States CANCELLING Republican Primaries to Protect Trump

every time we’ve talked about primary challenges
to Donald Trump in 2020 I’ve been super clear that those challenges are not going to succeed
in the sense of Donald Trump is going to be the Republican nominee unless he bails out. But I have said that the primary challenges
could still damage Trump and even a point or two taken from Trump in some states is
all it would take for an independent, uh, a Republican primary challenger who chooses
to run as an independent in November of 2020 to take a state or two from Donald Trump and
push it towards the Democratic challenger. And that could actually turn the election. Now, clearly the democratic, I’m sorry, the
Republican Party is worried about this because they’ve now started canceling primaries and
caucuses to protect Donald Trump and to prevent anyone from getting any attention or momentum. Now, Trump loyalists have gotten into the
system in South Carolina and Nevada, Arizona and Kansas at minimum. And they are moving forward on canceling primaries
altogether, which is not very democratic. Wouldn’t the right thing to do be to let the
primaries happen. Let Republican voters confirm that they want
Trump to be their nominee. Trump says he is 94% support from the Republicans. That’s not true. It’s more like 80% but 80% is still more than
enough to win primaries except that that other 20% might be invigorated by those primaries
and vote for those primary challengers in November if they run as independent or as
right in candidates in a way that it could threaten Donald Trump in the general. Now the Trump team is saying this is totally
normal. This is fine. There are many other examples in history when
primaries have been canceled, when there been an incumbent president up for reelection,
but that is extremely deceptive because the primaries that were previously canceled were
almost exclusively canceled because there were no challengers, so there was no point
in having the primary when only the incumbent is interested in running. This is a very different situation where you
have multiple primary challengers, Joe Walsh, William Weld. There’s a third one that now I’m forgetting. Uh, and one fifth of Republican’s disapprove
of Donald Trump. So this is a very different scenario. Now a somewhat asked Donald Trump on Monday,
would he participate in debates against these challengers? And he said, quote, I don’t know them. I would say this, they are all at less than
1% I guess it’s a publicity stunt. We just got a little while ago a poll showing
94% popularity or approval within the Republican Party. So to be honest, I’m not looking to get them
any credibility. They have no credibility. Now again, Trump’s wrong. It’s about 80% of Republicans that approve
of the job he’s doing, not 94%, but this is how they win. They cancel primaries, they Gerrymander, they
suppress votes by closing down polling places and purging voter rolls. They have no interest in genuinely protecting
our election systems from foreign interference. And they even welcome it. And then they blame Democrats of doing all
the same things and they spend millions on real witch hunts, like the election integrity
commission or whatever it was that it was called, which found nothing. They’ve been cheating to win for years. It is not going to stop for sure unless Donald
Trump has removed because we’ll have a census in 2020, which will then be used by these
same republicans to make it even worse and then it’ll get even uglier. And I forgot to mention, by the way, gaslighting
constantly by demonizing those evil undocumented immigrants too, it’s important not to forget
that since that’s a key part of their strategy, they say that they’re all for freedom and
democracy as long as it’s their candidate in the way that they want it and the people
voting that they want to see voting period. Otherwise Freedom and democracy always take
a back seat to morality or simplicity or expediency or whatever they can site at the time to justify
their behavior. And we are seeing it again as the primaries
that Republicans should be holding are getting canceled, uh, in growing numbers, which we
will continue to track. Not Surprising, not surprising, but important
to understand that this is happening.

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  1. Tulsi Gabbard Bucks Democratic Field, Announces Support For Restrictions On Third Trimester Abortion.

    She's a Plant

  2. For everyone in an open primary state, vote Republican and write in Abraham Lincoln; this is the real strategy to beat Trump in 2020.

  3. In 2012, democrats in New York, Virginia, Delaware and Connecticut cancelled primaries after claiming obama was the only candidate to qualify. Challengers qualified to be on ballots in only 8 states.

  4. It's Trump that has no credibility yet the Republicans continue to support him .Its ok to have a mentally unstable security risk in office that's damaging our country and world standing just because he's Republican ! This neither makes sense or encourages faith or respect for the entire party.Its shameful .

  5. I'm giving you a like just for pronouncing Nevada properly. Not something you hear often from people who don't live here.

  6. What they trying to do is get him more votes and let the Dems votes be all scattered out with candidates…. Cheating again to win….

  7. Why does this country's party system have to be extreme left or extreme right? Fact is many of the Americans are not extreme left or right but little of both. I agree with something from each party but not totally with either one. Our government are distorted when their allegiance is to a party instead of what is best for the people and our country.

  8. The previous 3 Presidents who had significant primary challengers lost their reelection; Bush Sr., Carter, and Ford. Part of this reason is that they spend a good chunk of their campaign arguing against members of their own polticial party rather than the opposition candidates, which also alienates some supporters away from the President. If Donald Trump has to face off against his primary opponents, this could prevent him from getting reelected in 2020.

  9. Can somebody list me some social programs that social democrats like that libertarians wouldn’t like (so help me differentiate soc dem vs libertarian) I know I’m one or the other, just not sure which one. Thanks.

  10. Canceling Republican primaries are so WRONG, this is truly serving Trump, what next? Oh I know let cancel next election, in fact lets cancel all election and make this bastard trump our king. How corrupt can Republican party get?

  11. This is old news in North Dakota. The Republicans held no primaries (we do caucuses) in 2016. In 2012, the state of North Dakota went for Santorum (barf), but at the national convention, the delegates went for Romney. Republicans in this state have long since quit caring about the voters…yet I'm surrounded by people who are loyal to the party that doesn't care who they want.

  12. The Trump team doesn't want to take the chance he would be compelled to debate and the damage that could cause. Plus, if they got anything more than 1% of the primary votes, Trump's ego would be bruised and he would have yet another melt-down. He wants to think he is the ONLY candidate and thus the RNC are coddling him.

  13. Check it out! Our strongest, alpha male president is running scared from primary challengers. Look how not surprised I am. I am slightly disappointed, because I want to see the shit show that Republican primary debates would look like.

  14. When you have a weak candidate, you reduce the number of appearances that candidate has to make. That happened with Hillary in 2016, it's been happening with Biden, and that's what they're doing with Trump. It's a sign of weakness.

  15. I really have a hard time believing that if there was a serious 3rd party/Independent candidate from the Right would hurt Trump the most. The people on the Right who would vote for these candidates already won't vote for Trump. A serious 3rd party/Independent will only serve to help Trump by splitting the anti-Trump vote. A poll was conducted in Michigan if Justin Amash ran as a Libertarian and he pulled only 2% from Trump, while he pulled 8% from Biden compared to the head-to-head matchups. This is also why I say Democrats should NOT run a far-Left progressive candidate. If Amash in the hypothetical poll is already pulling near double digits from Biden, a candidate perspective Amash voters would consider voting for instead. He'd only pull more if the nominee is Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren. He's open to the disenfranchised GOP vote and political moderates (despite being a Libertarian) who are fed up with both sides. But again, they would be more open to voting for Biden who's painting himself to be closer to a moderate. They won't consider voting for a progressive. If Democrats nominate a progressive they will ultimately hand Trump a 2nd term.

    While in Vice Versa world all the Trump loyalists who bash any perspective major 3rd party should be up in arms asking them to run. It'll only help their side. The people who are going to vote for Trump have already made up their minds for 2020. The people who won't be are waiting to see what the Dems do, and if any major 3rd party candidate arises.

  16. They come up with some new SCAM every major election! If you can't win it fair and square … then STEAL it is their motto!!!! 😒

  17. Wake up!!!
    Fascism doesn't take over in a day!!!

    It is a slow process that gets people, normalized to the radicalization of nationalism.

    Wake up, this isn't the first step to Trump's American FASCISM!!!


  18. the important question here is: Are the republican voters aware of this, and are they okay with it? Because if they're okay with it, then no big deal. but, is anyone reporting on this in the right-wing media — do the voters know about it?

  19. This should absolutely be illegal.. Democrat or Republican, screw that! People should have a damn choice period.. This is supposed to be a Democracy and this shows we aren't.. Republicans do nothing but cheat!!

  20. Would you do it? When you know who's going to win. Maybe like.. when you knew Hillary Clinton was going to win regardless?

  21. I think its always funny how Republicans always want to cheat one way or another, if Democrats do the same Republicans act up

  22. Good grief, still scrapping the bottom of relevance looking for something, nay, anything to make yourself feel better ahead of the slaughter you'll experience next year…it's nothing less than entertaining!

  23. I'm only still a registered Republican because I want to vote against Trump twice, once in the primary, then again in the general. I'm gonna be pissed if that opportunity is taken away from me!

  24. He is weak and afraid!…all talk when he is around his own, but a scared puppy dog when he is around real dictators!…I hope the Moderate Republicans who have seen their mistake, do us all a great justice and vote blue!….This election will be the most corrupt ever!…he will stop at nothing to win!…Im telling everyone who votes to please take a picture of your vote, otherwise it will be lost forever!…

  25. 2020 is either going to go two ways, It's either going to be the populist rebound of American geopolitics that's going to move America further away from the right wing framing it's trapped in or it will be the year an entire generation becomes disenfranchised with the system and give up on voting because the status quo will have officially solidified that it will go against the will of the American people and will go so far as to have people killed in the case of Epstein or even snubbing primary challengers on both sides of the aisle suchas these fellows or earlier this year Tulsi Gabbard to prevent change or exposure to their darkest corruptions.

  26. 36% of the delusional trumplers are going down. just like the hitler supporters. Vote blue no matter who. flush the humongous orange turd that is floating in the swamp called trump.

  27. I believe Rep Mark Sanford (R-SC) has intentions of running as an independent since SC cancelled primaries. He's always been critical of Trump's economic incompentence. Hopefully he can pull a few votes from Trump.

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