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Study: Expect N. Korea provocation around US elections

Study: Expect N. Korea provocation around US elections

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. I hate it when crazy people have access to weapons of mass destruction. It makes me feel that logic and common sense are starting to disappear.

  2. If N. Korea opts to support Hillary, expect "Invest in N.Korea!"-advertisements right next to "Visit beautiful Qatar!"-ads on CNN's main page. Was it only ten years ago that they were a respectable news agency and then slowly descended to a Prawda-level? "Breaking News! Hillary walks on water and and evertime Trump opens his mouth, a transexual child dies! Read it exclusive on CNN!"

  3. LMAO,, the Yankee military base and suicide capital of the world "South Korea" and their masters in Washington are the ones constantly provoking North Korea,, tens of thousands of Yankee troops on the North Korean border,, constant joint Naval exercises of the North Korean coast , economic sanctions which impoverish North Korea more than Kim Jung's military spending ,,i mean talk about flippin the script of reality.. we all know the sanctions against Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, and all other nations that have suffered economic sanctions are a US attempt into starving the people of these nations in the hope they rise up against their government,,, it really is a programme of mass murder just like the economic sanctions against Iraq caused the deaths of hundreds of thousand of Iraqis,,,,,, the US is fuckin disgusting

  4. Kim wants Hillary to win, because he has to know if Trump wins he's gonna take that bait and nuke him to shit starting ww3

  5. In a recent Wikileaks release it was exposed that Hillary Clinton wanted to assassinate Julian Assange with a drone strike.

  6. CNN = lies your so full of shit do you know how many Americans hate your news network and the corrupted lies you tell to protect granny clinton…… SMH and you think north korea is the problem.. CNN is the problem get off the air already no one likes you guys. SMH

  7. I wonder how it is trying to explain US elections to Kim.
    "The people go and vote but no one knows who is going to win… No, we have to wait until it's over …"

  8. Either Trump or Clinton will will be the President of the United States. I'm sure an another World War will start. We are all fucked up here 😂😂😂

  9. every one relax this is peaceful missiles test ,i will never use them as weapon to destroy the world,but if my puppet(Trump) come to power we may use in some places, because me and Trump have same common enemies

  10. They will test another nuclear bombs again and then USA will condemn North Korea and that's it even 7 year old kid already know about this.

  11. Americans
    go home and be engaged in their own problems, Russia has done much to
    humanitarian aid went to Syria, and you blatantly bombed it and declared
    that it did Russian, you are there all stupid? Shame on the world! Since
    the independence of the United States in the world war broke out in
    countries that are not able to threaten or as your "security," you
    bloody country if Hillery comes to power – will start Traits World War
    in which you will lose! Because
    it is one thing to bomb the poor little country, and another thing to
    fight against Russia and its military ally China, compared to your two
    NATO allies simply look Huge, moreover, Europe will disappear from the
    earth, and America will get to the Stone Age! You talk about the violation of human rights, what about the Indians, what about their rights? You are just the dumbest nation in history!

  12. North Korea is a joke, we can recover from a Nuclear attack and then send our army, navy, and Air Force to crush his tiny military.

  13. Any American who thinks North Korea is a threat is deeply retarded. They're economy is one of the worst in the world and they're using technology you all had in the 60's…
    No one there even has a mobile phone, let alone a missile capable of reaching your shores. How many of you yanks could even point out North Korea on a map without using the internet?

  14. 0:10 into the video and you see a conference room of bald heads. reminds me when i told my dad a felt bad for a homeless man and he replied why feel bad for him? he has such long hair rich and smart guys be bald from all the stress lol.

  15. The government isn't taking it away. Its public land that they are living on, using public tools and public seeds. The extra is being taken away and given to the public to whom it belongs.

  16. do merikkkans truly believe this zionist -murikkkan propaganda. N korea has started how many wars in the last 100 years? how many has united states of israel now? come, come now sheeple children and take heed of brutal truth

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