Stunted By Social Justice: An Evergreen Student Speaks

it's unfortunate that I when I hear the term social justice now I have almost like cringe away from it because I've had such a negative experience with it I don't disagree with social justice obviously like I'm all for actual social justice I just I don't think what the people that evergreen are asking for is social justice okay so actually when I graduated high school I didn't really have the intention of going to college right away I'm just gonna take some time off or whatnot but somebody showed me Presti college which is a super small school so nobody has heard of it and it just sounded really awesome like their style of learning doing experiencial learning seemed really awesome they had both science and art which were the two things that I was interested in ice-like realized pretty quickly that I didn't really want to do the art didn't feel like I needed to pay to study art and wanting to focus more in science but a lot of the courses I ended up taking were not so much science even though that's how they like represented themselves and more about social justice and a big part of just talking about our feelings I pretty quickly realized that Pressey college was kind of a little bit of a hostile place it's a privilege to be able to study science apparently mm-hmm yeah because social justice is apparently more important than environmental science which is what I was studying at the time one of my favorite professors at Boston College actually went to Evergreen he's a super brilliant man so he had all good things to say about evergreen and I figured since it was so similar to pricy college it would have the same issues but it's much bigger which is funny to say cuz it's still very small school I thought it would be a little bit easier to get away from those kind of issues or there would be more diversity but my first quarter here I walked into the library think twice that and there were conferences going on I think one of them was like a trans people of color conference I don't know what the other one was but walked in and they're just talking about how terrible white people are I was just kind of shocked that that was allowed like not that I was personally offended because I don't know what if that's what you think that's what you think but I was just really concerned that that was allowed to just be taught in this public space just people talking about how white people are in the root of every problem how terrible we are and over generalizing and saying like this about all white people I've overheard faculty saying different things about white people I mean you just even if you look at the signs on like Faculty's windows and stuff you can kind of see that's kind of the way everyone thought I reached out to Mike Paris because I'm interested in veterinary medicine so I was expressing my concern to Mike we both kind of said that we saw that that was the way Evergreen was going so my second class was dancing molecules dancing bodies and it was supposed to be chemistry anatomy physiology and dance within the first two weeks the chemistry part of the class got dropped there was very little anatomy physiology so it was essentially a dance and social justice class I ended up just taking leave the second quarter I was actually supposed to be in Bret's class I was signed up for that and in it and everything but it didn't really as interesting as I thought it was it didn't really help me for vet school so I dropped it to save a little bit money to save up for next year and then that's when all this blue [Applause] [Applause] just a reminder we need to resent their woman voices in his face okay none of y'all use long-winded as men entering the library and riding the elevator up to the fourth floor of the library getting off of that elevator and then it was just a hallway lined up with white students immediately when I got off the elevator I was told that I couldn't go into the room because I was white I was not okay with that so I just kind of ignored it and kept on walking down this hallway somebody else stopped me and said I couldn't go in without a police escort but I could see the room and there were white people in there so I was a little confused so I also just ignored that person and kept walking and then I was told that I was allowed to go in but I couldn't speak I couldn't express my concerns and I couldn't make any or ask any questions because I'm white and I had to stand in the back so I went in and I didn't say anything like they asked of me but was pretty disgusted with the way the meeting was going people were standing on chairs yelling at George screaming profanities at him there was a lot of faculty in the room and actually the wall behind me was lined with faculty and they were cheering on all these students acting like crazy people which was so bizarre to me and it blows my mind that they screamed these demands at him this and they got everything they asked for this behavior has been completely encouraged and that to me is pretty appalling so after that meeting I called Mike again within that first week I believe we went and met with a legislator I had a copy of the social contract highlighting everywhere it was violated which was most of the social contract but all the legislators really have pool on is the funding I sent at least three emails to George's office I sent two emails to the Board of Trustees I sent an email to the admissions because I wanted to transfer and I was telling them how like upset I was with what's happening and that was the reason I want to transfer hoping they would be somewhat concerned and that I was leaving because of this and instead they were just like we'll send you your money or make the money they were still holding for next quarter so nobody ever tried to address why I was mad that's why the public comment hearing the other day I was pretty bothered that it was a three minute max because I've been trying to get these people's attention since this all started and I've been completely ignored and then they give me three minutes to say everything I've been trying to say for the last five weeks did you get any response from your emails no never got a response I got one saying that I should file an ice related incident report if I was offended by being told I couldn't speak because it was white but I don't know I just figured at that point it wasn't worth going through this school because nothing's nothing to change nobody's really listening to me so that's when I contacted fire and started working through outside organizations they've been responsive to me the Senators aides been responsive to me the legislators have been responsive to me I'm sure these people are a lot busier the administration that Green and they still have the time for me do you want to go back a part of me really doesn't want to go back because I feel like my education has been compromised for the past three and a half years so much I've gotten more of a social justice education than I could ever want my life but also a part of me wants to stay at Evergreen because I can't just keep getting run off of every college that this occurs at like what's happening at Evergreen is wrong and I feel like someone needs to do something about it I've actually gotten a lot of support which is it's good to hear and then students from students and faculty which is surprising because it seems like most faculty are either don't care or are for and encouraging the way this is going it was nice to hear it from faculty I just wished they were doing a little more a couple students told me because I spoke out it inspired them to speak out which is really awesome to hear because that's what we need we need more students with viewpoint diversity and just reasonable people standing up for what's right because what's happening at Evergreen isn't right the fact that I don't focus on color that that's part of the reason people see me as a racist and for some reason a lot of people have issue with the fact that people say I don't see race but that's really interesting to me because focusing on somebody the color of somebody's skin or treating them differently based on their skin color which is what they're asking for that's me is racism and like I understand to some degree why they're upset because racism is a real thing and I totally get that and I get I'll never know what it's like to be a person of color and I'll never know the experiences they've gone through but I think I think they're misdirecting there people who are actually willing to work for equality and are willing to stand for people of color and these people at this meeting or the hearing were saying not to focus on the way it was handled and I don't agree with that because the way was handled was violence and hostility and even when the Patriot Prayer came they have the right to freedom of speech and they were attacked because of their opinions and I know this kind of stuff happens all the time but like Evergreen is supposed to be about like diversity not just in skin color but in viewpoints and we just we've taught so much that anyone who is not so far left is dangerous and now we're just attacking everyone so I don't agree with that we shouldn't focus on the way this was handled because we need to teach them how to handle this correctly to actually make a difference because this isn't gonna make a difference this is just gonna they're like shaming people into feeling guilty for being white or they're just attacking people and shutting people down for their opinions and views so I think Evergreen needs to like teach these people how to actually behave in the real world and actually make a real difference in the real world and you don't do that with violence

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  1. Science rules all. Your subjective feelings mean nothing SJW’s. The victim mentality is harmful to people and only hurts them. Keep playing the victim card, see how far that gets you in life and out in the real world. You are worthless victim card players.

  2. Social justice and identity politics are racists and bigoted, flat out. Theres no way around that. The individual represent true diversity. Individual inalienable rights western civ figures out long ago. The SJW PC identity politics lunatics will eventually get there.

  3. Thanks so much for this! This is straight up indoctrination towards Marxism. Very scary future if this keeps going. The sanest must hold the line!


  5. This foolish female is exactly the kind of brainless twat that evergreen preys on/ hopes for. Clueless, lazy, and confused.

  6. In order to understand all this insanity, you have to look at their favorite buzzwords (on the left) and work out what THEIR definitions are, because they are–in the true spirit of Cultural Marxism–turned on their heads, do not mean the same as they once did. Some of these words are "justice/social justice, diversity, equality, progressive, nationalist" and so on. Then you will see where some of your confusion comes from; you are speaking a different language from them. I wish this young woman the best, if she stays true to herself she will do very well.

  7. This is in Washington. The state that passed a law requiring all students in public schools from K-12 to study "gender issues" throughout their entire scholastic careers. This somehow has been implemented, apparently based on support from the American Psychological Association. Profession psychologists, someone gave them a share of sovereignty. They are abusing it accordingly.

  8. Part of this massive tragedy is that these kids will be totally unprepared for life. They are making more useless people to be dependent upon people who will actually be productive.

  9. I know this is old, but I'm just saying if you read what evergreen is about, it tells you right off how messed up their ideals are. I saw that back in 2006 when I looked into college options. No one who graduates from there got the correct education required for the degree.

  10. This was taught to me since I was 12. I’ve heard this since I was 12 in school by my teachers and peers. This isn’t new. I’m 22.

  11. he was one man against 200 violent, aggressive students holding him hostage. what could he have done, threaten them with expulsion, suspend them, he had no help from anyone. as much as i hate him and the students, you needed someone like connor mcgregor who would tell them to "SHUT YOUR MOUTHS"

  12. I'm glad this girl did this video. It's good that she disliked what happened. But she still appears to have some sort of affinity for Social Justice, which is a corrupt concept , that always spawns hideous behavior.

  13. This is what happens when you let the Leftists get a toe hold anywhere. They take over and rot the institutions they are allowed into.

  14. This is what "social justice" is. The mob decides who is right or wrong. The mob decides who to punish or attack without rules or laws. This is exactly what unchecked "social justice" will always lead to.

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