Steve Bannon Plotting A Coup To Take Over The Republican Party

Donald Trump’s former chief strategist, Steve
Bannon, is attempting to take over the Republican Party. It was announced recently that Steve Bannon
is going to be running primary challengers to several key Republicans including Senators
Dean Heller and Jeff Flake from Arizona. They have both expressed some disinterest
with what Donald Trump has done. And so, Steve Bannon says, “To hell with it,
I’m meeting with the Mercer family,” a group of wealthy GOP donors, “And we’re going to
find a replacement. Somebody to primary these people and get them
out of office so we can get more Trump loyalists. But more importantly, more Breitbart loyalists
in office here in the United States.” Bannon has also decided he’s going to step
into the Alabama Senate race where he’s supporting former Alabama Supreme Court Justice, Roy
Moore, the guy who’s consistently been sued and lost for his decision to put the 10 Commandment
in front of his court room over Luther Strange, who is the Republican establishment favorite. So Bannon’s weighing into that one, as well. But what’s happening over all here is that
Steve Bannon is trying to remake the entire Republican Party and push it further to the
right. And not just in terms of policy, right? We all know what Steve Bannon really stands
for, we know what Breitbart stands for. It’s all about the alt-right. Those people that you don’t want to talk about,
those people that showed up in Charlottesville and ran over a woman and killed her with her
vehicle. Those are the people that Steve Bannon, and
Breitbart, and Donald Trump are playing to right now. Those are the people that they want to help
put in the office. Maybe not the same caliber, but close enough. That’s what Steve Bannon and Breitbart have
always been about. It’s about that hardcore, borderline white
nationalist group who pay attention to Breitbart, who believe Breitbart. Those are the ones that Bannon is trying to
get in office, and he’s doing it at the expense of the Republican Party itself. Bannon is influential, unfortunately, as is
Breitbart. And unfortunately, again, Donald Trump seems
to have a little bit of sway over the party at the moment. So if he comes out and supports somebody and
Bannon supports him, you got Breitbart behind them, you got the Mercer money flowing in
to the opposition, that’s not going to end well for the Republic establishment. And what it’s going to do is signal the final
death throws, the death rattle, really, of the Republican Party. Poll after poll shows that the majority of
policies that people in the United States support are actually really progressive, more
progressive than even some that the Democratic Party is proposing right now. They want medicare for all, they want debt
free college, they want regulations on Wall Street, they don’t want tax cuts for the wealthy. They want a life that is better for themselves
and for everyone around them. Those are progressive policies. So if Steve Bannon wants to step in and push
the Republican Party to the right, which I strongly encourage him to do, it’s going to
kill the Republican Party. And at this point, that’s what we need. The Republican Party has outlived its usefulness
in the United States. They have not come up with a new policy proposal
since the 1980s when they invented the idea of trickle down economics, even though it’s
been an abject failure. And the guy who created it said that in theory,
it works, but in practice it is impossible for it to actually work. So they know it doesn’t work, and that it
can’t work, and that there’s no way it ever would work, but that really was their last
idea. So if Bannon wants to take this Republican
Party and push it further to the right, by all means go ahead because all you’re doing
is speeding up the death of this party that has been dying since the 1980s, and I don’t
think there’s too many people in this country that are really going to miss it when we finally
put it six feet under the ground.

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  1. I watched Bannons 60 minutes, he is nothing if not delusional.And his blind loyalty to the guy who fired him(Trump) is sad.

  2. That tone will play well in the Southern States and i believe what Bannon and his type are doing now will lead to a split that will have to be resolved through a civil war eventually.


  4. Steve Bannon. Nothing but a hateful drunk. Get these people out of politics. Bannon does this stuff for his amusement…. nothing more.

  5. Photographer Explains How CBS Uses Color Adjustments To Make Steve Bannon ‘Look Bad’ On 60 Minutes
    by Joshua Caplan 11 September 2017

    Following Steve Bannon’s highly anticipated interview with Charlie Rose on 60 Minutes Sunday night, professional photographer Peter Duke published a video explainer on how CBS may have used color adjustments to make the Breitbart News boss “look bad” on television.

    “It seems like 60 minutes would like you to listen less and look more at Steve Bannon. By subtly tweaking the color of the video, they make him look like a bleary-eyed drunk. I show you how they did it,” writes Duke on the video’s YouTube page.

    Peter Duke has photographed Milo Yiannopoulos, Scott Adams and James O’Keefe.

    In the video, Duke explains how CBS color adjusted Bannon’s shots to make his eyes and lips red by increasing the level of saturation. This results in curtains that are a brighter orange behind Bannon than they are in Charlie Rose’s shot. Rose’s shot was made “cooler,” to make the host’s make-up more subtle.

    Duke then adjusted the interview’s lighting, removing Bannon’s redness and Rose’s “coolness.”

    The result is a natural looking Bannon.

    As author Ann Coulter pointed out, these types of mainstream media tricks aren’t done on Fox News — hence why conservatives look better on the channel.

    GREAT VIDEO. Networks do this a lot. That's why conservatives seem to look so much better on Fox News.

    — Ann Coulter (@AnnCoulter) September 11, 2017

    Below is a transcript of Peter Duke’s video:

    DUKE: I wanted to talk a little bit today about color correction and grading, and how it can be used to make people look better or worse on television. This is a still frame of Steve Bannon from the 60 Minutes interview that’s going to run tonight. And the first things that I noticed was that there were red circles around his eyes and his lips looked cherry red. And I also noticed the curtains in the background looked really orange.

    Now I’ve met Steve Bannon and I know what he looks like. He’s Irish and he does kinda have paper skin. But, he doesn’t have pronounced red circles around his eyes. That’s not who he is in real life. So I started comparing the two shots of Charlie Rose and Steve Bannon to see what kind of differences I could find, and it was very interesting. The first thing that you need to take a look at is the coloring saturation. Those drapes in the Breitbart Embassy are actually the same color. Now the light lighting them might be slightly closer or farther away, which accounts for the brightness, but they are the same color. And you can see from these two shots that they are defiantly not the same color.

    If you take a look at Charlie Rose’s shirt, it’s about 13 unit of blue from neutral, which means that they’ve graded it into a cooler shot. That does a couple of things. It makes his make-up look less clownish and it also knocks down the contrast a little bit. So, I’m going to do the same thing to Steve. I’m going to make it a little bit bluer and I’m also going to lighten up the shadows a little bit. And Voila, the blood shot eyes are gone.

    Now I’m going to do to Charlie what they did to Steve. I’m going to kick up the situation, the red, the orange, and i’m going to increase the contrast. So here are the two shots before and after, before and after. And here’s what the pictures would look like if they were graded similarly. Steve doesn’t have red circles under his eyes, Charlie’s make-up is subtle, can’t really tell he’s got it on, unless you’re looking. And Steve doesn’t look like the monster they want you to think that he is.

    Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon appeared on 60 Minutes with Charlie Rose and discussed a myriad of topics, from the GOP establishment trying to nullify Trump’s presidency to Hillary Clinton not being as smart as liberals always say she is . . .

    “Her very first speech when she came off the beach was nonsense,” Bannon begins to Rose, “and this goes with something I want to address with you: Hillary Clinton’s not very bright.”

    Bannon continues to describe the ways in which she failed during the election, and beyond.

    “Everybody says she’s so smart, so much smarter than Donald Trump . . . She doesn’t really have a grasp, she doesn’t have a grasp on what’s important and what’s not – and that’s what’s essential in a leader. Donald Trump has a grasp on what’s important and what’s marginalia.”

    Rose then pressed Bannon the ethno-nationalist descriptor she pinned to Breitbart and others on the New Right, but Bannon was quick to shut down the impending smear.

    Rose asks, “Cause you want no part of ethno-nationalism?”

    Bannon replies quickly, “That’s ridiculous on the face of it, it’s absurd . . .”
    Rose: “You don’t want any part of any of those people?”

    Bannon: “Not only is it morally wrong, it’s also totally irrelevant. Economic nationalism is what this country was built on, it’s the American system . . .”

  6. How far right can the GOP actually go? After the tea party wave, one would think it couldnt to any further right, but it seems i was wrong.

  7. The Republicans are a zombie party and have been for a long time. They should have died off after causing the Great Republican Depression but to his lasting shame Eisenhower revived them by running as one. He seemed to hate alot of Republicans, including his VP Nixon, and Joseph McCarthy. He once said he chose the Republicans mainly because he feared a single party state, and thought the republicans would fracture if they lost the presidency a 6th time in a row. I don't know if the Republicans will ever die off. Zombies have a habit of going on forever, unless you shoot them in the head.

  8. And by "the Republican party is dying" he means owning the House, the Senate, and the Presidency all at the same time?  I am anti-Trump, and largely anti-Republican, but this is pure fantasy.  The Republicans are crushing the Democrats, and will likely continue to do so until at least 2024.  Every time a seat becomes vacated, they crush the Dems again.  It's awful, but it's the current reality.  There seems to be nothing anyone can do currently to get the Dems to come out and vote in larger numbers than the Republicans, in virtually any election.  Millions will come out and march, and protest, and kick and scream, but when it comes to actually voting, where are they??  The Democrats couldn't get a crossing guard elected currently.

  9. Is that Jeff Flake? Or Jeff Snowflake? Who knows what's going on under the Trump administration. You Trump lovers call someone, like liberal me, a snowflake, which is fine, because I don't know what the hell you idiotic conservatives are talking about. This is how I feel about your idiotic snowflake president.

  10. I'm curious if anyone watch the "60 Minutes" show this week where Steve Bannon was interviewed. I watched it, and Bannon struck me as being more "trump-like" than trump himself….scary! Would like to hear others' thoughts about his appearance the show.

  11. Bannon overestimates his popularity. He looks exactly like he is. A warty toad that has radically unpopular ideas. He only skirted into the Whitehouse on the shirt tails of the reality show star with the shadow Russian cyber attack. If he stays in the public eye it is doubtful he would be able to create a sizable following. Breitbart is not that popular, popular with the few that read it but not popular with the masses.
    In fact they seem to be a little behind. They seem more like the grocery store rag papers you read for a laugh while you check out.
    Bannon has been outed and seems to be not accepting the failure well.

  12. When will the alt-right realize though that Trump is using them for his elite republican tax cuts? Look at his cabinet wealthy elites and generals, not exactly alt-righters.

  13. Yeah in alabama we tend to make sure an elect people that will problay end up in jail by the end of there term nobody in this state should be a loud to vote.

  14. When Bannon pulls this idiocy I hope we have some progressive candidates in those races. With the Republicans splitting the vote we might have a chance to take a few seats this way, but only if we present an obviously different choice. Moderates aren't gonna do it.

  15. So, the Republican party is in its death throws. And the Democratic party, as it is being run by the Clinton surrogates is in it death throws. So, where do we turn? Bernie sure isn't taking any reins.

  16. I hope you're right but big money and the stupidity of the American electorate makes me doubt it. Not all Americans are stupid but there is nothing stupider than a stupid American.

  17. The rise of the far right in America is a mirror image of the rise of the fascists in Germany. The German conservatives thought they could work with the NAZIs and moderate them, they were wrong and so are Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell. The NAZIs got in and then bullied and threatened and their way into dominance. Sound familiar??

  18. Bannon nor Breitbart cares a damned thing about Trump.. He's doing it for HIMself… His own glory.. and if Trump gets in his way.. and he already has.. he will find ways to neutralize Trump… It's already been leaked that Breitbart and Bannon are trying to dethrone him and his family..

  19. Geez, hasn't the fat fuck learned anything from recent events? The alt-right are a small minority group. Non-racists and liberals far outnumber them. Many Republicans are distancing themselves from Chump because of his racism.The fat fuck is fighting a losing battle. He should just give up and go back to his desk job at Breitfart.

  20. Oh! Trump & Bannon two overfed, nazis together, two hearts beating as one such a lovely romance💕i just get so 😢 emotional when I see such LOVE!

  21. Trump is not a Republican or Democrat. Bannon pointed out the Establishment Republicans have always been opposed to his accomplishment…Trump's success means the end of them. Good luck to Bannon…perhaps a new party will form of the ashes of the RINOs…"The American Party"…that would be a good thing. Most of use are totally through with Demoncrats and RINOs…they are despised and hopefully history soon.

  22. If the Republican Party does go down, what makes us think that some Democrats won't sell out for the right price if it's just one party.

  23. I pray that someone DOES stop Steve Bannon. This is how HItler got into power. Don't underestimate bigotry and hatred because it infectious. Like herpies and the flu.

  24. Gainor on 60 Minutes: Bannon Did Well; Rose Seemed ‘Out of His Depth’

    by Dan Riehl 11 Sep 2017 Washington, DC

    Media Research Center (MRC) Vice President of Business and Culture Dan Gainor joined Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Raheem Kassam on Monday 11 September 2017 to discuss the week in media bias as well as Breitbart News Executive Chairman and former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon’s appearance on CBS News’s 60 Minutes.

    “I think [Bannon] did well. I think Charlie Rose was out of his depth and didn’t ask too many good questions,” said Gainor.

    “Notice how he set it up,” Gainor continued, “where alt-right meets conspiracy theory.”

    Gainor made the point that Rose and his producers are not familiar with right-leaning media such as Breitbart News and others, and while they may give it a quick look to prepare for a show or segment, they do not understand what it is and mischaracterize it based on that ignorance.

    Gainor, who monitors media from his perch at the MRC, also pointed out that the lack of red flags in Monday morning promotional emails from the likes of Politico and the Hill indicates they found little to seize upon to attack Bannon or Breitbart News in the segment.

  25. Omg Farron… His name is Dark Lord Gannon from the legend of zelda. Get his name right lol.

    Seriously though… Glad to see the lil piggy is losing power. Love seeing the bad guys get taken down a peg. Shame that he didn't lose more power… Or even better… Die of a sudden stroke or something lol.

  26. 'Chief Strategist'… Ha… Haha… Hahaha…. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! I just can't stop laughing! 😂😂😂😂

  27. Didn't you Trump Supporters all tell us there were no Nazis over there on the Right? I remember you screaming about Hillary and her emails, but when we wanted to talk about the blatant fucking Nazi standing next to you… Ohhh no, nothing to see here… Oh and because I have to put the disclaimer in or trigger you right wing Nazi cucks, Antifa and their tactics are utterly deplorable, vile and a bastardization of Justice. You can not defeat Fascism with Fascism. Now can we talk about the Nazis you guys have infiltrating your side? Or do you need me to actually hit an Antifa before you will talk about the Nazis….

  28. You mean they're taking down the ten commandments?

    SWEET! I'm gonna go murder some people, and covet my neighbors wife!

  29. I'd like to burry steve bannon 6 feet understand with his head on a stick on fire. 💀👈Steve bannon s head🍡🔥👈on a stick on fire

  30. We need to take back our government by not voting for republican or corporate democrat candidates for office, period. If you take campaign money from lobbyists, you are done. If you take campaign money from corporations, you are done. If you take campaign money from billionaires or wealthy interests, you are done. No more donor class, vote for campaigners who run on small donations from individual voters. We have to look past all the expensive media ad commercials and concentrate the candidate who is not being heard, we can find out who they are in our local area via the Registrar of Voters offices.

  31. Personally, I see in the U.S.A's future, a civil war. Perhaps as a 63 year old man it won't happen in my lifetime, but I'm still strong. I can still hold my own and if it does happen in my lifetime, I will fight. I'll fight for my country and what is right. Trump Bannon, and all the rest of the alt-right morons will fail. Why? Because of angry fed up people like myself. Fed up and not going to take it anymore.

  32. You're also forgetting the rest of the world does not want to deal with the Republican Party either do you think Britain or France want to do with a party who stand by white supremacist and neo-nazis especially what they went through in the Second World War there is no way that the rest of the world wants to deal with a racist Nation like the United States they're going to start thinking that maybe there are other countries we could do business with other than the United States.

  33. The reich-wing isn't scared to run primary challengers. Dems should learn something from those who aren't afraid to get things done.

  34. Ha. Farron is correct. No one will miss the repubs once they are 6 feet underground because practically the only supporters remaining for the greedy, racist, unintelligent policies of the republicans are a bunch of ancient a-hole white SOBs that will soon pass away and themselves soon be 6 feet underground (Thank goodness).

  35. I would of thought it far more prudent of Steve Bannon for him to sort his alcohol abuse issues out first. There is, in reality, no such entity as a functioning alcoholic no matter deluded you might be.

  36. Republicans party is dying?

    Republicans gained over a THOUSAND seats during the Obama administration. What the fuck are you talking about??

  37. I find it funny that People call this useless Fuck a Right Winger !!! He is not even coming close to be one . Real Proud Right Wingers DONT MINGLE with Wall Street , especialy with Goldman Sachs or even work for JEWS !!!!!!! If he wouldnt have made his Money at Goldman Sachs + he would be living in a run down Suburbia Home , hanging out with his Tatoo'd Wilder Beast's .

  38. If a Countries Economy is set up for "" GROWTH ONLY """ it will fail at the End !!! Look at the Economy and what it is based on in the United States , it is failing and ONLY held up by Bullshit Numbers they are shoveling around .

  39. This is great news and what we want… Bannon, get it done… and smash the left. as usual ring of fire is a leftist smoke

  40. I think it is a mistake to think that the American voter has any sway over policy in the U. S.  We are no longer a democracy.  The federal government for all intents and purposes belongs not to the racists, bigots, and misogynists.  It belongs to the wealthy donors who own their federal representatives.  Money is speech, and the American voter has no money, therefore the American voter has no voice in government. As long as racism, isolationism, and the rest continue to distract the rest of us, the wealthy elite will let it run its course.  It's all there for distraction.

  41. The Republicans Are The New KKK And Seems Like They Are Exposing Themselves More And More Each Month Since Trump Is The President!

  42. the Alt Right, the states what Canadians think of when you introduce your wife and sister and there is only one girl standing at your side.

  43. Probably will work. Mercers put trump in office when his effort was failing. They know how to manipulate hate and who to use to do it. Trump works well enough as proof of concept. Not just about populism. Clintonism will hand it to them on a platter.

  44. Steve Bannon wants to bring back the White Racist GOP Super Wealthy back to the White House. And he wants to get rid the Poor Americans of Color out the country and send us back where we came from. And he wants only White, European and Super Wealthy People into America

  45. Don't call them alt right. That's their rebranding effort. They are nazis. They know it's a negative word to be associated with and it is what they are distancing themselves from it, and more importantly what they believe in.

  46. Steve Bannon is a nobody. Breitbart is the real failing, fake news site that lost advertisers en masse and is irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. Bannon has to go the his "enemy", the left leaning media outlets just to get his inane message heard. He's not clever, not a mastermind, he's just an alcoholic wife beater with idiotic theories.

  47. They are putting all this effort into one mentally ill guy that wrecked his car and went to jail? or are you saying we are all the mentally ill guy who wrecked his car and went to jail? you need to drop the BS and actually say something. round and round

  48. I feel like the 7th Party System will be a reverse of the 6th. The Democrats will push towards the Left and the Republicans will replace the Dems as the Centrist Party.

  49. Steve Bannon looks like herpes in a suit. The fact that this sick piece of trash was allowed anywhere near the Whitehouse let alone being a top advisor to the president is just astounding. This dumpster fire is a nobody who hitched a ride on the Trump traitor train and now thinks he is some political genius, lol what a joke. The last "candidate" he ran against Paul Ryan won 15% of the vote. Good luck with your white nationalist agenda moron. It will be funny watching these scum destroy each other. Bannon is basically what the Republican party has always been just unfiltered. He just says what they truly believe out loud. Him and Trump are the Frankenstiens they created and like Dr.Frakenstien they will be destroyed by thier own creation.

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