State of Surveillance – How Governments are Using Social Media for Worse

10 underhanded ways government’s use the modern media. 10 Russia at its wiki entries related to MH 17 the day after mh17 went down a section of the Russian Wikipedia article about the incident was changed to directly implicate the Ukrainian military offences was changed to read the plane was shot down by Ukrainian soldiers luckily is a twitter bot established specifically to track wikipedia at it’s made from Russian government IPS 9 China’s 50 cent party in 2014 the 50 cent party were suspected to be behind a Twitter campaign that presented an overly positive version of people’s lives in Tibet Twitter profiles of handsome foreigners shared links to videos and articles exploring to Ben’s perfect life under Chinese rule the catch these Twitter accounts were fake their profile pictures were photos of celebrities and they linked almost exclusively to Chinese propaganda sites while the connection between these profiles and the 50-cent party was never definitively established observers like Alistair Korea Free Tibet name these hired lurkers as the most likely culprits 8 Yanukovych government sent threatening texts to protesters on January 16 2014 in a misguided attempt to control the situation yanou kovitch enacted anti-protest laws that limited freedom of speech and assembly the media and protesters dubbed the dictatorship laws and people took to the streets in defiance when they did they received the following message on their cell phones few subscriber you are registered as a participant in a mass riot according to three mobile network operators the government used a pirate cell phone tower to push the messages out to their subscribers seven US military’s persona management program in 2011 it was revealed that the US military was working on a persona management program which would allow them to shape online conversations by using special software each u.s. operator could control up to 10 sock puppets fake online identities with rich histories and backgrounds these personas could then publish blog posts and leave comments and chat rooms and online forums but spokesman for United States Central Command said this technology would not be used on English language forms because of legal issues using fake identities it would see is only legal when foreign audiences are involved as such interventions would happen in Arabic 6 the ISIS Android app the f was called dawn and was from it has a way to keep abreast of all Isis developments so what happened to those who are okay with an evil militant group gaining access to the personal information stone would turn its host phone into a sort of Twitter zombie the content of kelis was determined by Isis operatives and were usually accompany an offensive operation by the group at one point the app posted as many as 40,000 tweets in a single day five Israel paid students for pro-government messages on social media in august 2013 Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office announced an upcoming initiative to get the country students involved in generating pro-israel messages on social media the deal was pretty straightforward the government would offer students University scholarships in return these students were expected to advance the country’s viewpoints online in 2014 a group of four hundred students launched an Israel under fire project their aim was to promote the Israeli side of the picture in the bloody Gaza conflict and to counter what they perceived as Hamas propaganda the students had people translating Hebrew messages into 30 languages a graphics team working on shareable charts and images and even a video editing Department despite their volunteer status the students did get official endorsement from the government which even paid to promote some of their posts on Twitter for Saudi Arabia suspected of using spyware Saudi Arabia’s government may be infecting the smartphone’s of its citizens with a malicious app disguised as a legitimate Android news app called a tease today this impostor app gives its creators access to a wealth of information about the smartphone user this includes any store emails texts text messages contacts call history and even files from social media apps and popular mobile applications like viber and whatsapp as if that wasn’t enough it also allows a remote operator to control the phone’s camera and microphone to take pictures and record conversations three bryn 77th Brigade expected to start work in April 2015 1,500 members of the newly created 77th Brigade will be responsible for controlling the narrative in all major interactive media it appears that the 77th brigade won’t be hiding behind any fake identities though instead these soldiers recruited from the British Army will disseminate information via Facebook Twitter smartphones and other media to contract receive threats from aggressive disinformation campaign they already have a nickname Chindits named after British commandos serving in Burma during World War two to China’s smartphone app that spies on protesters the Occupy central movement started in late 2014 as a response to China’s decision to reform the electoral system in Hong Kong the Chinese government has allegedly used a smartphone app to spy on the protesters to add insult to injury the f / tended to have been developed by occupied central protesters themselves processors would receive whatsapp messages that read check out this Android app designed by code for HK for the coordination of Occupy central once downloaded it gains access to the owners phone book browsing history location and so on 1 the Kremlin troll army the most famous of these troll farms is located in the village of Olguin Oh close to st. Petersburg that’s why the pro-kremlin commenters are often called olgin see they tend to have very targeted job assignments usually focusing on specific blogs or opposition figures opposition leaders were compared to Hitler and the US was called Russia’s worst enemy since then his trolling enterprise has only been ramped up further reaching a budget of nearly 10 million dollars in 2014 some websites covering the russia-ukraine conflict like The Guardian appeared to have it particularly badly hit the comments section rendered effectively meaningless by an avalanche of pro-kremlin posts thanks for watching please like comment and subscribe for more videos

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