Steve Kornacki: Republicans Need A New Strategy In The Suburbs For 2020 | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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  1. Trump lost the 2016 election by about 3 MILLION VOTERS even with Russian Military Cyber Attacks, Social Media Warfare, Malware Implants into our computers, Burglarizing the DNC and the Trump team giving them confidential polling data and welcoming their help ON TAPE and in over 120 Russian contacts. I wonder how big of an election loss he will have this time? I hope the Electoral College doesn't APPOINT another President that the majority of Americans did not vote for!!! So far, 1 out of every 5 Presidents we have had weren't elected by the majority of "we the people." I wish every American's vote counted and that it could be counted as equal with every other American voter's ballot. But that isn't how our Constitution says elections are to be run.

  2. Democrats need a new strategy for the inner cities the homeless,human waste and dirty needles policies in place now isn’t going to work to well in 2020…pitiful

  3. FYI Steve – there are no more “Republicans.” The Republican Party is gone. Call it what it is – it’s the Trump Party. Therefore, the Republican name should be disbanded and tossed in the sewer where it belongs. And stop wasting your time giving out advice. They're too dumb to even understand.

  4. Philly has voted blue for roughly 50 years. Its a biased city in a Red state. They should not be talking about it as a swing city

  5. The GOP needs a miracle. Sorry, but the American public is not going to go along with inviting foreign countries to come in through the back door to influence our politics. Not the ones who truly believe in the Constitution and what it stands for.

  6. There all greed leaches vote bone spurs and his supporters out vote Bernie 2020 save your democracy and the middle class 🔥🔥🔥

  7. Democrats need a strategy for the deep south. Get out the African American vote. Mississippi was a real kick in the crotch. Should of been much closer. Unite people.

  8. Why does the Republican party have to die so slow? Can't it just poof away rapidly and not come back until they want to help?


  10. The Republicans need to stop preaching racism, misogyny and tribalism. Likewise, the need to realize that obeying their elitist masters does NOT earn the votes of the masses. We The People are tired of not being listened to, sick to death of being taken advantage of and will NO LONGER tolerate the dictates of the Corporate Overlords and elitist wealthy.

  11. Lol the “Kentucky Story”
    Some how boxes of votes accidentally didn’t get counted.
    Hmmmmmmmm…… I wonder who’s votes didn’t make it?
    Blah who cares right?!
    Go Democrats!

  12. Does anybody REALLY believe that trump will increase his vote? His whole (forgive me?) philosophy has been to protect his base, and now, suddenly, he's going to jettison that idea?

  13. Caring for the homeless in the Detroit suburbs has become caring for the working middle-class. Their wages are inadequate, they have had to deal with some sort of personal medical issues or they have needed to be a caregiver to others within their family. Some of the strip mall start-up shops at the end of Obama's administration didn't make it, and the store fronts are empty again. It's not as bad as before the recession, but that's a benchmark that I've learned to watch. A vehicle that's "Made in America" has parts from all over the world. Making a bed is not like running a global business.

  14. "Read the transcript", when it incriminates Trump, is a pretty dumb slogan. It replaced "Get over it", which they tried for about 3 minutes.

  15. GOP needs a new strategy! Screwing the working poor and giving everything to the rich isn't working as well as they thought.

  16. Trump Supporting GOP Senators need a entire game plan anyhow but lucky for the majority of Americans against Trump, the GOP Senators are not allowed to sit in pre school or kindergarten classes to get education by the children on how to proceed.

  17. Andrea 'chainsaw' Greenspan was singing at DUpont underground with her brutal deathmetal band MSNBCannibalCorpse the other night and TRUMP sent a spy down their to see what they were up to knowing Andrea gives out orders in her death metal songs and the agent trying to decipher Andrea's growls determined the lyrics to go like this I EAT Illegal alien Illegal alien Yummie!! I chainsaw Illegal alien taste so good YUMMIE!!

  18. Do you think you could post a video that is long enough for the question to be answered… Or are you ok with the question being framed as a statement??


  19. the change is in those that voted for trump thinking that the apparent personality disorders, bullying and general anti-social character traits were only symptoms of an aggressive election campaign and would disappear if and when elected president… but they didn't. THAT's who he is! and now they realize that they have made a horrible miscalculation and are willing to rectify it.
    the truth is that i have not met a single decent human being, in the last year, that supports trump. not one. trump supporters, IME, are either dim-witted, greedy, venal, self-centered or vindictive. and sometimes all of the above.

  20. The only thing that needs new strategies is the USA rule of law,so that they can removed Trump and the republicans out of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington D.C.(The American peoples WH).

  21. Trump news. Since Msnbc is to busy to cover almost anything but impeachment; Here is the news,
    President Trump passed the autism bill this week with 1.8billionUSD for families, and adults with autism, so they can have functioning lives of independence and purpose. That is all of us helping together. Thank you President Trump:)

  22. I like how the standard defense of trump is "the dems are communists!!!!". REALLY? lol!!! that is some weak tea right there boy

  23. There are not that many more Klan members, Neo-Nazis, biker gangs, and Funnymentalist "Christians" for Dumbo to tap into. He's alienated everyone else and destroyed the lives of many farmers and manufacturing workers. When his tombstone is written, it will say: HE STARTED A TRADE WAR HE COULDN'T WIN, AND IT DID HIM IN.

  24. Republicans don't need any help or advice. They are doing an outstanding job of destroying their party. And their Lord God Trump will lead them. He will show them the way.😄

  25. NBC covered for Weinstein. ABC covered for Epstein. And CNN still has their latest hate crime hoax video posted as if it were true.

  26. White majority in America ends in 2040 so these republicans will be freaking out and rigging elections for a few more years.

  27. It has been three years of impeachment scam and zero has/is happening. Maybe it is Dems ,and partner Msnbc, who need a new strategy Joe! Just look at the fundraising LOL! Msnbc really GOTCHA guys.

  28. Ha, ha, ha. How about being honest people for a change? No, you Republicans simply can't do that, having signed your souls away on tRump.

  29. It boggles the mind that you vote for people that stand there and lie over an over put your kids and their kids in dept to pay for tax cuts to filthy rich pukes ruin farming and climate and just about anything they touch don't give vets healthcare after service for wars the pukes would never fight it goes on an on and trump has shown you first hand how corrupt he an moscow an barr an his crew is holy cow looks like your so stupid you deserve it really

  30. Texas is a progressive state, but we're held back by the "good old boy" mentality. It's time we move forward. Vote Democratic in 2020 to pass gun laws to protect our families.

  31. Kentucky is a nothing burger. It had nothing to do with the Dems being good but the GOP candidate being so bad. If they had even a slightly OK candidate the Dem would have lost by a landslide.

  32. Well obviously they need a new strategy. The last time their strategy relied on Russian misinformation campaigns.

  33. It’s kind of sad that education level plays such a determining factor in whether or not you’re a t’rump supporter. Def not surprising though! 😆

  34. Trump blames the democrats, the media and any shadow in his path he can see for all his troubles. Its his words, speeches, interviews and twits that has shown the American people who is at fault. We Americans can see for ourselves your hate filled mind, predjudical brain, your love of money for you and your, the homeless in America have no reason to be here you say, we are not stupid. We make up our own minds not what the media tells us. Your a blowhard you constantly talk, talk talk. You are trying to wear us down. But we are stronger than you give us credit for. We stand with the American spirit. And you know and we know it.

  35. America will be North Mexico in a few decades, and then everything falls apart
    The end
    But at least we were tolerant and inclusive
    Am I right white people?!
    White nationalists proven right…again.

  36. Democrats Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi have been doing the impeachment and keeping it real no games or stunts and giving respect to the gravity impeachment process requires, the Republicans have done nothing but trying there hardest to derail the process of hearings with childish stunts and lies they should act with dignity expected from congressmen

  37. LOL! Pure propaganda from overpaid beltway parasites; just like 2016. These people have never even lived in flyover country or off of Main Street USA, but confidently talk like they are knowledgeable experts on these critical swing states and forgotten regions. This network has zero credibility.

  38. Republicans have a new idea how to take back California. They're gonna offer free premium tents to the residents and portable shower units on every street corner.

  39. Don't worry folks. Republicans have no hesitation to dumb down rural voters, implement gerrymandering (and even ignore Federal court decisions to mitigate this type of corruption), dismantle executive powers when losing elections, intimidate and block democratic leaning voters, and even collaborate with foreign nationals. So, don't worry about demographic changes, the republican solution is always to cheat, lie, and steal to stay in power.

  40. Trump certainly is going to do extremely well in California's suburbs, where the Dems' plans for a federal property tax would hurt the most. The economy in CA is booming big time these days and no one is going to want to raise taxes and mess up a good thing.

  41. The new, young voters who have the most to loose in this country come out big in 2020 for the Democrats who take action on their most urgent issues such as climate change, environmental protection, Medicare for all, college loan forgiveness, and income inequality. I sure hope the youngsters get out there and vote like their lives depend on it because it does.

  42. DONALD J. TRUMP BEST President the US has ever had. OBAMA Promised the black community everything and all we got was Trans gender bathrooms after 8 yrs. But hey now we are being promised medicare for all, Free college, Free Air, Free Houses, Free Cars, FREE FREE FREE, So go ahead keep drinking the same flavored kool-aid and vote democrat, get the same exact results, complain about the situation in your neighborhoods, city, schools, state, country, blame the white man, and vote democrat, and repeat the cycle over and over again. it is not the Orange man in office, it is the way you vote ppl, Liberal policies are dangerous, look at the democrat run states they are falling apart, look at the countries acting just like the democrats here and you get the same exact thing. There is a reason the left are unhappy and crazy, you are being used for a vote, do not blame the right, Donald trump, or the white man, because when Donald trump is gone, and you still vote Blue, your problems will still be there. Quit voting for Democrats, and change your cities, and for the love of GOD, help us change this country. We do not HATE you on the left, you just do not give us an opportunity to have an actual conversation. thank the MSM for destroying civility in this country.

  43. It's not old single issue politics as usual for cognizant Americans, it's about systemic tensions/rifts lead to a catalyst for change. Trump is the epitome of core corruption in elitist politics/systemic inadequacies of the status quo, stasis vs. change; changes in demographics/gov. efficacy/systemic equity/innovation/sustainable future/etc. are venues for a paradigm shift.

  44. FREE FREE FREE Nobody wants to work just FREE FREE FREE,   The Government cannot spend the money they have as it is, Social Security will not be there when all the Baby Boomers Die Off, But Liberals still believe that Democrats are going to Magically be able to Balance the budget, Pay all the bills, Give all the free loaders everything for FREE, Tax the Rich Employers that run companies and employ people that actually believe in working for a living (Republicans IE… Deplorables) and stay in the United States to be Taxed to Pay for it All???? And Liberals just have to protest and cry about everything for nothing?????

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