‘Solemn,’ ‘sad’ and ‘serious’: Pelosi’s go-to lines on impeachment inquiry

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  1. Imagine being so weak and pathetic that Nancy pelosi is your hero. Or little marxist stooge steven Colbert for that matter.

  2. She is so fake, her time is coming, and at the end a lake of fire awaits her, and her followers. So sad, the way demons are possessing these body's..

  3. Pelosi, Schifty and fellow Dems ship will sink:

    We have now heard thst the first whistleblower, even before being exposed, was a known Biden staffer and worked as an Obama holdover, and now we know worked closely in in the NSC with a former Hillary staffer, flew over to Ukraine with Biden, wrote an anti-Trump speech for Susan Rice, and met with Schifty before releasing the whistleblower complaint. Schifty himself admitted lying about not meeting this whistleblower on MSNBC via Sam Stein.

    That complaint looked like it was written by lawyers and for lawyers (as we can see from meeting with Schifty), is riddled with errors and inconsistencies, and is full of hearsay. Not reliable.

    The 2nd whistleblower is said to have 1st hand information but the 1st whistleblower provided that 2nd hand.

    Then comes Sondland and Taylor (who was a staffer for Obama and another Dem) as witnesses who contradict each other. Then Vindman comes as a witness, but he apparently broke the law by talking about the phone call to others and he along with Taylor is tied to Democrats.

    Then comes Morrison as a witness before Schifty who torpedoed everything that Sondland and Taylor said. Yet the Washington Post has lied saying Morrison corroborates what Taylor said.

  4. Thankyou Nancy Pelosi for being brave enough to fight back against those trying to destroy our constitution & democratic rights !!

  5. You democrats are evil, all you do is try to destroy AMERICA we the people will stand up against this evil, and start our own MILITARY, and protect DEMOCRACY

  6. Pelosi is a disgrace to her family and this country. Words are not actions. Nancy you are a corrupt scammer living fat off of your neighbor's taxes. What have you done except degrade our county and our economy!

  7. WTF, a dictator from our dictatorship branch of government conducting a coup against the President of the United States has the nerve to appear on a part of MSM under her control to rub it in dumb assed democrats supporters faces and they cheered. TOTALLY BRAINWASHED.

  8. We are truly experiencing the effects of the "Last Days". "Good" is now viewed as Bad and Bad is now viewed as Good. However, truth will always prevail.
    May God bless and watch over Speaker Pelosi and those who are truly sincere in doing what is right. And may all THOSE who wish harm upon them; may that which they wish or say about them, God turns it from them and places it upon them. Amen

  9. Her state is burning. Why isn't she there helping out? Maxine Water. Adam Schiff. They are all California representatives but none are in the state that elected them while their homes and future burn. They love Satan.

  10. Republicans attacked the process bc they can’t defend against the evidence. They got the process they wanted and still voted against it and complained afterward.

    Total hypocrites.

    A crime doesn’t need to be made for the president to be impeached. -Lindsay “The Flip Flop” Graham

  11. deluded deranged corrupt and polluted democrat disgrace on display as the abomination to democracy. this is a good scene here because it represents the revoked and unaccepted clinton scam excuses trying to market their ford flopped demands through their consensus confidence, i.e. stephanies expectations.

  12. The Democrats are going to keep screwing this country and Trump will have no alternative but to declare martial law and dissolve Congress. I can't wait.

  13. That is exactly what she wants is to Impeach our President!
    It's all about Money And Power! President Trump has money and power…
    But the President Isn't part of the "click" in Washington and never will be…
    Why… he has is own money and always has. He doesn't HAVE TO STEAL THE AMERICAN'S

  14. She prays to Molech, not YHVH., Make no mistake God is not mocked and nevous nancy takes his Holy name in vain and he will repay soon! Repent or perish, The time is at hand!

  15. Do you really pray Ms Pelosi…then take some wisdom from the words you have been hearing. First truly educate yourself. When you don't know the facts of the case it makes your party weak….not to mention stupid. You are looking for a excuse to impeach….you don't have one but you are gonna do it anyway……by the by….your fired. You work for the American people not your party…..start acting like it but either way the dems lost anything close to their party for the 2020 election. They can all thank you.

  16. Aw, quit your whining and let Trump go to the Congress to testify in public. He can explain the whole thing to the people that don't have brains as big, no huge, no supersized as his. That should fix the problem for good. And, maybe have him bring in Giuliani to testify also. May as well add in a bit of additional entertainment value bang for our bucks. Americans love a good reality TV show. Got me popcorn ready.

  17. Pelosi is a liar…the President did nothing! What we now know is that Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff and Nadler need to be impeached, not Trump! In my 70 years I have never witnessed such a terrible, corrupt group of idiots! Term limits right now. And send these unbelievable, unqualified, liars back to where they came from!

  18. It's funny how colbert supports this immense waste of taxpayer dollars for an unsuccessful impeachment. Colbert and pelosi are shills.

  19. We definitely need to pray for Nancy Pelosi..she probably prayed to devil for United States ..she is mental illness

  20. Just one question: Is she trying to impeach Trump or Bush? I'm only asking because she kept mentioning Bush like he's the president right now.

  21. This patriot will be a hero in the history books. I saw her in Obama's inauguration in 09' and now look at her saving the Nation!

  22. Nasty pelosi has been on the attack of President Trump before you ever stepped foot in the office. Lying b** says she prays ? To who, MARY

  23. The Democrat party is the second coming of the Nazi party and Adam Schiff is the equivalent of Joseph Goebbels and Nancy Pelosi is the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler.

  24. So, what did the President do? I read the transcript. Whats the big deal? She said the President has done "Something". What is it?

  25. Oh good. Somebody call California and let them know I found her. While they are in in FLAMES she’s on TV attacking the president.

  26. Surprised she didn't burst into flames when she said pray. Anyone who can not see these devils manifesting have not received the gift of the holy spirit and the eyes to see and the ears to hear. We are witnessing the separation of the Tares from Wheat right in front of our eyes.

  27. I wonder whom she prays to. She's the one that wants to change our Constitution not Trump. Tell me please, She always says when he did ir or this and NEVER says what he's done wrong. This is the best President this Country has ever seen or will ever see again. I'm telling you, You people need to pay attention and listen to what they don't say. Try it as a challenge! See if you notice anything and be honest with yourself.

  28. If I were religious I would pray for her evil soul, oops democraps don't have soles , I see another civil war coming and once again it will be too free the slaves from democraps when will these slaves learn there lesson,

  29. 13. Illinois DEMOCRAT Rep. Luis Arroyo from Chicago West Side Arrested on Federal Bribery Charge to Illinois State Senator. 10/28/2019
    12. DEMOCRAT Mississippi Mayor ARRESTED, Faces 100 YEARS BEHIND BARS

    11. Rising Democrat Star ARRESTED, State Democrats SHOCKED

    10, CRYING Democrat Superintendent SENT TO PRISON Over Scheme that Cost Taxpayers $125 Million

    9. FBI Arrests Corrupt Democrat Georgia County Commissioner

    8. Something Strange About Obama Foundation's New Foreign Donors

    7. FBI RAIDS City Club as Obama Ally & Top State Democrat Under Investigation

    6. Democrat Official FREAKS OUT After Being FOUND GUILTY

    5. Top State Democrat ARRESTED as Trump Attorney ROUNDS UP Corrupt Politicians in Chicago

    4. CORRUPT OFFICIALS LEARN THEIR PUNISHMENT, Wanda Greene SENTENCED to 7 Years. Horrific abuse of office': Wanda Greene gets 7 years for wide-ranging corruption

    3. Corrupt Democrat Sheriff SENTENCED to 5 YEARS in PRISON

    2. FBI CHARGES Democrat Mayor After 'FIRST WAVE OF ARRESTS' for Corruption Investigation in Ohio

    1.Democrats PANIC as FBI CHARGES Lawmaker & Daughter, Something Strange Happening in Maryland?

  30. Perry Lutz says his struggle to survive as a small businessman became a lot harder after California voters reduced theft penalties 1 1/2 years ago.Anything below $950 keeps the crime a misdemeanor — and likely means the thieves face no pursuit and no punishment, say retailers and law enforcement officials. Large retailers including Safeway, Target, Rite Aid and CVS pharmacies say shoplifting increased at least 15 percent, and in some cases, doubled since voters approved Proposition 47 and ended the possibility of charging shoplifting as a felony with the potential for a prison sentence. Shoplifting rings generally recruit society’s most vulnerable — the homeless, low-end drug users, those living in the country illegally — to steal merchandise that can be sold for a discount on the streets or over the Internet, said Joseph LaRocca, a Los Angeles-based theft-prevention consultant and formerly the National Retail Federation’s vice president of loss prevention.

  31. Those old boney hands tell a story. She is the Grandmother of lies. God will vindicate all the wrong these politicians have done.

  32. So sick of this demigod. She has been nothing but trouble for America. A hope she is pummeled by Trump and finally gets the hell out of office. A low approval rating except in that little hell hole district she rules. Giving free syringes and places for homeless for votes. She is a Sham.

  33. Go home and clean up your district Pelosi, it's turned into a 3rd world environment and you've done nothing for Americans who elected you.


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