We do not believe that Jesus (an English name, he should have been called Joshua) was in any respect divine.  So it is very offensive for us to have to listen to prayers addressed to someone who is NOT God.

    That was in elementary and high school.  

    God is alive and well and if anyone thinks that prayer has disappeared from school is an idiot!  Just go into any class in which a, say, trig test is being given…there is a lot of prayer going on!

    One can pray without having to interfere with others, so the lamentations of the Tea party or right wing Christians is for naught.  God IS.

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