STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT 2 Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 - Iden - Campaign Mission 1 (BF2 Battlefront II)

solid welcome you guys is something that I've been man I've been willing to play this for months now Star Wars Battlefront 2 is finally out I guess the trials out you haven't liked the early access and everything but I was gonna play the story campaign for you guys the first game didn't have one so it's really cool that we have a chance to play this so I'm hoping this video just absolutely goes nuts I'll upload everything that is available as quick as I can if so so hopefully we can bring 50,000 likes we broke over a hundred on Call of Duty in just a few days so give it away two copies one for ps4 one for Xbox one if you want a chance to win this you to like the video or leave a comment of when you found my channel and I'll announce the winners over on Twitter and a few days so much love to all of you you're the best audience ever I'm just I'm so antsy I'm about to just jump into this and see what happens here we go boys captain she's highly-trained deception infiltration extraction she's Special Forces I didn't versio inferno squad commander versio you must be important look at me so let's talk facts that's what I'm here for you have the activation code I've got the ability to help you out just give me the code you know we can really use someone like you just help me you know help you it's that easy I'm gonna get what I want eventually my best technicians are slicing into your droid right now take out my offer all I want is the code the Empire's time has come you don't have to go down with it you're right the Empire's time has come VZ six two six six six nine ten tactical droid your will more advanced in the ID nine slicing into you is not easy wish I could but we don't have the droids access code the captain's working on that in the detention center destroy Staters to try the memory core out of it's shell all that was kind of cruel arrest alright locate the commander soon we got over here so droid shock is uh Lebanese targets an electro fraud alright let's check this one out of it here ladies graphics are insane I'm so glad this game has a story campaign like the first game didn't and I like I was like man it would be perfect so Oh guys check it out that is amazing I've been scanning each of these I don't know like I guess I don't have to get anything for it or what but figured I might as well write alright so we're gonna be going through the ventilation area so we're gonna go up top all rights get out of here well say if this video does well definitely expect a lot of these videos quickly now I don't know how long you can play the trial for it's like a 10 it's like a 10 hour ordeal I think but it's the full game unless it's gonna be like battlefield where it cuts you off at a certain point I plan on going is uh much I guess as far as I can Oh take it easy this is a really fun mission so far hold on let me just zap this guy all right stealth meter growing awareness all right when it flashes they enter the alert how do they not hear me another guy down here I don't I'm good I'm gonna go this way oh man take it easy whoa let's get out of here that was [Applause] I'll look at all these enemies oh my god the activate walks down I don't even read our back this the only one okay just one person right here I have it go all right so far so good guy it's time oh just take it easy our guys had to go under this right on time let's go I'm moving to the communication center tell me that once I've located and destroyed the stolen Imperial message I will signal for extraction all right here we go guys and the combats really good so far – this is my first time seeing anything dealing with this story alright droid shocks please send up all that sick [Applause] [Applause] we need to keep it that way okay third person first person oh man I don't know what's gonna like better Kara I kind of want to go with a third person just a little bit oh they're gonna get spotted hi it's fine I think there's just one more person in here alright check it out here we go wait for it that was meant I'm gonna tell you right now the combat the way it handles everything is just extremely well done it's gonna be something in here we can use probably I'll see just get a little milestone thing for that alright interesting I woke up today and I did not expect to be playing this game and I'm just so stoked right now to be doing this you know the dynamic duo all right I would shock him button sissies just run up and take him down if I could actually get to him you know that's the only difference purge complete there's nothing for the rebels to learn age tech it's time beginning preparations on sukira blast reach the extraction [Applause] Oh Jimmy bet our good sprint let's take out some I kind of like the first-person part of it you know it's just like the first game really but the third person's a nice touch oh here we go [Applause] all right door panels shoot the door okay uh yeah you get a shoot the little thing on the side right there walk them off basically all I got the charge that late dear Dorothy three sick a reload like all right hey let's see what happens here let's go look at the range on that that is amazing I really like this campaign so far they just I don't know they kind of knocked it out of the park but everything are here we go boys well that was kind of it's all the big guy so the headshot school it's like take down all right slice [Applause] that everyone oh no you take oh come on man all their covered from both sides let's get out of here I miss a complete prepare for extraction commander on deck Paddy's zero casualties looks like you're still second in command oh I'm patient I can wait agent Miko those jump calculations were perfect thank you ma'am the landing wasn't too rough Vint they're worse remember the job s incursion still haunts my dreams contact the Admiral yes commander and the message the fleet location is still safe today the rebellion dies Fiat giving firing squad now come on to versio report we have eyes on a rebel recovery team Admiral but we're too late to capture the saboteurs what's the status of the dead stars shield generator worse than expected there's no way to repair or reactivate that our battle station is vulnerable eliminate the rebels have returned to the Corvis the Emperor's plan must not fail yes sir agent hath with me agent Miko cover us from here one target dead ahead understood come on I'll check this out we got a new loadout to impact grenades all right Vanguard killstreaks shock shows the same abilities in this atom or two are we gonna supply crate excess all right what do we got equip card so we got the killstreak Vanguard for this one the ability details okay I like that dude this area looks amazing doesn't it all right so we got I don't know if they're like snipers or what oh this is gonna be nuts ah ah I don't know if it's worth that they even really be stealthy with this one there take that alright guys it's acute this bunker looks like we got a another weapon there I'm gonna stick with this one because I like this and so much I'd scan the area take that Google that was sick get ahead all right note to self do not stand in the fire ah this one's a lot that was like kind of a weird quickscope I just did this [Applause] take out everyone at this point there's so many enemies that you can by a regroup time okay let's copy over them those rebel come on it's must already moved on we should do we're near platform 4 is there a shuttle there no TIE fighters only even better we should move carefully we don't know how many rebels are out here and I will deal with them the same as the rest today we wipe out that scum once and for all look alive agents we can grieve later right now we need to move we need to reach platform for and secure those Tie Fighters that's our only way back to the corpus Asian Miko scout ahead yes come on agent half contact you mr. aider I need to speak with the Admiral door what's the situation yes sir we'll contact you I don't understand how this happened we paid the price heads up come on down rebel Patrol headed your way Thank You agent Miko we'll take care of a knit in agent I think that one of the things I was gonna do for this video I kind of want to make this video a little bit longer than my usual stuff or at least try to summon show you as much as uh I guess first few missions as I can probably gonna play up into the point where it's gonna stop the trial but I guess in the game does officially does like have a full release I'll be able to show you the rest of the story and everything but I figured I could start it early mine as well right are we good oh wait we get this right here all right new abilities on my disruption modified diffusion device which creates a burst of ionized energy that overheats enemy weapons diffuses explosives and temporary disables turrets that is nice all right let's equip it let me see what it looks like when you use the ability oh it's just like a little blast radius okay what is this there's weapons everywhere man equip the launcher okay kind of get a good feel for it right now this way I'll scan the area the way it plays it kinda reminds me of Mass Effect a little bit all the different abilities and everything I don't know the radius of this thing we have to help I thought I'd honestly cleared out a ton of enemies with that one grenade launcher shot but I don't know if that's been like a combination to them shooting us or what oh yeah just hug them down and we'll go back to my I feel like the basic weapons you have the beginning is still like to one of the best you know see how far this thing reaches I don't think it's gonna reach across the area oh it does okay general okay we got like one more down here on the left they're going to the right side now here we go I reached platform for let's go we won't be here much longer come on you see that oh man that's sick stabilux spectacular like right now I'm playing on the Xbox 1x I just I don't know that's what I was able to get the EA access thing for but it's like it's insane like how good it looks all right officers officers make their allies more effective and can deploy defensive turrets prior towards enemy officers when possible so that ability I have one right there pretty sure that was the officer right better get a little bit closer for that back to work I think get the area oh we got turrets down there too i cured a monster did a lot of damage I didn't think it was gonna act I work really well on our way oh my god our rocket launcher so you get like one heavy weapon on the bottom essentially I don't think I need all this power but I'll take it looks like you're ready for it trooper we're gonna take back that platform and evacuate this mood and then we're gonna make the rebellion pay threat analysis oh man I like this this is about the everyone's kind of waiting for impacts could I technically just shoot a rocket like right here that takes care of that I guess I got to do damage over time adjusting oh yeah I got to be careful otherwise I'm gonna get wreck check out my health bar going down right now but it's good at me well I would if I'd saved my rocket earlier all right gotta wait for it to come back good show I don't think that Regis are we good I'm gonna do this again wait for it see I bet the multiplayer for this game is gonna be really good too I have it I have it like I did you to play the beta when it came out I don't really get a chance to do so really awesome to be able to play the campaign for you guys like this it's not the rocket launcher I think all right who we missing oh wow they're all the way back up in here what are they doing take that the platform is our get to the lip maybe those come on Thanks often platform enemy forces of sabotaging our ships and preventing an escape take them down and secure the TIE fighter for our escape suppressant extract I don't know which I like better first person or third person I mister reload she was too busy kinda you know figured out which one I like better all right just take it easy I look alike this gun I mean it just have some nice rage I don't really feel like I need it now we're back now back in business how do they dine here is cause we ran all the way over there oh man hold on that I'm trying to get a sort of impacted like the middle of them but they didn't work out the way I planned get ahead don't fight our secured you up there agent alright here we go guys oh this is gonna be fun [Applause] she Admiral created Inferno so something like this wouldn't happen again I know hard to believe this is all this bet this efficient definitely has it all looks like tried to make them afraid we only made them angry I've got to change my controls with a quick art options controls flight advert there it is oh my god [Applause] [Applause] do this I mean this these graphics are absolutely beautiful we have a problem the Corvis was damaged by the death star explosion engines are down but the crew is making repairs I'm a citizen is absolutely beautiful and this little section is there's so much stuff on the screen right now you know check out all the different things we have [Applause] all men check out these abilities though we're gonna dodge stuff look guys let's get speed up a little bit my controls are very smooth to the closet so whoa I gotta be careful that's just so much to hit you see the down spike I destroy y-wing bomber squad squadrons all right one down all right guys still kind of getting used to the controls and everything I got to get out of spot not a good area to be in right now I might get the middle of everything all right come on move stuff out of here for a second alright so that little barrage of fun job site is big it doesn't st. amount of damage you gotta be really close to let me keep it going I bet the iodine if there's an online multi-player for this type of combat I can't wait to play it because this is like Bar None the best in the game so far all right other one down let's keep it going another one down we got is this the last kiss get me the last one perfect timing they didn't become dead to the garbage I'm right behind you order your ship to retreat and join me on the other Cerreta let's ride orders commander – – come on you wish to see me sir approach the impress dead so what happens now we're Italian commander the Empire will assault the very foundation of the rebels pathetic belief in themselves tell me I mean what is the source of their belief help correct this messengers presence is a great honour one I choose to share with my daughter etna versa operation cinder beast begin at once resistance rebellion defiance these are concepts that cannot be allowed to persist you have had one of many tools by which these ideas shall be burned with he might messenger you through your time operation centers the last command of our Emperor and the first step in securing our future Inferno is crucial to its success what's our charges you are not verified that information can wait for now you're our next assignments they are unusual but these are unusual times Oh commander do what you do best in preparation for operations cinder we've been ordered to the Fond or shipyards agent asked you and I will retrieve experimental satellites for the Star Destroyer dauntless and oversee security from off race agent Miko you have the corpus come on we secure the satellites good work agent ma freighters inform the Admiral that operation syndicate proceed as planned alright guys I wanted to say thank you for watching the first part of this series if you want part two quickly just destroy that like button and as always I love you all thanks for watching and I'll catch you very soon take it easy guys

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  1. Here it is guys! Been looking forward to this game for a long time now so I appreciate all the support you drop. Hope we can top 50k likes on this video <3

  2. Amazing how Realistic they made the star-wars games look! Part I was Awsome also flying through the canyons with a Starfighter is my idea of a great time. About to start part II.

  3. Empire: Builds a battle station capable of destroying an entire fucking planet.
    Rebels: Destroy the planet destroying battle station.
    Empire: "These Rebels are showing their true face with all this destruction!"

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