Stossel: Hot Air on the Hill

[Gavel knocking] I thought congressional hearings were supposed to educate lawmakers… But today’s are mostly partisan bickering. Mr. Speaker, I do- Chairman I have a – Gentleman is not recognized. I have a point of order Gentleman is not recognized. I have a point of order though. I don’t see any education happening a point of order — Gentleman is not recognized. But members haven’t tried to learn things at hearings for a long time. Maybe they don’t want to look as ignorant as Senator Orrin Hatch did at this Facebook hearing. How do you sustain a business model in which users don’t pay for your service? Senator, we run ads. I see You’d think they’d know basic facts before asking questions. But no. I have a seven-year-old granddaughter who picked up her phone before the election Here congressman Steve King asks Google’s CEO about an iPhone. But I’d ask you, how does that show up on a seven year old’s iPhone, who’s playing a kid’s game? Congressman, iPhone is made by a different company. Lately, they’re eager to attack big tech, especially Mark Zuckerberg, because he’s rich, and Facebook’s so powerful. Last year he proposed a crypto currency called Libra. I actually don’t know if Libra is going to work, but I believe it’s important to try new things. It is, so Congress should let him. Instead, they summon him to Washington where Rep. Al Green grills him about groups he partners with: How many are headed by women? What does that have to do with Libra? Congressman, I do not know the answer Green, like many these days, doesn’t want to learn anything. He wants to sneer and score points. How many of them are minorities, Mr. Zuckerberg? Congressman, I do not know off the top of my head. Are there any members of the LGBTQ+ community? Give me a break. These hearings have changed a lot since they were invented by the very first Congress in 1789. Founder George Mason said Members “possess inquisitorial powers…” to “inspect the Conduct of public offices.” Are you stupid? But today members use their time to bully people. Mrs. DeVos, have you ever taken out a student loan? Education secretary Betsy DeVos is a billionaire. Elizabeth Warren knows that yet she asks: Have any of your children had to borrow money? Warren’s wants to be seen bashing a rich Republican. They have been fortunate not to. Uh huh. Have you had any personal experience with a Pell Grant? Some in congress bash rich people and business… for everything. Tim Sloan was boss of Wells Fargo. Mr. Sloan, why was the bank involved in the caging of children? Really? The bank helped cage children? I don’t know how to answer the question because we weren’t. Others grab TV face time to claim they’re more virtuous than others. And I’m not going to sit here and allow this committee to be used, to say that e-cigarettes, vaping, Juul is not killing our people. Two last examples. When military personnel were being stationed on the island of Guam, Congressman Hank Johnson said this: My fear is that the whole island will become so overly populated, that it would tip over and capsize. Excuse me? We don’t anticipate that Later Rep. Johnson said he was joking, but it didn’t sound like he was joking. And then there was the time when Congresswoman Maxine Waters grilled bankers about student loan debt What are you guys doing to help us with this student loan debt? Who would like to answer first? Mr. Moynihan, big bank. We stopped making student loans in 2007 or so. So you don’t do it anymore. Mr. Corbat? We actually ended student lending in 2009. Mr. Dimon? When the government took over student lending in 2010 or so we stopped doing all student lending. Is the chair of the Financial Services Committee embarrassed that she didn’t know that at the direction of her party, government took over student loans years ago? I don’t know; her staff didn’t respond to our emails. Watching the hearings, watching politicians score cheap points and bully productive people should make all of us want less government. Please share and like this video and if you want to help us make more, click this button.

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  1. NO government in light of what we have now would be a huge improvement! We just need to fire all these losers and start over!

  2. I live in The Peoples Repubic of California. Democrats are destroying a one magnificent State. All the smart money is leaving and illegals are now too important as a tax base to do anything about it.

  3. They can't be experts at everything, but we should be able to trust that they know Guam isn't going to "capsize", or for maxine to remember what she voted on 10 years ago.
    These "hearings" are no different than when 12 average people are summoned to jury duty for a doctor charged with negligence. They say a "jury of your peers", but there's probably no doctor in there, or anyone else who could fully understand the nuances of brain surgery.
    When a doctor is being charged with negligence, they should be judged by 12 other doctors, or if train operator is being charged, they should be judged by 12 other engineers, etc. Congress should at least consult an expert before they make a decision! Instead, they pretend to be experts in everything! 🙄

  4. Unfortunately, there's no entrance exam to be a Congressperson. The failure rate would be higher than the California Bar Exam.

  5. They just want the 30 second viral clip of them "slamming" who or whatever. It doesn't matter if the other 10 mins they were talking made them look like the biggest most uneducated fools in the room.

  6. "How many of your employees are LGBT?" Is he serious? That's personal. Companies are not supposed to keep track of that kind of information.

  7. EVERYONE Please go to Movetoamend (dot) org and Represent (dot) us. Sign the petition and get involved! Our political system has been rigged against "We the people" for the benefit of large corporations for far too long. Call your representatives and tell them to co-sponsor HJR 48, the "We the people" amendment, to say that 1) a corporation is not a person and 2) money is not free speech. It's time for the people to rise up and claim in one voice that we will be heard!

  8. Always hot air on the hill because it is full of self egotistical central planners looking upon down at those business executive.

  9. I know the left has made some really crazy statements. But capsizing a island. Think we just found who has been giving life lessons to AOC.

  10. Yeah, those oligarchs running those big silicon valley companies who control all information flow in the modern day should just be left alone without ANY interference. 🙄

  11. Of course they like em dumb, makes it easier for the shadow powers to manipulate. So maybe run for office and look dumb but put on the sneaky smart-hat when you're in. That might be the only way Mr Smith goes to DC, these days. My 2bits.

  12. Maxine Waters has always been a shameless purveyor of racism and racial division for her own financial gain, just like Al Green. Parasite.

  13. To be fair, Zuckenberg does have a lot to answer for, but more regarding information manipulation and censorship in Facebook with how massive of a hold in its type of social website market it has.

  14. Given the Big Tech CEOs are all censorious bullies who want socialism for everyone except them, I care exceedingly little if the government abuses them, because they want to abuse us. Besides, when Democrats grill technofascists on Capitol Hill, it's just kabuki theater, not serious – they're all in league with eachother.

  15. 2016-19 has revealed that congress is a group of the dumbest people on the planet and they are actually full of themselves.
    The question from al green about how many woman and minorities and LGBTQ representatives there are on Zuckerberg's committees is the dumbest question of the bunch. Al green is a giant douche bag racist who loathes white people and hates America. How the f*** does a guy like that get elected.
    Drain the swamp.

  16. 100% agreed. Feels like a partisan witch hunt when I watch CSpan, or any live sessions of Congress. Stossel is an American treasure.

  17. Crikey. I am in Australia, and with all those trees gone in the east I can feel the west gently dip into the ocean. Don't mistake it for global warming sea rise, 'cos the east is poking into the air.

  18. Unproductive people that have nothing better to do anyway, so why not bully productive people for making them look so bad.

  19. Orrin Hatch wasn't ignorant when he asked the question how does he generate money when he doesn't charge users. Zuckerberg gave a half truth and a lie when he said he'd simply runs ads he also sells your information your private data that was what mr. Oran was getting at

  20. Don't like the govt' you got? Elect a better one! Oh, wait, you can't… Vote all you want, you only get demoCrap and/or rePubican. Ranked choice vote? Who needs that sh1t, when you got the two Totally Cool parties! Electoral College ensures a single winner in 48 states, even with the slimmest majority, God forbid a ranking! Gerrymandering makes sure YOU are selected, because for you to select a representative — HAHAHA — you are too dumb, buddy! Finally, once elected, they'll spend 75% of their time being lobbied or begging rich people for campaign funds — for next election! Clearly, we need more crystal caves!

    It all works like charm, people! Nothing to see here! Move on!

  21. Omg, listening to Al Green drone on about inclusion to Zuckerberg made me groan out loud. And people wonder why moderates get polarized from the identitarian left.

  22. Congressman:
    "Is Marcellus Wallace a bitch?"
    Genuine gangster up to no good, but still given no salient inquiry:
    "Say 'what?' again! I dare you, I DOUBLE-DARE you!"

  23. Maxine Waters… wow, that's low-hanging fruit. By low, I mean IQ wise. I think these people are genuinely stupid. It doesn't take intelligence to become a Senator or Representative. Dianne Feinstein and Maxine Waters are perfect examples. Same on the Right, though. I've watched Dick Shelby tear into Elon Musk because Musk didn't have any workers in Alabama. Shelby tried to give funding to Russian rocket engine makers and take it away from a FULLY American company.

  24. Honestly the only part of these hearings I can't believe is that the people being questioned don't respond with "That is the dumbest thing I've ever been asked in my life and you should be embarrassed for having said it out loud."

  25. Watching these clowns reinforces my belief that Congress needs term limits, and that ALL elected officials need to pass yearly mental and physical exams, and civics competency tests to prove they are up for the job that can affect hundreds of millions of people. After all, pilots, ships' captains, railroad engineers, truck drivers and others need to pass regular exams to keep their licenses in effect.

  26. I would like to point out the congressman opened with how many women are you employing; if I care about preferential treatment I would say how many veterans are employed? Veterans are supposed to get preferential treatment over the other communities, but obviously he doesn't care as they weren't even mentioned. Politicians doing politician things – securing their voterbase. SMH

  27. Oh, dear gentlemen, you have nothing to complain. You should try to watch Russian public parlamentary hearings. Shit like this:

  28. My fear is that they're going to be too many people in California and you get too many people on that side of the country that the whole country is going to tip over and capsize.

  29. Rep. Smith. While there may be issues with Mr. Zuckerberg and Facebook, I am confident that he has instructed his human resources department to hire the best and most qualified to fill their positions, race, gender or sexual preference not withstanding; which is, by the way, in accordance to the spirit of Affirmative Action.

  30. It’s good points Stossel is making. But how about this unscrupulous act of media, him included, saying people didn’t respond to our request for comment. It’s utter BS to say someone didn’t respond to an email. These reporters never try to contact these people until it’s too late if they even try at all.

  31. Can't believe we have so many DUMP people in the Office. Senators and Congress members should have term limits or else we as an American will rot with them.

  32. Oftentimes watching these people make my brain hurt, and I swear is just as bad as consuming fluoride. ::facepalm::

  33. people have to learn that goverments are dangerous creatures. sometimes you need a dangerous creature and it can be useful to have one in you house, to defend yourself for example. but be aware, if you dont treat a dangerous creature as such, you might get eaten.

  34. Don't forget bullshit! They make loads of that too! Maybe that should go under the green new deal. Since the last new deal worked so well.

  35. They are doing exactly what their party wants them to…attempting to cause a lack of confidence in the government our founding fathers set up. Problem reaction solution. They are creating a lame duck government so people will beg for something new, they can implement the one world government they want so badly.

  36. The next election will reveal whether or not the people want less government, that is if the DNC allows a fair election.

  37. Tobacco kills millions of people. I really want to hear that congresswoman lash out on the cigarette companies. Wait, she wouldn't, coz she is on their payroll.

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