Student Research & Creative Activity Day

I in our department we approach the professors and see what research they're working on and I approached doctor Cassim bike and he actually suggested his research to me doing research in the field it's definitely a great to lead up to what I'm gonna have to do more in depth in grad school last year and a lot of people were asking me questions of like put on eyeliner and I couldn't all at once I decide to assist people who are starting out with me I became involved with the the campus Big Data project through my work with dr. Brian low I had had him for a couple of courses and after studying it there really wasn't a lot out there so I felt this was a good area to sort of make an in rows in an animator so I things like you know gifts and like actual animated like action scenes or something like that and then I have fine arts background so I love like looking at paintings i love looking at illustration I do a lot of illustration so you know why don't combine the two and what I decided to do is combine those two types of things like using traditional art and traditional football animation combining it using this form of media we did a faculty production called Nagas mandala the Hindi word is like no condom they're made from recycled products so milk or water jugs egg cartons for the eyes I used shredded yarn for the eyelashes being really look at the puppets and say wow this is amazing you really really did a great job you know what you're doing oh oh my god the fact that you really appreciated it maybe feel like I accomplished something students do this because they do use it as a portfolio they put it in their Vita they show that they have this real experience and and and a professional presentation I mean this is a professional presentation while I do have I think I've nine students or nine projects there I do this because I don't want to tell them no it doesn't sometimes I get busy with it but it's it's a learning process for them that is by far and away something more than they can take up from the classroom

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