Syria Nationwide Blackout could Happen Here

I think if I was a Congressman I would miss
this plane! Nothing like putting all of your enemies in one place and having a terroior
attack. How stupid can people be???????? Any body ever wonder what happens if the entire
Congress was wiped out? Is the president getting on this plane? You cannot trust this president
as far as you can throw him!!!!!!! I hope I’m wrong, but if I’m right it would only
leave one bad president in Washington. 48
the skeptic Marlys • 9 …..yes, I am thinking that it would be perfect
timing for an “event” in FEMA region III……or, maybe the AF will pick Gitmo as their destination.
for our “leaders”……or, the flight path will cross the Bermuda Triangel….
11 bkinney1 the skeptic • 6
What if the plane went down…….no one to govern but Mr O
7 Kepano24 bkinney1 • 4
then we swoop in and hang him end of story 11
justkiddingnobutseriously bkinney1 • 4 I doubt they’re all gonna be on one plane boss the skeptic • 9
fema region lll… omg that’s just too scary to even think about…. cant say we weren’t
warned 5
boss Marlys • 9 I was thinking the same thing….
5 Sueychop Marlys • 4
Snakes on a plane! 4
Ajax Marlys • 5 They’re probably not going to be on Air Force
One – We’re just being told that. Air Force One gets blown out of the sky, they’re safely
underground in one of their bunkers. Then they let the missing nukes fly….What if
ALL this ‘chaos’ is to summon or welcome what or who ‘they’ have been preparing for for
a long time?…,… 9:11, &… 4
HdP Ajax • 2 seems like the perfect plan, right? Something
big is brewing!! randy h Ajax • 3
It said “by the Air Force. Air Force One wouldn’t accommodate them ALL.” SD Marlys • 8
My daughter could throw his wimpy arse so no I don’t trust him as far as she could throw
him. 2
MJ Marlys • 2 Plane will be shot down or crash and Obama
will enforce Military Law…I can see Obama wanting this to happen..Hope to God nothing
happens…. 1
Nugget • 10 Just more of the same! Total disregard for
the American people having to pay for such crap! Sorry the man died, but if they want
to ALL go to his funeral let them pay their own way. My company sure didn’t pay for me
to travel when the CEO of the company died!! Total disregard because THEY DON’T HAVE TO
PAY!!!! 29
Roger Attaway • 10 Its time to vote all of their sorry asses
out and install term limits! 29
Ricky Ross Roger Attaway • 5 You are implying that we should actually use
the corrupt system, to fix the corrupt system? Surely you have noticed that voting does not
work anymore? This is the reason we are stuck on stupid
as a nation…we keep doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different
results! By the way, that is the clinical definition of INSANITY…how fitting for the
people of this once great nation. 6
Guest Ricky Ross • 4 Try Civil RICO. The Racketeer Influence & Corrupt
Organizations Act. You are right. The political justice is dead. Not criminal RICO but CIVIL
Ajax Ricky Ross • 4 You may find this interesting: http://citizenwells.wordpress….
1 Ajax Roger Attaway • 5
Time to hold them accountable to their Oath of Office – let the Trails begin!
1 Ajax Ajax • 5
Correction: That should be – let the Trials begin!
2 boss • 10
wouldn’t it of been cheaper to of just moved the body to dc for the showing? that might
of been what?1000 bucks? lol 23
Charlotte Bertics • 8 535 members in Congress. Round trip to Fl.
from DC. average $1,300.=$695,500. It will be interesting to see how much higher this
bill will be to the US tax payer. I imagine all their security details will be along for
the ride. Will their wives, children, and personal aids also go along? Are the Obamas’
going to take time for golf and shopping while there? REMEMBER THIS TRIP when there is no
money for SNAP, EBT, Section 8 housing, Veteran’s benefits, Social Security, or Medicare.
15 Mitchell • 8
Open your eyes people we are on the brink of total destruction. We need to raise up
arms an over throw this tyrannical government before it’s too late
13 Ricky Ross Mitchell • 5
Finally, someone saying what we should be doing right now, hell, we should have done
that several years ago. Sadly, most people knowing that the entire system is corrupted,
still insist and believe that things can be changed in D.C. via voting…which is using
the corrupted system. SAD!
4 genesis667 • 6
I certainly wouldn’t get on a Hussein provided flight.. Seal Team 6 made that dreaded mistake…
11 Chris D genesis667 • 5
word 4
Curious • 6 Remember the Polish president & govt killed
in a plane crash a couple of years ago while flying to Russia? They questioned why so many
govt officials flew on one plane? Still a lot of unanswered questions.
11 Rose215 Curious • 3
Maybe they will put Dems and Republicans on different planes. Cathy Rose215 • 2
And maybe the wrong plane will go down. 🙂 barry soetoro • 7
Anybody wanna bet Obamatollah SHOOTS DOWN THE PLANE, killing half of Congress? Then
declares a ‘state of emergency’ and seizes control of the government under color of ‘Martial
Law?’ 11
Harry Berry barry soetoro • 5 He probably will shoot down the plane and
then Nuke Washington/ Be ready for the total economic collapse I had been preaching for
years about. It is here. Collapse the stockmarket and let’s start over.
3 boss • 10
176 million and hour? WTF! 9
tellmenolies2012 boss • 10 they said 176 MILLION not 176 thousand
3 Michele boss • 10
I highly doubt President O is going to give them Air force One! They will likely fly on
a jumper that our Military fly on… 2
boss Michele • 9 just hope the plane don’t go down… could
you imagine? 6
Bitch boss • 9 NO shit, Obama would take over!!!!
7 bitch boss • 6
No aircraft has been designated at this time for support… how much you want to bet they
dont show 1
TG Michele • 5 They have a lot more than just Air force one
for passenger jets. They have a whole fleet of planes that flies employees into and out
of area 51 everyday alone… that is just for area 51. There are plenty of fly in only
high security sites. If that can’t work, they can always pile them
into a few of the dozens of planes they use for stratospheric arousal spraying (chemical
dispersion planes). 2
AnonExpectUs • 5 The government “shutdown” occurred right after
all the supplies and ammo made it to FEMA Region III. They were clearly giving congress
members and high ranking officers time to take their share to their designated DUMB’s.
Now, seeing how they are all leaving that very region, when a body can be FLOWN to you
for a fraction of a FRACTION of the cost, definitely does not sit well with me. Even
if there are no false flag implications behind this, which there are, the disrespect they
show towards American citizens is enough for us to hold them accountable in the highest
regard. 7
Liberty Bell • 6 I would suggest a watcher make sure they are
in the sunshine state, and not in some DUMB waiting for a nuke strike. you never know
7 TG • 6
The planes that were supposed to have all the clowns in it will probably be blown to
tiny pieces and the clowns will all go into hiding to avoid being eventually lynched for
their crimes against the American people. obama will blame Iran and finally get that
war he has been dreaming about. 6
Sarcon • 3 Quick, everyone go to white house and the
capital building, to board up the doors and the windows, so they can’t get back in.
5 MagenD • 4
Night of the long knives !!! 5
Harry Berry • 5 Voting is just like begging at their feet.
If voting could change a system it wouldn’t be legal
4 matts • 6
Wash Times is conservative owned by Rev Moon’s Church Wash POST is liberal I also think your hourly operating cost for
AF-1 is WAAAY too high Having them all out of DC is an opportunity
to have a lottery for their replacements, only registered voters eligible, and run like
Selective Service 4
david344 • 6 could be a way to get them all together for
a plane crash 4
evoval david344 • 6 You can’t put that much crap in one plane.
7 Bill Berger • 6
Time to lock & load. The most intelligent response I read was to
have the deceased flown to DC. 3
mrswright • 8 who died?
2 guest • 9
Two battalions is false. It is 2 Brigades. This is a false piece of information and should
be corrected by the Free Patriot. 3 2
Brandon Walker guest • 9 Your right, Brigades and I’ll get it fixed.
But sticking every Congress employee on aircraft to Florida doesn’t concern you, only a typo?
Seriously? 16
Michele • 10 Mr Young was an awesome man, I know there
is an enormous expense to fly them down but they are not staying and YES it is out of
respect! 3 2
turmoilx2 Michele • 9 I bet if they each had to buy their own tickets
Mr young would be shown far less “respect”. 30
Michele turmoilx2 • 7 I highly doubt that
1 TG Michele • 5
You are kidding… right? Lets see how many don’t go… before you put
too much into just how respectful some of these clowns really are to anyone.
2 TG Michele • 5
Could just send a card and flowers and a nice fat check for $174 grand. That is very respectful
when gov money is as tight as they say it is…
5 MagenD Michele • 4
Awesome Man?! No!!! Our soldiers that put their lives on
the line every day for mere Shekels a month – protecting/guarding WHAT THEY THOUGHT was
FREEDOM – THOSE ARE “AWESOME” men!!! There’s NO such thing as an AWESOME politician
– unless of course you’re the Mafia, then you might admire their Power and ability to
scam/swindle/bamboozle the masses into absolute intimidation and control…
With all that’s been going on/happening in the world – esp. in Washington (FEMA Reg.
3), better keep your head up to a “Night of the long knives” event. 9/11 could be compared
with “The Beer Hall Putch”… Hitler’s (And Co’s) first order of business, upon assuming
power, was to DESTROY, KILL, REMOVE ALL Opposition to his power… this happening tomorrow is
(Operational Security) reasons!!! Something is amiss/foul!!! Mark my words!!!
3 Dee Gates MagenD • 2
Here is a way to show RESPECT don’t visit the Obummerdeathcare site! Don’t sign up for
it instead show respect for your fellow Americans and BOYCOTT IT!
1 Dee Gates Michele • 2
How is it out of respect? They don’t know what respect is! They don’t respect the american
public or their wants or needs! I haven’t seen a 100% respectful body in that bunch
for years! Watching D C is like watching survivor and big brother together they lie, cheat,
steal, say what they think everyone wants to hear, and back door those that don’t follow
the leaders rules! It is all but one big game to those wads in D C and we are all their
pawns! 1
MagenD • 2 Imporant Historical Events for Oct 24!!
1. 1929 — “Black Thursday” stock market crash on the New York Stock Exchange. 2. 1945 — Founding of the United Nations 3. 1949 — The cornerstone of the United Nations
Headquarters is laid. 4. 2008 — “Bloody Friday” saw many of the
world’s stock exchanges experience the worst declines in their history, with drops of around
10% in most indices. Food-4-Thought
10/24/2013=1+2+4+2+1+3=13 Gotta love those 13’s?!!!
1 MagenD MagenD • 2
P.S. October 24th Obviously LOVES the U.N. and
Market Crashes for some reason?!!! Dave Ragozzine • 3
Three things: 1- I would like to know what legislation was
scheduled to be voted on on that day. 2- How many Congressmen flew to the funerals
of Chris Kyle and Ambassador Stevens and the others who were murdered on 9/11/12?
3- How many Congressmen flew to NYC to show their respects to the thousands of Americans
who were murdered by Islamic Jihadists on 9/11/01? ..Yea, that’s what I thought.. Fuck this government
and I hope that their Airman who fuels up the plane shorts the tank by a few hundred
gallons. 1
Joseph • 3 Hopefully we kill them all while they are
down there. It’s time for a fucking revolution. 1
How Not To Play The Game • 4 The Beast has gone rogue and very few of us
are even aware of it. 1
Sueychop • 4 “Typically liberal Washington Times”??? Brandon, get your facts right. I read the
Washington Times EVERY day BECAUSE its the opposite of the liberal Washington Post. The
Washington Times is one of the foremost conservative newspapers in the United States. PLEASE get your facts straight.
1 Pointing out an error • 38 minutes ago
The Washington Times is a conservative paper. To call it liberal puts in question everything
in this article. Simple facts, sir. Simple facts. BillClinton • an hour ago
They are probably planning on nuking Washington, D.C. and blaming it on whoever they want to
go to war with this time. Let’s see if the Pentagon and CIA moves too. Then the national
capital will move to Florida? Dustin Jester • 2
Not like there isn’t a precedent for this . Seal Team 7 anyone??? CJN • 2
Sounds fishy to me. Ed • 3
No way I’d be on that plane! kathie • 3
I thought I would check the historical significance of this date, Oct 24: Market crash 1929, founding
of the UN 1945, laying of the UN cornerstone 1949, World wide market crash “Bloody Friday”
2008. MagenD kathie • 2
YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME???!!!! I PROMISE I did not see your comment before
posting mine above “The Imporant Historical Events for Oct 24!! ”
Gr8 Minds Think Alike they say?!!! You missed that it’s a “13” day though! 🙂 I’m floored that we picked out the exact same
“4” events of importance!!! I thought to note 1 or 2 others but decided not – as they wern’t
necessarily Illuminati’esk (aka Albert Pike’ish)!!! 🙂
Shalom!!! Syria Blackout Caused By Rebel Attack On Gas
Pipeline, Power Outages In Damascus, Across Country BEIRUT, Oct 23 (Reuters) – Much of Syria,
including the capital Damascus, was hit by a power cut late on Wednesday after rebels
attacked a gas pipeline, state media said. “A terrorist attack on a gas pipeline that
feeds a power station in the south has led to a power outage in the provinces and work
to repair it is in progress,” Electricity Minister Emad Khamis told state news agency
SANA. A resident in the centre of Damascus who asked
to remain anonymous said “the whole city just went dark” and she could see the glow of a
fire near the international airport and hear heavy machinegun fire. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a
UK-based group that reports on abuses and battlefield developments using sources on
both sides of Syria’s civil war, said the explosion was caused by rebel artillery that
hit a gas pipeline near the airport. The Observatory said the rebel shelling was
aimed at the town of Ghasula, a few miles (km) from the airport. It said residents of
other areas of Syria, including coastal cities in the west and parts of Aleppo province in
the north, were also experiencing power cuts. Rebels have been trying to push into the capital,
a stronghold of President Bashar al-Assad, whose family has ruled Syria for four decades. More than 100,000 people have been killed
since government forces moved to crush a pro-democracy uprising in March 2011. Millions have been
displaced in the ensuing civil war. (Reporting by Oliver Holmes; editing by Tom Pfeiffer)
Assad is bombing his people into the dark ages so this attack is turnabout being fair.
Let them suffer the same plight of the innocent men. women and children who live without food,
water and power. Sure makes it hard to do surgery in the dark doesn’t it?
(0) JZERO 27
5 (11:10 PM) According to the latest info from Jesse Ventura
in an interview with LARRY KING on RT (Russian TV) the whole ALCIADA occupation of Syria
was started because the funders of ALCIADA wanted to control a pipeline that goes through
Syria to Iran, and Syria wasn’t willing to let them control it.Always the same: trashing
,stealing and controlling resources of foreign nations and take out their leaders and his
assets.It’s really getting old….. (0)
alyssa24ny 63
3 (12:29 AM) Old news Qatar wants a pipeline
flyingfortresb17 526
2 ( 1:57 AM) And you might check to see how Al Qaeda is
really spelled according to the news media in the area.
Ante Jutronic eyeless mask
187 5 (10:16 PM)
Chemical Bashar and airhead Asma won’t be able to shop in the net today. :))
Leon Engelun 325
6 ( 9:40 PM) Maybe they should have invested in kerosene
lanterns. (0)
EarlVanDorn 14
6 ( 9:14 PM) It’s time for Syria to crack down on these
terrorists. Why is Obama supporting these murderers?
flyingfortresb17 526
2 ( 1:58 AM) Last I heard Obama is not supporting Assad
and his regime…. (0) smallf374
315 8 ( 8:11 PM)
This is terrible. (1)
daulman War is Peace, Diversity is Strength
396 8 ( 7:39 PM)
Western backed Al qaeda rebels have again attacked civilian infrastructure in another
terrorist attack similar to others they have pulled off across the region. The Western
campaign for regime change in Syria is said to have claimed over 100,000 dead, but no
price seems to high for NATO. Iraq is still feeling the effects of the campaign for democracy
there, with on going daily carnage and depleted uranium scattered around the former battlefields.
Libya is now also regressing into a similar pattern after the NATO campaign to oust Gadaffi
in a pro democracy movement complete with Western style humanitarian bombing.
(2) noamad mountain 57
9 ( 7:11 PM) All the terrorists are good at is destroying
things; with this attack all the citizens were hurt. I’m sure Saudi Arabia is happy
with the terrorists and will send them more money and weapons to advance Democracy that
Saudi Arabia doesn’t have , but it sounds good. The Saudi will pay heavy price for their
crimes in Syria; the hunter will become the hunted in due time.
(2) inconvenient 69
9 ( 6:13 PM) ‘More than 100,000 people have been killed
since government forces moved to crush a pro-democracy uprising…..’ More than 100,000 people have been killed
since Syrian government forces moved to crush an armed supposedly pro-democracy uprising,
supported by the hereditary dictatorships of Saudi Arabia and Qatar, that do not allow
their own people ‘freedom and democracy’? (4) noamad mountain
57 8 ( 7:19 PM)
But the news media doesn’t report how backward Saudi Arabia is , and in every article about
the Syrian conflict , the media has to mention how many were killed and all of the killed
were killed by the governmen twhich is totally false and the media knows it; we will see
how the media is going to report the ME news after this recent disagreement the Saudis
have with the US. (2) HUFFPOST SUPER USER
mellottlois Tuesday child full of grace
109 7 ( 8:20 PM)
But gwb said we would not use propaganda, maybe the news commentators didn’t get the
word. It’s just the starting of world conflict. (0) inconvenient
69 6 ( 9:46 PM)
Saudi Arabia is a very close US/Western ally and like other very rich gulf states they
have hundreds of billions invested in the US and other Western countries, which gives
them enormous influence or power over the supposedly independent Western media. The
Saudi’s have the power to end the careers of journalists or reporters, who dare expose
their corruption, brutality and hypocrisy. (0)
HUFFPOST SUPER USER flyingfortresb17
526 2 ( 2:00 AM)
They might do that but it appears the Saudi Princes are fed up with America and are changing
policy. (0) inconvenient
69 10 ( 6:04 PM)
‘Syria blackout caused by rebel attack on gas pipeline….’ No country has the means or manpower to protect
all it’s infrastructure 24/7 and anyone can hit vulnerable gas pipelines or cut off power
lines that stretch for miles and make international headlines, but capturing territory and holding
it is not easy. ‘..Assad, whose family has ruled Syria for
four decades…..’ The Assad family, hereditary dictatorship
has ruled Syria for only four decades, but the Saud family, hereditary dictatorship has
ruled Saudi Arabia since 1932 and is supported by the US/West? The Abdullah family, hereditary
dictatorship has ruled Jordan since 1949 and is supported by the US/West? The Khalifah
family, hereditary dictatorship has ruled Bahrain since 1783 and is supported by the
US/West? And the Al Thani, hereditary dictatorship has ruled Qatar since the mid-19th century
and is supported by the US/West? (4) noamad mountain
57 8 ( 7:25 PM)
You are right on all of them except in Jordan; the Hashemite family has been there since
the Turks were kicked out of there after the worl war 1, i think, but you point is accurate,
friend. (0) inconvenient
69 6 ( 9:30 PM)
I am aware of that history, but that record is contested in some circles, so I chose the
period that is not disputed by anyone. Thanks any way for pointing out this historical truth.
(0) HUFFPOST SUPER USER mellottlois
Tuesday child full of grace 109
7 ( 8:22 PM) And Huffpost printed your comment?? What a
surprise. (0) inconvenient
69 6 ( 9:37 PM)
There are some good and honest people in every organization, who know what the real truth
is, and every once in a while they let the truth out. But they can’t promote the truth
all the time, because they work for organizations that are not interested in the truth and they
want to keep their jobs, they have bills to pay and families to take care of, so they
go along with the program of misinformation. (0) realtruthawake
37 3 ( 1:02 AM)
Yep, but what has become clear is that the false media reporting in Syria has lead to
the deaths of many Syrians and these reporters that “go along” are war criminals in my view.
flyingfortresb17 526
2 ( 2:04 AM) The United States had little to do with those
states prior to 1941. Most of the influence was England and France. They are the ones
who got all those families together. They are the one who helped establish those kingdoms
except Qatar and Bahrain.

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