Stephen Yates: 2020 Taiwan Election: America’s Strategic Re-balance; Historic Opportunity for Taiwan

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. Taiwan is the Hawaiian vacation for Canadians. Maybe Taiwan can continue to expand its tourism and promote more cultural appreciation of its indigenous peoples and sacred places.

  2. "The Iron Lady" Tiawan people are very lucky to have this lady as president. for such a small lady to be such a Giant. My hat off to the Tiawan People. I see Tiawan as a America back in 1700's .

  3. When an interviewee is as clear, articulate and knowledgeable as Mr Yates, a great interviewer – such as Ms Simone – lets him speak. Such a contrast to the legacy media circus.
    I work for a company that has a contract to supply to Taiwan. I don't know if it is a longstanding provision in Taiwan, but we aren't allowed to use any mainland China sources for the components in our product. Frankly, I think we have been too dependent on mainland China sources, so finding alternatives is a good thing.

  4. Stephen Yates could not be more clear on what a historic opportunity Trump's presidency is for Taiwan. We will find out in a few hours if the people of Taiwan get it.

  5. Is the CCP lying now? Or, was the CCP lying then? The whole idea of the Communist Revolution is that the entire history of the Human Race is wrong. The Marxist Revolution is designed to create a NEW HUMAN RACE. It will do this by wiping out all of human history, all culture, all religion, all memory of the past. But, now, based on 5,000 years of Chinese history, the CCP claims they own Taiwan. The CCP cannot make such a claim if it denies its own cultural history. It is either lying now or it is lying about the cultural revolution. The CHINESE COMMUNIST REVOLUTION IS A FRAUD!

  6. It seems, in the idea of one nation, two governments, everyone is assuming, in the end only one form of government will be left standing. And, that form of government will be totalitarianism. It appears everyone has given up on the idea the Taiwanese form of government will reign supreme. Why? The United States and Taiwan should work together on a plan, with target dates, to convert the mainland to our style of government. The CCP can no longer claim it is some sort of fledgling third world power that requires special protections to survive. It is time for CCP to act like a big boy.

  7. 2:19 must be the leftst who said it was possible to live w/ an aggressor … typical idiots
    6:44 the answer is ALWAYS NO!!
    I wish i could speak like him, the opposite of steve bannon … no stuttering, not saying ah, annnd, so, etc

  8. Sorry to say this but DPP is like CCP. They want control over the Taiwanese people thru the fear of China. The sovereignty is stronger if ruled by KMT. Remember KMT fought the CCP. Han is the Taiwan Trump, and he will make Republic of China great again. I think the world will be shocked by the landslide victory of KMT in less than 10 hours

  9. If the US take a hardline stance and supporting Taiwan vigorously, it means that the US is openly being hostile to China, and like to see the debacle of PRC and the CPC. At one point China will feel threatened, and ultimately will liberate Taiwan by force. The question is whether the US would be ready to fight with China and even entering the World War 3 and a nuclear war. I don't think the majority of American people is willing to take the risk.

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