Strangers discuss the meaning of democracy

So we’ve basically been asked to get together and discuss what we think democracy is and at the end of it be able to explain this to a little boy or an alien arrived from a different country. …but we are going to describe it to a kid. So we’ve got to the root core of democracy where the fairness is you get to vote. It’s not that you always get the outcome you want, but you get to vote. Democracy is far from perfect, but if you look at some of the alternatives with dictatorships and military coups at the very least with our democracy if someone goes right off the rails ultimately we can get rid of that person. I guess the arguing part is good in New Zealand that people have the right to argue, they can actually, you know stand for them where as in other countries you get shot if you argue. …we all get to have a choice about which things we are going to have and um that’s what democracys about, it’s about everyone getting a say so and then living with the collective decision as opposed to one or two people, but the point is that everybody gets to vote. Voting is the only time every man and woman are equal and and what they say holds the same weight equally which basically means that it doesn’t matter like what gender you are our sexuality or colour or whatever and voting is the only time you’ll be equal. So I guess we started with just talking about the concept of democracy what it actually means which is basically everyone gets an opinion and if the majority agrees with whatever opinion it is then that becomes the ruling party and they get the say in the nation and how the nation’s resources are distributed the taxes the welfare the infrastructure but the great thing is that this is a cyclic thing so that every few years you can reset… …so we’re all people at the end of the day and the whole voting thing is yeah that we have the equal amount of power it’s wether you choose to to use it and to empower yourself and not to be scared of being wrong. It’s not about being right or wrong winning or losing it’s about creating a record of what we want as a nation. It’s not them and us, the government is us but only if we make it us by voting. Government will only work for those who vote. If you don’t vote then you have no say. Voting is when you get to be the boss and what Glen means by that is that it’s not um, you’re empowered and you have some power and that’s when you get to use that power. When we vote we move forward, when we vote we have power. …what Kathleen is saying here is – it makes a difference that everything that you do is important … you hold the power now hold that pen. Vote and be counted.

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