State & Local Governments Raise Minimum Wage

what are the big winners from
yesterday’s election the minimum wage interesting so back in %uh 2012 just to give you
some background here voters approved a minimum wage increase in Albuquerque New Mexico San
Jose Calif Long Beach and that’s it just those
three places and supporters are currently pushing for higher wages
and Alaska Idaho Illinois Maryland Massachusetts Minnesota and South Dakota either through ballot measures for by
pressuring lawmakers but yesterday it was up for a vote in ballot initiatives in both New Jersey
and a small town in Washington State called
SeaTac so the overall results in Jersey the measure passed with over sixty
percent of the vote that’s on dominant victory so the minimum wage
will now be eight dollars and twenty five cents as
opposed to what it was before seven dollars and twenty five cents which is
the federal minimum wage and they’re also gonna tied to inflation
from here on out so it will continue to rise with time as
inflation goes up so in SeaTac they have much more
ambitious goal and the final result aren’t in yet but
it is looking good overall and their proposal was to raise the minimum wage to fifteen
dollars in our and it would affect I believe over
6,000 people that work and a an airport in SeaTac so that would be tremendous now keep in mind if the minimum wage simply
kept up with inflation since the 1960s so now like an actual
increase just if we had chain it to inflation back in the
nineteen sixties want to be today ten dollars an hour so we have a lot of catching up to do we
have fallen behind big time on this issue but I love this story because it shows
you that the less corrupt local and state
politicians aren’t just sitting around waiting for
the more corrupt federal politicians to take action a lot of them on their
own are saying yeah was actually trying to get this
done and I give them all the credit in the world for that so some more factual a minimum wage but
what a poll say on this issue with the american people think well according to Gallup 71 percent say
raise it again that’s an overwhelming majority on
any issue but the National Employment Law Project
had a poll in their poll they said eighty percent
eighty percent say raise it a Pew poll 71 percent said a raise it but when it comes to when you break it
down by political affiliation ninety-four percent of the Liberals say
raise the minimum wage seventy-five percent of moderates say
raise it even 54 percent ok conservatives say a raise it

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  1. FIRST.

    Also, this is great news.

    ALSO, can you please upload your videos in STEREO please?  I can STILL only hear your lovely progressive voice in only ONE speaker.  It's 2013 Kyle.  You got 1080p correct this time, but you really need to work on the audio.

  2. 8 DOLLARS AN HOUR???  Are you kidding? 15$ an hour is more like it, it'll bring your workers in par to other countries namely Australia and Switzerland to name a couple

  3. Even though I do not agree with this, I say bravo to them. Let the areas that want to increase their minimum wage do it. Sucks for the businesses and workers who would have to close down because of this law. Yay for mob rule, err I meant democracy 🙂

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