Steve Bullock’s 2020 presidential run shaped by family tragedy

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  1. lol The Dims forgot that we got kicked out of the Garden of Eden awhile back!! It was the only time everything was free!!

    Listen to the owner of 8Chan tell you all about the El Paso shooter did not post his Manifesto on 8chan, somebody else did, maybe Clowns In America Maybe? Or the corrupt Fake Bureau of Investigation? The shooter posted his Manifesto on Instagram first!!!!! why isn't Instagram being taken down??? oh I know because Q does not post on Instagram, Q post on 8chan and the Demonic demon rats can't stand the fact the American Patriots know everything that is going on! Unlike you mind controlled sheep that thinks CNN could possibly ever tell the truth! And we the American Patriots are the Truth News Organization NOW!!!

  3. Breaking news. Four black teenagers say Nadler paid the to suck their cocks. They all slapped him in the face with their cocks and they cam on his face one by one.

  4. HATE = CNN
    HATE = O'Rourke
    HATE = Omar
    HATE = Eric Holder
    HATE = Obama
    HATE = Waters
    HATE= CNN viewers
    HATE= DeNiro, Madonna, Depp, Griffith, Moore, CHER, etc., etc.

    All are DEMOCRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Why does CNN promote somebody that won't even make the next debates stage? Maybe that president Trump is consoling victims loved ones in Dayton and El Paso to heal the cities that they want to divide!

  6. Who was in the white house when you're son was shot,,, not Trump so how was it his fault,, I'm in Kentucky never vote Democrat,, they are jokes

  7. He's not a bad guy but this is a true politician with major political connections and a political career that has been influenced by lobbyists… that's sad he's got a pretty good record and some pretty good policies

  8. CNN has to resort to PAYING airports to show CNN on airports TV's. Otherwise, CNN wouldn't have an audience. Fact check that.


  10. Why did God seer my "sisi's? Romans 1:28 they won't even hear me when I witness, and it is totally inline with transgender healthcare is what confuses me. Revelations 22:17 why is the holy ghost speaking with the bride? The seer holds a standard. Matt.19:12 a Eunuch born from his mother's womb is a homophradite. It is perfectly fine to recieve vaginoplasty or anything included in Deutoronomy 23. Homophradite is inconvenient?


    Why aren't you guys covering this, CNN? Aren't you a fair news station?
    Surely this is worthy of being covered.

    You're fair, right?

  12. When are they gonna learn? This guy is not trumps equal. You can tell he’s fake.

    At least trumps a real ass hole.

  13. CNN talk about Tulsi Gabbard knocking Harris poll numbers down from 27% to 7%… And she is a person of color also…

  14. Fakes news CNN grasping for straws with their biased propaganda. This rat won’t win over a single President Trump voter. The pro slavery, pro segregation, white nationalist, white privileged, KKK founding, Anti American Democrats are going into the dustbin of history where they belong just like the Nazis.

  15. Take down trump? Stupid comment. Why not s s’y Campaign on what he can do for the country. For the people.
    So these democrats campaign is how to take down the president. Not much of a plTform for the country

  16. The El Paso shooter was A Hispanic Marrano with a Hispanic mother. His father was a member and associate of the "John of God"child trafficking cult in Brazil as well as a disgraced psychologist that specialized in child hood "traumas" and split personalities. He was his sons "therapist".
    Wake up America!!!!

  17. Getting rid of Guns is not the problem the problem is is that great philosophy of love and logic because you people didn't spare the rod now you have spoiled brats you should have spank your kids when they got in trouble bring back spankings "NOT ABUSE" corrective attitude adjustment that's what we need more CAA

  18. What the fuck is wrong with people in the comments. You are as pathetic as they come to insult him, or say he is using it as political stunt. If you don’t like CNN, don’t fucking watch. You trolls are a stain on real Americans.

  19. It is the most important election of my lifetime…and I'm nearly seventy….our country won't survive another 4 years of Traitor trump and Moscow mitch mcconnell..I want to say Mr.or Ms.President with respect and without feeling ill.

  20. cnn fake news and enemy of the people. who??? cant wait for later when the democrats pay cnn to trash this guy like the others, its great watching democrats kill each other off,

  21. Country is on the right course. The illusion of “most of us are against each other.”Strategic Allusion ? Or… is it your clip and paste twisted truth amateur reporting ?
    Who lusts to cover war more than cnn?
    The answer is Here :

  22. hey cnn fake news and enemy of the people, so just how much does it cost to make a fake news video like this, how much did he pay cnn to do this for him??

  23. BREAKING BREAKING BREAKING * Hi there guys, did they already tell you AOC's campaign team is being investigated? ** BREAKING BREAKING BREAKING

  24. Montana is such a beautiful state. If you haven't visited, it should be in your bucket list of places to visit. Btw, I'm from California and we have a lot of beautiful places here, but Montana is special or I should say that part of the world is special.
    Now, on the subject of gun control, the AP did a research and says that we kill each other in this country more per 100,000 than Syria or Yemen. How tragic is that?

  25. Dayton the city of hate . Disgusting protests didn't look very sad about the shooting. Who cares about these people. Back to watching the ballgame .

  26. You Beto are a disgusting individual. With all your democrated party moos. We just had mass shootings so what is it that you do with the democrated candidates.  Yes with them you go out and campaign, to try and sway voters to vote for. Not showing any  time laid off thr campaign for a week, any of you to allow these families to morn. All of you are a piece of trash. Who you think you are. Get the heck out of our face. You are with your fake dems the true meaning of the definition of cowards, and trash. We can have Trump where we like so get heck off the air.

  27. I understand that this is a tragedy I understand that it is hard and that being said I feel sorry and sympathize for his loss but that has nothing to do with the fact that we need a progressive we need somebody to win and he doesn't have a chance please and this isn't to him just drop out if you know you're not going to win a few feeling in your heart cuz us Americans feel in oursjust stop wasting time and wasting their time and space there's only five people that can win and that's a stretch so pleased the other 15-20 whatever's left just stop drop out

  28. Whenever we hit the Montana state line, we say "now we are in God's country". Bullock would be a great president. He is a uniter, not a divider. He speaks from a higher ground.

  29. i love the camera work – "steering the country on course" — all the anti-CNN trump trolls should just stop. the people watching this are smart– they won't be fooled by your garbage. go on Fox — that is home to the low IQ, low information, easily fooled, crowd.

  30. You leftists are STUPIDS! What a great bullshit LOOSERS you have running Presidential campaign!!!! Lol. All communist! Without agenda in favor of real americans taxpayers!

  31. Democrats may want to consider someone who can win conservative places in America such as: KY, MO, TN, LA, MT, ND, KS etc. Not only it will help them get to 270 easier but it will make the party to broaden its support. The biggest problem for the Democrats their party has not been able to appeal to midwestern rural conservative voters. Just look at the Democratic majority in 1992 it was widespread all over the US even in 2008 it was more widespread and look at it in 2018 mostly in areas on the east and west coast with few patches of blue in the middle.

  32. Why won’t CNN report Washington Post article about Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren having by far the most small dollar donations. Meaning the most votes. By far the most important poll of this primary

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  34. The radical democrats and leftists are the cancers on American society. They are the allies of globe communist movement, and they have a common goal —- destroy the United States ! Each ballot you vote for them will become a rope on your neck!

  35. CNN the traitors and perverts news.
    Democrats are racists, traitors,
    America haters, they hate all minorities they just want power. Biden likes children like his friend Epstein and Clintons, this creep cant be a serious contender from dems
    Biden likes children
    Warren likes beer
    Kamala likes Willie
    Booker likes bathrooms
    Beto needs new diaper
    Bernie is a coward
    Democrats does NOT EQUAL democracy .

  36. After examining photographs in the press of his recent visits to Dayton and El Paso, President Trump has today chastised the mass shooting survivors for ruining his photos.

    The impromptu visits to Ohio and Texas as a response to tragic mass shootings were welcomed by Trump as an opportunity to get some great photos for his 2020 Presidential campaign, but sadly the victims appeared not to be fully engaged with his photo opportunity.

    “Sad!” he bellowed over his breakfast Big Mac, grease mixing with his fake tan and dribbling down his chin to pool on the tablecloth like orange jelly.

    “I know some of them had been shot at, but they could have smiled a bit more. You’d think they would have put aside their discomfort and given a big grin and thumbs up to match the smile and thumbs up of everyone’s favourite President, Donald Trump!”

    A White House aide shifted uncomfortably in the corner of the room as Trump continued, “When Obama visited shooting victims, he looked very miserable and un-American. He even cried while hugging a bereaved mother, the pussy.

    “That’s not how you win elections, is it?”

  37. Every time there's a shooting politicians want to restrict access to guns, turn gun manufacturers & sellers into criminals, and demonize the NRA. The government has kicked God out of our public schools & criminalized parents who spank their children while shoving psychotropic drugs down their throats. GUNS DON'T KILL PEOPLE, PEOPLE DO. Matches don't cause arson, people do. Forks don't make people fat, people do. Pencils don't misspell words, people do. Liberty>Safety!

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