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Sound of Social Justice Simon Garfunkel Parody Cover Song (REUPLOAD)

Sound of Social Justice   Simon Garfunkel Parody Cover Song (REUPLOAD)

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. Vet of the 1st Kekistani Fleet here. I was On the battleship, KSS IDONTCAREYOUNAMETHEDAMNTHING We took the first hit of the war. but we gave as good as we got. And this song brings a tear to my eye.

  2. one thing, the hammer and sickle is more representative of Stalinism rather then just socialism as a whole, there are other type of socialism then Stalinism, stalinism is a small minority in Marxism and most socialists look down upon Stalinism due to the fact that Stalin was an asshat, some types of socialism that really fucking hate Stalinism are both revolutionary and democratic democratic socialists and trots due to the icepick thing but idk call me a libtard commie if you want p.s I’m a Trotskyist btw

  3. I have an idea…

    Establish a regime

    Build camps in the wilderness…

    Round up sjws…

    Enact a global-holocaust


  4. Republic of Kekistan standing strong in the face of the normie scum! Shadilay, bruddas!


  5. Let Kekistan show the way to peace and prosperity or war and devastation or perhaps the holy and true middle way.

  6. Seems that Youtube deleted the whole channel.
    Does the original creator have a Bitchute or something?

  7. From the future:

    2019 started in a high note, with the collapse of the commie cult. The pushback effect seems to be at warp speed and the democrats are so desunited that it seems like they'll manage to lose once again in 2020

  8. If this is hate speech then God is a racist sexist nazi. Glad to see this is back on the tube
    ayy lmao

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