Steve Hilton: The truth about impeachment

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  1. "Campus Free Speech Defended", Are you FN joking.
    The left right paradigm is a farce.  Big Corporations control both sides and their interests dont line up with the large majority. Democracy is a fictional illusion, that offers the ignorant a false sense of agency.

    It is incredible easy to sway 51% of people one way or another. The large majority are ignorant and emotionally driven. Furthermore, you dont have to sway 51%, simply offering a plausible possibility of 51% in favor of a particular policy or action. This is the media job, to manipulate, pervert and subvert the people.  When you add the internet/social media, it basically gives them a digital crystal ball and stranglehold on information. Information is power, control/censorship of information is tyranny.

    To understand what is really going on in the world, watch documentary called "Europa- The Last Battle". Its heavily censored on Utube, but can definitely be found on bitchute. Try and debunk claims made using only factual and unbiased sources. Then share what you have learned with anyone and everyone who will listen.

  2. I want a quick end to this charade, enough waste of Taxpayer money, let the report from Durham and Barr bring the indictments or this will never stop.

  3. I don't understand how the American Dem people can possible follow Pelosi, and Lying Schiff, Schumer, and Nadler? I can't understand why they can't see it is wrong.

  4. Nothing will happen to the Dems and their criminal Kabul because nothing has happened to Hillary, Mc Cabe ,Eric Holder Barack Obama , Debbie Wassermann Shultz …. and this has embolden them! They know what we all know…laws and the Constitution are for little people and Republicans , not them! They live by a different set of rules and use our wish to abide by the law against us!

  5. It is easy to see that this democrat's people hate the idea that Donald Trump is president. and don't care anything to eliminate him. Donald Trump opposite then since the first moment. sometimes against all the world. He is a brave man. maybe whit a particular personality. but brave men.

  6. Having Watched this Farcical Process for the Last 3 Weeks. I personally, can see ANOTHER ASASSINATION In the Final SCRIPT. Because it appears to ME, that President TRUMP. Should ROMP HOME IN THE NEXT ELECTION.And the DEMOCRATS should be PROSECUTED to the HIGHEST DEGREE. ….. Hope it I AM WRONG. This PRESIDENT is working for HIS COUNTRYMEN.!!!!!!!. I wish we in ENGLAND, HAD a LEADER LIKE PRESIDENT TRUMP.

  7. They believe his ideas are dangerous cause of how many people are now government independent. Also alot of the foreign deals that made the politicians rich with our money is starting to be exposed.

  8. Pelosi and Schumer are way more transparent than they'd like to think. We can see right through them. Every time they speak, we know, and everyone knows, it's a be political game. And they're playing like losers.

  9. There was no Russian collusion and that was proven based on the two fake articles of impeachment the Democrats were even afraid to stick that in there because they had no proof of Russian collusion end of story tell your Democratic relatives to go climb under a rock


  11. The Democrats are insubordinate obstructionists scumbags, and cancerous vermin scum. They're a bunch of corrupt lying selfserving criminals. 😎🌴🌴

  12. Completely agree with the Senator!!
    Send a message to the House from this point on do your Due Diligence and do it fairly. They can not continue on with the route they have chosen.

  13. We should also be concerned that the media (aka press) has not acknowledged the corrupt democrats. They continue to bad mouth our President.

  14. Treason act…there is treason act in congress. Conspiring to overthrow the government. All evidence are there. Enact the Treason law cause this is Conspiring to over throw the government. Republican should grow some pair and en act the Treason law against these ppl who pretend to love America but conspiring to over throw this President since day 1. Do republican have that courage to actually Charge these for Treason? Cause if justice not carry out against these who conspired against this government, then why citizens should cares about the law when law makers are the one breaking the law and conspiring to over throw the Presidency?

  15. Like Steve Hilton I too am British, And like him I am HUGE Donald Trump supporter. It's great to see people in power standing up to the fanatical Left Lunatics.The "Peach mints" is a farce an we can all see it from 200 miles away. I wish I could vote for him, but I'll settle for watching my American brothers and sisters re-elect the man who has (and still is) saving their country! TRUMP 2020! God save America and god save the people who live there.

  16. Before dismissing this, the Senate had better seriously consider the double duty SPIN
    that will surely ensue in the media. Think twice, or run the risk of conservative sensibility being further dismissed
    by those Democratic Party voters who just can’t wait to
    stage self-righteous riots of indignation for another several years… TEACH the whole country and the world WHY leftist ideology has become a destructive force. Demonstrate the mature intelligence of a democratic republic instead of snappy argumentation and don’t gloat
    over seeing through their murky tactics. Prove it to those you deem lost for all to see. Otherwise, you have no idea how very deep and low the forces of delusion go. Inform the clueless who may never learn to think as a free people. Get it ?

  17. Does no one realize that what is in play is the endgame of the Fabian Socialists? Their symbol is the tortoise, you know? The hare is the complacency of clueless voters and their elected officials.

  18. What/where is all this 'evidence'?

    Nothing otherwise we would have heard/seen their evidence for their 2 impeachment articles they have voted on.

    Why has Pelosi NOT turned over these 2 articles to the Senate?

    Remember when schiff claimed for the last 2+ years that he had evidence the Trump campaign colluded with Russia?

    Haven't seen any of that have you!!

    schiff is a liar, leaker of intelligence and even more un-American. The dims keep chasing, hoping they can find a Trump crime but haven't after 3 years of their so called investigations. All that fueled by their msm that have their sheep convinced 'we got him now'!!

    How sad they all are in the history of our country!!

  19. The 314 thumbs down are Democrook/Demorat Pond Scum . !! Watch out Scum Bags . Your time is running out. There will be trials and prison terms !!.

  20. The real reason that these criminal Democrats don't want you to know is that the President has put a stop to all these Democrats criminal activities that gave them all of their dirty blood money. That is one of the reasons they want to get rid of President Trump and another reason is that President Trump will not be bought by any outside influences and they the deep state hate that.

  21. This show is a waste of time by this Brit who needs to go back to the UK and stick it…… I am counting when this show will end….. for good….

  22. Democrats are the problem with this country and now every American now knows that America is safer with President Trump and will remain President in 2020

  23. I'm agin DEM HRC nasties!  Ba- humbug!  "Sick- Hateful- Decadent"- yep. They hijacked OUR House; 2 B Payin the price in 2020!

  24. Once they start digging into this political trash heap there will be plenty of garbage to find. Politicians have been making side deals and getting rich while in office for as long as I can remember.

  25. The Democratic’s do not have any chance of winning next year and they already know it. The Democratic’s are a very very sick group of people.

  26. All good points and accomplishments, the one huge shortfall and major disappointment though is spending is out of control and debt is way up.

  27. We demand that all Republican reps tell all their Republican supporters how they feel about this impeachment sham and what they plan to do about it! They owe their supporters that much our voice to be heard! So speak it !!

  28. Call me crazy but it looks like the dems have something big to hide just doing what thou wilt. Let me guess they dont want the Epstein pedophile list out

  29. It's about time "we the people" take back our country and President Trump is taking on the DEVILCRATS with a huge crowd behind him! TRUMP 2020

  30. They are criminals , they definitely are not " servants" of the American people ! As for Impeachment Give Pres. Trump a charge , send one to 63,000,000 who voted for him one too !

  31. The 1st minute is a Summary. The rest is just Frosting on the CakeGo for it; Tell me where he got it WRONG (p.s., please cite a minute Marker if you find something).

  32. Everything that made this country a great nation is being disassembled before our very eyes! Goodbye America hello Socialist USA! The new Oligarchy OSA Oligarchic States of America! you will no longer own anything, but everything will become state property! financial system will be collapsed and everything will be run by government! We will all be slaves to the system!

  33. I was skeptical about a man wearing a v neck from 2005. But listening to this genius, I’m gonna go bring the V neck in my town!

  34. The Left HATES American Success!
    I love my country and,for instance,When Tim Thomas (Stanley Cup MVP 2008 Boston Bruins) didn't go to the White House I didn't like it…
    The Left is literally trying to CONSTANTLY SET PRESIDENT TRUMP UP!
    They don't like Trump,me,you and everybody in between ….
    They only want POWER!

  35. In the last 3 years this corrupt and Trump hating people the only thing that I've heard it's been fair is it going to the Senate that's fair

  36. I think I got it figured out for those who's been blackmailed the Democrats and the ones it's this flat crooked don't worry we still need a government will keep you in there somewhere where we can watch you we don't have enough prisons for you all Guantanamo ain't big enough

  37. We need someone like Herman Wouk to do a novel on this era. It is something to live through. Realities are colliding much like the 1960s and the era that started then of style over substance is being destroyed in the shadows because the trained who own the media are in legion with the dying status quo. This is a novel in the making and hopefully just hitting the middle of the book instead of the end.

  38. Trump was elected to put in place measures to ensure the US remains a majority European nation [eg build the wall ]and to weaken the grasp of the international Jewry on american foreign policy. He failed on both counts. Loser.

  39. Thanks Steve YOU ROCK!! Also thank you Senator Mike ROUNDS for your informative, direct, and right on target response to Steve's question. Senator Rounds, I think you can be assured that thousands, hopefully millions, of loyal American People feel exactly the same way. We are AWAKE and listening/watching what is, AND has been going on for a very long time. NO more are we going to remain silent!!!! MAGA WWG1WGA….Merry Christmas everyone!!!!

  40. When Trump finishes his next term you need to follow him and run for pres! God bless anyone willing to shout the truth from the rooftops

  41. NO! What the American people want is to see justice! These crooks have stolen from US for years, would you just let people steal from you, if that was YOUR money? O r YOU were paying someone to do a job, while robbing YOU blind and lying to YOU, or selling your company out from under YOU??? I don't think so Senator! Almost sounds like some on the right side might be a little nervous if they decide to continue the impeachment trials! Arrest & convict All dirty lying thives!

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