Some Republicans Using Russian Talking Points On Ukraine To Cover For Trump | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

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  1. When i was a child i had visions of something so inane, i assumed they where because of my head trauma, and impossible . Yet here they are being played out.

  2. My kids live in the South…I'm glad I don't have to try to explain the behavior of some of their family members. My kids can interpret hate,they're pretty smart. The 18 + year olds hate the GOP and they hate Christianity,and football….i've done my kids well.

  3. Right-wing conservatives shouldn't and don't have to like democrats and they don't have to be friends with them. But if they collaborate with a foreign power then the line is crossed. Anyone who pacts with a foreign government against his fellow citizens in order to get power is a traitor.

  4. Sen. Kennedy just another hillbilly that is so stupid.
    He should stick to running a moonshine operation.
    Trump and the GOP continue to carry water for Putin.

  5. The coward trump and his Republican stooges are giving aid and comfort to the enemy by spreading Putin's propaganda. Barr and the Justice Dept is acting more like trump's Gestapo investigating political opponents.
    Is this what our Republic has come to? Not about laws, but which party has the majority?
    These are sad and dangerous times for our country. It is time to call your Congressman and remind them of the oath they took to protect the Constitution, time for them to put country before party, time to stand up and be an American.

  6. This horrible, delusional, old lady, so-called Senator Kennedy, needs to be removed from office!! She, much like Miss Lindsey, is not doing her job and is not doing our country any good!!

  7. —-> Doesn't this make Republicans part of an election campaign Conspiracy? Shouldn't Trump know better already?
    Google: Mueller documents show Manafort pushed Ukraine conspiracy theory (November 3, 2019, theguardian)
    Trump, Giuliani, and Manafort: The Ukraine Scheme

  8. No turmp dosent need to cover up eanything msn is liyeing to everybody again the democrats cnn and msn are useing russia talking ponts ok for instance it is Joe Biden and is son and that where involved in criminal activity in Ukraine not turmp why aren't democrats saying ok turmp investigate this because we democrats have done nothing wrong it would make democrats look good if turmp came up with nothing but democrats aren't saying are thay because thay are covering up for democrats criminals if democrats got nothing to worry about let turmp investigate turmp let democrats investigate him in the Russia collusion hoax check mate turmp 2020baby

  9. Man is the Republican party working towards becoming a "Communist" party!
    Things are sure looking like it more and more every day. Russians are loving it!!!

  10. Nothing stands in the way of dishonesty for bloated old Kennedy to go rogue and disgrace himself for posterity. He smells of Trump rot like Rudy and the rest.

  11. Are all these old ignorant Republicans not even smart enough to learn from history? Every single person that has ever connected themselves to Trump, and I mean in at least the last 40-45 years has looked back, and in retrospect wish they had never met him. That is a fact, and now these idiots are also going to go down with him. He is probably one of the biggest screw-ups in the history of the country.

  12. In addition to Senator Richard Shelby of Alabama, the following members of Congress (all Republican) went to Russia for the 4th of July trip:
    Sen. Steve Daines (R-Mont.), Sen. John Hoeven (R-N.D.), Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.), Sen. Jerry Moran (R-Kan.), Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.), and Rep. Kay Granger (R-Texas).

  13. John Kennedy really needs to see a dentist and get a pair of dentures that actually fit his mouth. He talks like an old woman.

  14. you think John Kennedy that the public in the voters are going to let you allow to just apologize and not be sincere and then turn around and spread fake news again

  15. the only possible reason is that Trump gets him in a room by himself and literally threaten their life with his fist over their face. (JUST LIKE ALL BULLIES DO) Jim Jordan had a cut over his left eye.Mitch McConnell had a black and blue right side of his eye. I'm talking in the last two weeks here 💯😎 TURE

  16. Congress has to have bonafide proof when they come in for articles of impeachment. Of a pattern of criminal behavior since 2016 to now 💯 Republicans want to play hardball! Congress needs to arrest the next senator or government worker that refuses to come before Congress to answer a congressional subpoena💯😠😎

  17. Let’s see: support Russia, or open borders, welfare for illegals, drag kids, gender pseudoscience, and climate change scams? Easy! RUSSIA!!

  18. These republicans seems to be reliable assets for Russian desinformation and conspiracy theories, that Russia is spreading to advance their agenda!!

  19. The Mueller Report and Impeachment Inquiry are the only "active proceedings" protecting the U.S. from bad actors such as: Putin, MBS, Kim John Ung, etc. —- while the Republicans focus on Bidens, Clintons, etc.

  20. Joe Biden is now issuing threats against people who are looking to investigate him and his son. This is obstruction of justice, witness intimidation, terroristic threats, etc.

  21. Why do libs care that about military aid going to neo nazi militia Azov Battalion in Ukraine? Are libs friendly to Nazis now?!

  22. Liberals are trying to impeach Trump for holding up aid to Neo Nazi Azov Battalion who are responsible for a rash of antisemitic attacks in Ukraine. lol.

  23. Has anyone drawn a parallel between the Mueller Report and the current "I know the allegations are true, but it's not Impeachable" ?

    Mueller said he found multiple instances of wrongdoing but apparently he thought they weren't serious enough to charge.

    I know Mueller was relying on the congress to oversee the Executive Branch and no one could predict Barr's shocking toadyism, but in the long run, Robert Mueller has indeed been a lifelong Republican, and he paved the way for the blinders currently worn by those on the Right. Presidential misconduct on either side of the aisle must be stomped-upon early and often. Incrementalism can be good when implementing huge positive changes in social policy, but when left unaddressed in allowable Presidential malfeasance, we are paving the road to Despotism.

  24. Kennedy speaking for trump who is speaking for putin. And trump supporters keep on supporting trump. How unpatriotic can they be? Putin must be laughing his socks off every day when he sees trump saying things to American public that takes the blame off Russia for interfering in 2016 election.

  25. Kennedy. Weak. A con. A crook. A bigot. A dope. A big fat bag of zero. Along with every other Republican at this point. Not one human in the bunch. The cult of the orange man they´re all terrified of. Losers.

  26. Yes John Kennedy, senator now holds the seat of Louisiana. IT'S DEFINITELY NOT RELATED TO ROBERT KENNEDY FORMER PRESIDENT KENNEDY ❤️💙😎

  27. Blaming Ukraine serves RUSSIA–all these kremlin cronies are doing the work for the Russians to destroy Ukraine so they can dominate it again!  The Trumpetts think they can control him–HOW CAN THEY WHEN TRUMP CAN'T CONTROL HIMSELF!  Give Pence one year!  Impeach and find Trump guilty and allow Pence to take reign for one year until the election.

  28. Granpa Muenster keeps forgetting his dentures. He needs to keep them in his mouth, without them he rambles and spits all these lies.

  29. it was putin to help trump win against Hilary Clinton' all pre arranged by trump before elections all trumps visits pre elections under false pretenses for fake plans to build trump hotel in Moscow

  30. Andrea Chalupa, a DNC operative, and CIA asset just like her sister and her podcast cohost, and “journalist” Sarah Kendzior who worked for CIA cutout Freedom House, worked with the Ukranian embassy to manufacture dirt on Trump, and Manafort. MSNBC can only lie and gaslight to cover this easily proven fact.

  31. When MSNBC isn’t covering for Bidens easily demonstrated corruption, and pay to play scheme involving his son Hunter, they’re covering for DNC operatives that worked with Ukraine to interfere in the 2016 election.

  32. How much of Hunters 83k per month did Daddy Joe get? You know he got a piece. Where is that money now? Caymans? Cook Islands? Johannesburg?

  33. This goes the way of Pizzagate. By the way Q-anon hangs out with the illuminati. Commonsense is not so common. 40% of the electorate supports this bull$hit. Covfefe!!!
    So what if the Russians choose another candidate this time you stupid republicans. Just saying…

  34. Trump is a plague on this land and his supporters are infected zombies. 2020 is the chance for Americans to change the world forever. Can "Dumb Americans" do the right thing?

  35. This is who Democrats want to give military aid to in Ukraine:

  36. Nunes is not so much a "defender of trump" as a "defender of Putin." He needs to be seriously investigated by real FBI agents (not trump/Barr stooges.)

  37. Wow russians have U.S. reps by their prostate! Maybe they like the action! Muppets really love fists way up their Arses! Specially if there's money involved!

  38. He does NOT deserve his Kennedy name!!!! Intelligence officials confirmed that Russia meddled in US elections yet he still believes the LIES instilled in tRumputin's brain!!!!!

  39. Civil war draw's closer by the day. The military will have to remove the ttrump's and pence. This is a farce and Putin is all mighty god now.

  40. yeah but it took John Kennedy senator of Louisiana this long from 2016 to figure out that Russia was the one that hacked DNC 😱😜 LIAR WE DON'T BELIEVE SENATOR 💯😎 you also need to get up to speed, or get out governments too much for you now senator

  41. Raking member Nunez is just shown us his ability to actually keep us safe. He's head of the intelligence investigative committee. ANY LET VICTOR SHOKAN CON HIM 💯😎

  42. Putin gave Trump his word that Russia did not interfere in the 2016 election, and Trump believed him. That’s a first because Trump seems to think that everyone is pretty much lying all the time. Much like himself.

    Conspiracy theories are usually total nonsense. But I am starting to believe that there is much, much more to Trump/Putin than meets the eye. Putin is so smart and ruthless that it is frightening that he and Trump have met one-on-one for extended periods.

  43. The long con: "Peddle Ukraine responsibility for 2016 election interference. Get ridiculously stupid people to believe and repeat it (Republican congress and Trump cultists). When the con is set, I can invade and take over Ukraine without consequences. Trump will just say: Well, they hacked us. They deserve it." – Valdimir Putin

  44. Can you imagine listening to Kennedy speak every day? I had to mute the volume on my computer in less than a minute. His grating voice is like fingernails scratching on a chalkboard!

  45. Think about folks, these are all old white guys that lived back in the dinosaur era, soooooooooo they needed someone like trump to make the south rise again, and we’re living in a divided country because of that, so forget all this politics it’s all about the white party 💩💩💩💩💩🚽🚽🧻🧻🧻🧻🚽🚽🧻💩💩💩💩💩💩

  46. Kleptocrats banning together to create a global oligarchy.
    Globalism to the nth degree.
    People are dumb to not see it. Praise the crooks. LoL

  47. It's very revealing the GOP is spreading Russian propaganda and it helps them politically. So the question who Russian was working for is answered. And why is Kennedy a senator? How ignorant do you have to be to vote for Kennedy? All you have to do is listen to him speak and you should automatically vote for his opponent. He's a moron and likely a criminal. Louisiana is the most corrupt state in the union. That's an objective fact of life. And Kennedy is part of the problem. A handful of the least educated states have the opportunity to point the direction of this country. So a minority of the population get to determine the direction of the country. How is that possible? American is a broken democracy. And had been for a while now. The 2016 election was just the final straw. The Democrats get my vote but I'm sick of watching them run corporate candidates and selling out the voters. They are however much better than the GOP. The GOP is nothing but corrupt rich corporate criminals and Russian whores.

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