Talking About Politics: LEFT WING & RIGHT WING

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  1. James. I enjoyed the video. I actually googled who are considered the right wing? And you video was recommended. TY. Was excellent. Well done. I feel empowered. Knowledge is Power.

  2. JP has great intellectual ideas but he consistently brushes over the conundrum of the fact that many social activism is a result of lived realities and he barely has a pulse when talking about them. Rosa Parks – yah – sure she had a point – and the others – well, maybe I dunno. C'mon! If he wants the left to hear the message, dismissing realities of extreme state violence police harassment and little access to the justice system is not speaking truth to the issue.

  3. If you cannot explain it simply and there is contradictions than teacher throw it away cause nothing good will come from it.

  4. "..used to be called the USSR, we now call it Russia.."


    No we don't. What we call it, is a large country in the middle sort of – called the Russian Federation, with a bunch of other independent countries that used to be part of the Soviet Union, such as Ukraine, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Uzbekistan, etc.

    Lumping them all together and calling them 'Russia' is pretty offensive.

    And as for the story of the left and the right, that's not exactly true either. It actually stems from the French Revolution.

    But then you would know that, if you bothered researching it properly.

  5. How did the dukes and knights and kings vote for conservatism in the USA if the USA was never a monarchy? Nice story, but it's not really true or accurate

  6. I never cared about politics in school and I'm going to be 18 this year and will be able to vote so I want to educate myself more on politics.

  7. Thanks for saying that we should also learn to broaden our horizon rather than just the language itself

  8. Fascism on the right wing? Oh if you are joking, include nazism also. Lol. Leftists are a mess even in an english class.

  9. “Fascism” is not a political movement…. why do you say fascism is the same as nationalism, if you were an educated person you would know….. maybe you need to look at the thesaurus,,….. you ignorant “person” never are they in the same meaning……..

  10. Leftwing: Young, immature, no life experience , emotional wrecks. Rightwing: Regular mature logical folk.

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