Taking The Social Justice Purity Test

hey everybody a few years ago there used to be this thing called a purity test came out a few decades ago it had up to 500 questions and it measured on a percentage scale basically how pure you were and so obviously the higher percentage of purity the more pure you were and it focused on sexuality so you know talk about whether or not you were heterosexual whether you're homosexual or bisexual it went into BDSM it went into sexual positioning it went into specific sex acts that you may have participated in it actually went into a lot of detail think of it as kind of a precursor to cards against humanity' because basically the idea was that you played the test or you had the test with a group of friends and at least in my experience alcohol was involved so probably not the most responsible thing but it was a lot of fun now today we have this term that's been bandied about it's called intersectionality now it's primarily used to determine status in the oppression Olympics in other words it's a measure of power credibility and influence in social justice circles so in other words the more oppressed you are or the more points of intersectionality you have the more power influence and credibility you should have so if you're a disabled person of color you're going to have more credibility than an able-bodied Caucasian person for example now again the idea is is that you measure your intersectionality by your perceived oppression status basically it's a social justice purity test now in social justice circles this determines electability it determines employment status it determines credibility on particular arguments but it's also used to witch-hunt and discriminate against heterosexual white people white men in particular now today I present to you the intersectionality score calculator now this is at intersectionality score calm all right let's read this it says this is pretty entertaining it says you may have heard of intersectionality the theory that the overlap of various social identities such as race gender and sexuality contributes to the system of oppression and discrimination experienced by an individual don't know how to compare your level of oppression with others now you can simply adjust the sliders below according to your identity factors to see your intersectionality score you can use it when you're dealing with others to know who's more marginalized instead of getting to know them as individuals now obviously this is probably a joke site but there it is now I will say this we're gonna go with a 95 or higher is an a an 85 or higher is a B a 78 or higher is a C and a 68 or higher is a deed anything below that is an F now we're gonna take this test and I'm gonna go ahead and take it first just to kind of let everybody see what where things are so and again here we go and we're kind of doing this in real time this is completely unscripted all right so remember everything is a social construct so we're gonna go from here now but with that said because I'm half Latino I'm gonna go ahead and go with person of color now I'm also because again everything is a social construct I'm also a masculine presenting trans gender lesbian so I'm gay now because I'm transgender I'm female and again I'm transgender so again I mark for that now am i rich or poor well I'm I don't know would say I'm transport and I'm older and transgender I'm disabled English is my first language I was born in the United States and I am less educated might as well I am Christian I am trans Muslim and I am trans Jewish so with that said where do I stand on the intersectionality score holy shit I'm a B my score is 86 so therefore I fit perfectly well within the whole intersectionality community now let's go ahead and try this again now we're gonna do it this time and we're gonna use Steve shives as an example now Steve shibez he's white now even though technically I'm told he's married he is a mangina so we're gonna say he's gay um and because he's a mangina we're gonna actually say even though he's male we're gonna say he's transgender uh he's probably rich because he's a social justice warrior so YouTube promotes his content um he's about middle age so he's not really younger or older he's I don't know he's kind of a SOI boy so you can't really say able-body but he does not appear to be disabled English is very clearly his first language he's clearly born in the USA he said some dumb shit so I'm gonna assume that he's less educated and I'm gonna assume that he's not Christian he's not Muslim and I'm assuming he's not Jewish he may be Jewish I don't know if he is I apologize alright so his score he's an F he's an F his his intersectionality is lacking so I think that this kind of shows you that you know when it comes to sieve shives content if you're a social justice warrior you should not pay attention to him because he doesn't even score a high F on the intersectionality scale now let's go ahead and do it again because you know I want to go ahead and check on some of these social justice icons we have and let's just kind of really see what the reality their situation is because you know should you really be paying attention to these people or are they high enough on the intersectionality scale for us to really just you know dig in and and and and listen to them do they have the credibility that we as social justice warriors or trans social justice warriors need to you really respect them let's find out all right so we do Hillary Clinton all right so Hillary Clinton we're gonna go with she's white she is straight she is female she is cisgender she is stupidly rich she is older than Yoda now she says she's able-bodied but we've seen her fall down a few times so we're gonna say she's trans able English is very clearly her first language she was born in the United States she has a law degree um and because she's two-faced she's not Christian we know she's not Muslim and we know she's not Jewish so with that said where does Hillary sit on the intersection alley skip she's a twenty-seven she's completely unelectable which oddly enough resembles reality cuz she lost she continues to lose cuz you know losers lose so with that said let's go ahead and look at the other side of the scale let's look at Barack Obama okay so he's a person of color and according to some people he's gay uh while he is male some people believe that he's transgender or at least a transvestite he's definitely rich he is getting up there so he's getting a little bit older we've seen him play basketball so he's able-bodied English is his first language now some people say he wasn't born in the United States and other people say he does so for purpose of this we'll just pretend he's born in the United States he has a lot of Green was a law professor I believe he identifies as Christian but I'm not sure so we're gonna go devout but not now he's not devout but he's was gonna leave in the center we don't know but he's not Muslim and I think and I don't think he's Jewish so here we go Barack Obama Barack Obama fails he's got a 50 on the intersectionality score again he was doing good and then toward that final stretch once you actually took in the fact that he's rich that he's male and you know able-body he's got a lot of education basically you shouldn't pay attention to him he has no intersectionality credibility F for failure alright let's go then next one let's see who else should we do let's do what's-her-name the new representative elect of Casio Cortez all right so Casio Cortez this is the one from New York they call her she Guevara so because she's a super socialist so she's a person of color it appears as though she's straight but we're not sure she is female she is cisgender now she tried to pretend she wasn't rich but she comes from a rich family so she's rich even though she's like was dumb and was a bartender so she's basically a bar thought she's younger and she's able bodied and English is her first language she was born in the United States and now here's the thing with her more educated I don't know what her education level is but she says some pretty dumb shit so let's go less educated now obviously she's a bar thought so she's definitely not Christian she's definitely not Muslim and she's definitely not Jewish so a Casio Cortez gets a 58 on the intersectionality meter so she's an F so she probably shouldn't have been elected but again you know she says some stupid shit if she's surrounded by people who say stupid shit they're going to elect stupid over credible or I should say they will probably think that stupid is credible because that's all they know all right let's go ahead and take one look at one last one this is one's going to be fun this is Nancy Pelosi so Nancy Pelosi she's white she's straight she's female she's cisgender I think she's the richest person in Congress she's super old now Nancy Pelosi says some stupid shit and on top of that here's the thing we're talking about able-bodied and disabled she said some really stupid shit she looks like she might have some dementia or something if you've seen her live I mean you understand where I'm coming from so we're gonna go disabled is we want to help her out and then English as a first language she was born in the United States she's got a lot of education um you know she supports killing children and abortion so she can't be Christian she's not Muslim and I don't think she's Jewish but I could be wrong with that said Nancy Pelosi has a 33 on the intersectionality scale so here's the thing when you look at this I mean there's a lot of fun obviously whoever put this together they had a lot of fun with it this is not created by social justice warriors you could tell because it's a pope but oh my gosh this is hilarious it's called intersectionality score calm now with that said let's go ahead and let's kind of look at some of the comments here the comments are great so this one says haha this is the dumbest thing I've seen today I watched a Nancy Pelosi interview today now that one guy says from Wichita Texas amazing to score a hundred you have to be a non-white female gay transgender person who was poor older and disabled being poor not in the USA English not being your first language less educated not a Christian but a devout Muslim or Jew I'm pretty sure I am sure that this is pretty much all of us now let's go back and take a look at that let's just look at that for a second let's let's reset it again and let's just find out okay so we have a score zero if you are a devout Muslim get 53 now if you are a devout Jew let's see what it does devout Jew it's 51 so being a Muslim rates you higher than being a Jew even though it was a genocide against to use at one point now let's see where being a vet devout Christian sets you all right so that's 48 so basically you lose points if your baseline is 50 you lose points for being devout Christian so basically they discriminate against Christians they do a little bit of discrimination against Jewish people but not much now if you're less educated you know 51 if you're more educated it's 48 so basically people who are more educated or who are smarter score lower on intersectionality than dumbasses well we kind of already knew that based on what we've seen in the news so far so with that said if you're born in the United States you're 46 if you're not born United States you born elsewhere you're 53 so basically American lives don't matter if you're in America and go fuck yourself you're not intersectional that's a bad thing now if English is your second language it's 51 see at one point for that but if it's your first language yeah screw you all you Native American or native English speakers this is what you get all right now here's the other thing are you disabled let's find out if you're disabled you get a 53 so that's worth three points but if you're able-bodied you only worth 46 so basically healthy people yeah screw you fat lives matter more than fit lives so if you've got serious problems you got serious medical problems guess what you're more valuable than that person who's completely fit completely educated born in the United States basically anybody who can actually assimilate into American culture yeah you guys are losers anybody who doesn't know how to assimilate in American culture who is you know retarded being disabled or they are they have no education because they say stupid shit you're more important than anybody else now let's go to the next part the older if you're old you get 51 if you're younger you 51 but if you're middle-aged you get 50 okay so think about that for a moment so old people young people those people are great but anybody who's middle-aged or anybody who's not considered young and not considered old yeah fuck you people now are you poor because you made poor life decisions you get 52 are you rich that's 47 so basically if you're successful in life you're a loser now are you heterosexual or are you transgender if you're heterosexual which is interesting Nikkei say six there's a cisgender in other words if you're not trans look I guess I don't know it's gonna weird because they also have gay and straight here so we're just gonna go if you're cisgender you get 46 but if you're a transgender you're 53 now this means that even though there's only been about between four and five thousand people in the United States they've actually undergone the surgery those people even though they all have mental health problems and they're suicidal and everything else and they they commit suicide at a higher rate than everybody else and they suffer from depression and other mental health problems they're more valuable than cisgender people also are you male oh my god look at that males get screwed males in in intersectionality males in social justice communities they have no value whatsoever so male feminists you pay attention because this is you I'm talking to you but if you female your females were seven points so female is more important in fact what's interesting this is weighted towards women far more than men so men men are losers at forty two females are winners at fifty seven that's a 15 point spread so think about that for a minute now are you straight if you're straight that's forty five if your gains fifty five is a ten point spread and again are you white is it okay to be white let's find out you're white oh my god thirty six points but if your person of color that's sixty three points so thirty six and sixty three oh my god that's huge that's huge it's not like you know it's not like intersectionality is is racist at all now the reason I bring this up obviously this test was created as a joke but it really simulates life it's definite li Entertainment simulating the reality of everything that's on the ground so yeah so this is this is definitely definitely very much indicative of how intersectionality treats Caucasian straight cisgender men who are financially successful that able-bodied who speak English as a first language born in the United States have some education who are devout Christians if you are any of those things it's a problem so let's try that out so let's go if you're a white male and you are straight and again you're male and because you're not transgender you're cisgender you're rich so you're financially successful okay maybe you're not old maybe you're not young but you are able body okay English is your first language you're born in the United States you decided to build a hard work heart and get a bunch of education you're devout Christian because a lot of people in the United States are Christian where it's your score it's six so that should tell you everything you need to know about what these people think of American values I think it's I mean even though this is kind of a joke website I think it says everything you need to know and again I think this is something that's important for to be Illustrated so that people understand exactly what social justice warriors think of people like this what women who are feminists think of people like this so again intersectionality score calm this is the website check it out I think that it's kind of you know it's sort of a funny sort of thing and you know it's something worth looking into check it out share it with your friends have a lot of fun with it and with that I'll talk to you later this is DeeDee J and this has been your dose of misandry today

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  1. Hey! I'm more privileged than 82% of people. So when intersectionality takes complete control, I should prepare to neutralize 82% of the people I encounter. So helpful!

  2. I got a 25 and I'm trans. Just by taking this calculation I can see how ridiculous intersectionality is.

  3. It's also a hit list that tells you exactly who's next after they take the straight white man out.

  4. This vile test is "not" created by the LGBT community, I've been an LGBT activist for over 30 years.   This vile fascist Mein Kampf ideological test shit has been created by SJW Political correctness, who think they speak for the LGBT community. This PC SJW conditioning is convince everyone they are a victim of some kind that needs revenge.

  5. No one has discriminated against Jewish people since the days of Hitler these days Jewish people are privileged rich and if you talk bad about them the wrong ones they will shut you down the people on the news that you hear about getting mistreated or in some foul way in terms of religion are Muslims so naturally the score with increase if you said you were Muslim as opposed to Jewish or Christian


    Probably a poe but it's not like I ain't seen a shit load of "privilege calculation" posts

  7. After Millenia of Teutonic pride, the Hidden Hand has finally convinced Germans to despise themselves.

    The fall of the West is inevitable

  8. I’m white and I disgust myself.
    I offend even myself and I despise my penis which is a constant reminder of my inevitable guilt as a ‚Äúpotential‚ÄĚ rapist.

    Help me to hate myself

  9. Is anyone noticing the percentage below the score? It said 68% of people were MORE privileged than Hillary Clinton? Rly? RLY? RLY?

  10. My score was 15? ok.. i don't even know what this means.

    It tells me i am more privileged that 70% of people.. i will bask in my privilege! My preshusssss !!!!

  11. I'm a 4. Suck on my privilege. Also if your trans-Jewish and trans-muslim shopping for food must be a real pain in the butt. I cant imagine there are very many kosher halal places to eat.

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