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defend your allegation I'm a white supremacist just try try do it what am i enabling because what I've talked about this evening isn't race or skin color football values and when the DBC did what you're attempting to do now as 1.3 million people seen in my youtube channel what what they did was try to conflate an admiration for American values for the first and second amendment for freedom democracy property rights capitalism they try to conflate that with race they try to say if you're proud of your country or you admire the values of another country that somehow makes you a racist it doesn't so I ask you one final time please justify your allegation that I'm a white supremacist hateful rhetoric you're not answering the question why supremacist hate me the daily stormer is the epicenter of white supremacy where they declared a holy war on me they said they would never read breitbart again until Breitbart fired me they said I was they said I was the it guy was their number-one enemy white supremacist an anti-semite hate me I prefer the expression race-mixing kike faggot but whatever so racists hate me they hate me of course they do so racist hate me but I'm a white supremacist you're just confusing me you're confusing me and I'm very easily confused because I'm a homosexual but should we give him another chance you want more chance okay all right okay one more one more try I believe in you I believe in you I know you can do it one more try justify your allegation I didn't ask you if I was enabling white supremacists which is just an equally idiotic allegation is not the one you made and asking you to justify your allegation that I'm a white supremacist please do so [Applause] alright I think we've had enough we've had enough fun at the expense of the disabled thank you very much I'm sorry you're so stupid thank you very much everybody it's a wonderful but let's be honest let's not try and do this this shell game here you're talking namely about white police officers you just said at least four or five times white kids are not as much in danger of black people so don't bring up the race issue and then say that I'm obfuscating it I'm not um it assumes hatred and it doesn't look at statistical realities and it is very dangerous to to preach this and to get young black people to believe it because it's not true it's less true than ever and hence you have a live the life of a black person but yet you saying that cocl t1 is no death experience that is no actually follow me you're not saying that you don't want to hear that we have experience with the soul areolar says the I'm not making it up Stephen Larry a little bit condescending so try to say you guys is making this stuff up I didn't say you're made of stuff up I said it wasn't correct I didn't say you're making this up everything or a slit you saying is incorrect means you making it up not true no no doesn't do you know what a lie is I think we all know it alive okay but do you know the difference between a lie and something being incorrect yeah a lie would be the difference of the intent I've not applied intent here the only person who is applied intent is you to officers I have said you are incorrect or that information is untrue I've not called you a liar I'm not insinuating any money actually I didn't know this is what I'm saying and talking down to me to say I'm making this stuff up I didn't say you're making stuff up I said it's incorrect is that fair you say it isn't correct yes it is correct but what I'm telling you is that we live in this stuff we see this stuff I grew up seeing this stuff we're not making it up or it's not incorrect this is the things that we've seen in our lives and we're talking about it and the problem is there are some people in this country don't want us to speak about a reality that's here the black man in black woman in America and I'm sorry if it doesn't make you feel comfortable well you know what if y'all like it let's fix the issue that's why you're making issue work that's less they're making me laughing about it is making it worse that your rhetoric panties are causing cancer you already like we're talking about cancer or you know AIDS or something like that constantly until you're making it worse because you keep talking about it no we know what is know and we spoke about it in Korean see if we spoke about it in an incorrect way for example if we told people you can cure AIDS by eating sea algae we'd be making it worse because that'd be incorrect information you saying the problem is officers of any color earth stripe are assaulting young black men because and you don't provide numbers or statistical realities you cover up information you don't address information when it changes it's not accurate and you are actually telling people to address a problem which isn't the right problem nor the right solution and it makes it worse this is the thing about the tracy morgan saying it's like that all thing I thought was bullshit and was to destroy Timor was an absolute ridiculous book but hang crazy Morgan is in some very hot water today for telling some very homophobic jokes at a show in Nashville last week first thing it says is gays need to be tougher about insignificant things like bullying and then he said my son talks to me in a gay voice I'll pull out a knife and stab him and I can't stand people who everything's funny then the shit comes around to them and then all of a sudden they see you know they stop saying it's jokes they say it's statements and I'm not saying cuz I wasn't there he can you got he got like try look you weren't there I wasn't there I just felt like he didn't get a chance to say he just immediately went into apology mode and then all of a sudden they're parading around like this trophy and this is the only thing I'll say you get to say whatever you want we all get here right absolutely but the second it comes out of our mouths it's no longer in our control about how it's supposed to be interpreted the person said it knows what they meant by it if you profit this in a fucked-up way ask them how we mess it first luxury as a comedian you don't get the luxury inside but I really look anyway I realize that but here's what a really restaurant is that the whole thing came off a one guy's blog everyone I thought my item about it the Tracy's enticing it no did the guy get it wrong no those who do know that because Tracy didn't say wait dude that's not exactly what I went whether he said something offensive or not I just thought it was fucked up that one guy went home like which I guess the greatest memory ever like a stenographer and typed it out and everybody's like that's what he said and that's what he meant because guy in seat number 5f said it and next thing you know he's going around got an apologize that kind of a scary thing as a comedian well I said when Tracy back like his show was crazy a show for you over the top I'll try remember what he was heckling I just remember cocksuckers so I think we talking about gay people here we go you know the fucking lesson here is the gay community is has a very strong activist community who when they hear shit against them they take it to the mat and guess what should happen if I don't agree with that guess what should happen that word it can mean other things it just can be ball breaking anytime you play squalane hockey the other day okay and this guy he knocks me down it felt stupid I got out the F he goes because you all right I go yeah yeah faggot like it was this oddly intimate moment he's gone are you okay and we're on the ice and I and made me uncomfortable by day faggot get away from me like why was it that faggot was the word that came to you when he was trying to help you these are the questions that they should ask rather than saying you said it you said it so it means this why did it comes because of the way I grew up because the way guys are you you're not supposed to be I fell down and you all pay I have a Liz Winstead story from when I was an open mic er but I'd like to share with you she's on stain she had a friend Janine DiTullio's a very funny comic from Boston they're all Palin around backstage this whole girls club she got onstage and she she said I'm hosting open mic night and when I'm here hosting hosting open mic night I've got rules she has a lift she's reading she decides that she's going to interrupt the standup comedians while they're on stage and stopped them from performing their jokes this guy Brian I forget his fucking name he was a guy who would struggle to keep it together on stage every time and he was a very gifted comic writer but a very uncomfortable performer so he goes on stage and he has this joke something about I always make sure I open up the car door for my hooker and Lizz Winstead interrupts stop stop stop sexism and he says and don't think he doesn't appreciate it which is his punchline okay because she's standing on stage right after he says that and she stopped him and he's so awkward he's got his eyes closed during his his fucking thing now we have this idea that before feminism came along in the 60s and 70s that domestic violence against women was completely socially acceptable now I don't understand how one can come to that conclusion when the President of the United States wanted to bring back corporal punishment which had been banned right in most states at that time exclusively to punish men who batter their wives and especially since the treatment in communities for men who were battered by their wives of which there were many and you can see freezes and artwork from the 1600s and the 1700s that show when battering their husbands with their rolling pins and their skillets and all of that Robbie Burns ode to a henpecked husband all of those things there were women who were abusive to men at that time and the treatment of the community gave those men was either the skimming tonight which was the practice of the community coming around the house at night and beating pots and pans and screaming and throwing things at the house to shame him for allowing himself to be beaten by his wife or they put him on a donkey backwards holding its tail and rode him around the town square and threw or strapped into a cart and threw rotten fruit and vegetables at him to shame him for allowing his wife to beat him and these things have been just quietly erased from modern scholarship and modern accounts of history right back when we thought it was okay to beat your wife right when we thought it was okay to beat your wife at least when it was extremely egregious particularly egregious we'd strap the guy to a whipping post and given 30 lashes when your wife was beating you right it was you they got punished by the community right so I don't know that feminism has a balanced perspective on any ax I really don't rinse that was hamster college student Daniel holder he was in favor of removing the flag though it didn't burn it Daniel thanks all for coming on tonight so I want to read you a quote from you this is to the Amherst bulletin and you said think about the groups who use the flag from police officers to the u.s. army these are the forces on the ground that make oppression happen now the obvious point is obviously if the police and the army would it go away sensitive college students like you would be eaten alive what's the median family income in this country you know the median family income is the median family name yeah it's money a family in this country it's much less like one year out of our schooling yeah sixty-two thousand which is what you pay or your parents pay for you to go to Hampshire school and burn the American flag it's much less than that and so I just wonder if you understand the bounty that you have the good deal that you have the excess that you're benefiting from do you get that at all oh no I am 100% privileged to be at this institution and I think that I have to recognize the fact that the wealth of my parents that was able to pay for this institution was garnered off of slavery and was taken from exploitation the land that I live on was taken from native peoples and the land that I live on back in Portland's back home was taken from native peoples it's the wealth of the people who've been who been oppressed who've had things stolen from them that allow me to go to this institution but since why are you hiding it I mean honestly but honestly why are you doing it I mean one echo pick apples in Washington State why are you consuming sixty-two thousand dollars a year of this blood money as you describe it to sit around campus and do pointless rhetorical and symbolic acts like burning flags why not work with the people the laborers now I very much disagree that some bought like add you know removing the flag was a not useful thing I mean it got me on your show correct yes the useful tactic in terms of getting voices out there and I think that going to a school like Hampshire College I'm you know I'm not here to defend going to Hampshire College what I'm here to do is I'm here to defend the removing of what I get personally my role as a masonic process so I can understand the context of this very quickly you're for diversity obviously and yet I bet there's virtually nobody on your campus who's openly supporting Donald Trump do you yearn for more diversity on your campus are you happy in a world where everyone thinks like you I think diversity is a different word when you're applying it to political political fan points versus different aspects like I can leave Hampshire College and go to UMass Amherst College right next door and yeah you know expose myself to different viewpoints the point is Hampshire College isn't to say isn't so you know create a model of our country and then you know stimulate like political debate one night to figure out what what is you know most liberally collect what is the most you know social justice academia I don't want to live on this planet anymore well I mean when it comes to me we've heard a lot about the imbalance of power between for example employers and employees people who have better education versus people who have less education I can say with a with a firm heart that the worst imbalance of power and the end the most violative principle when it comes to consent is the idea that you're losing so you bring in the guys with the guns to enforce your point of view is to pay that seems to me the left the least voluntary system which is exactly what minimum wage is as far as teenagers the reason that teenagers are not constituting a huge percentage of the people working a minimum wage so they're all unemployed the fact is the Washington State has an incredibly high teenage unemployment rate and and comes to the minimum wage in the state of Washington as we all know state of Washington has the highest member wage in the nation so there is a relationship with regard to teenagers it's how it would look in an ideal world and well I'm sure we'll get to this I'm wondering what exactly the minimum wage should be why $15 why not 35 why not 55 why not 100 if we are going to be ideologically consistent about all of it all identified for $50 minimum wage I will fight right alongside you with her per 1,000 dollar minimum wage because I want to see leftist policies implemented in the city so that people actually recognize what syntax they have [Applause] [Applause] the fact of the matter is that the meme and the narratives are set around black lives matter should be called black lives matter because they don't want to talk about the real issues around why black lives haven't mattered it isn't because the cops it isn't because of America it's because of the behavior of liberal blacks and the system that is that has made made black people unfortunately put in situations where they are we're disproportionately criminals and so this idea that you can't come over the top of that and say don't all lives matter what 87% of this country's lives don't matter because black lives do I mean mark the thing is way to get the other half to listen to you right I mean what how are white people going to respond to the booing of the fact that their lives should matter yeah I don't think anybody disagrees with the statement that all lives matter I don't think and I think you're wrong about that testers disagree with that I listen to this in in context what was happening there was a protest erupted about the black lives matter obviously there's been a lot of frustration in the black community over news of a new a new woman that was died in police custody again in Texas and so the proof that that was by an intentional no not at all great week so every week we should reserve judgment and wait to see how alike we have in the Michael Brown case in Ferguson which helped give birth to the black live measurement of the matter and it was based on a lie the fact of the matter is more about about 400 people have died in at the hands unarmed people at the hands of police and most of this proportionate number and I'm sure Kevin is outraged by this a disproportionate number of those is is black know why that is not every different way way more white people have been killed at the hands of police are better the past two years and better than that a good profession just know I cannot be right there's a proportion more black members of the community has cancer I can absolutely look look that's a absolute fallacy and it's what these guys do they come on all the time they spew out this nonsense data because they know that the least common denominator is not going to check it it's nonsense white people are killed and disproportionately more high numbers improve in percentage to crime than blacks and you don't see white people running around talking about white lives matter call the cops on this campus if someone hurts your feelings if someone hurts your feelings and that woman at Yale yelling at the professor for saying I think Halloween costume should be allowed and we shouldn't be censoring them yeah yeah you sleep at night I'm at least good though I mean I look at that you tell me know me because you're going to defend these people I look at I say I can't wait for my kids to get out there in the world against these people I can't wait well they're gonna kick them that's that's my reaction my wrong well okay to be fair these are not administration these are senior students he's a 20 year olds who are reacting and it's a very racially charged environment you know words matter and so when that letter was sent on behalf of an administration official somebody's which represent the students to create you look at the the documents that Yale sends out the application documents all about having an inclusive community think I was defending Halloween well she wasn't defending Halloween he was defending being offensive to to community as people that are being marginalized I mean 7% of the he'll sing if you want to go is tatianna now the progress nothing you should be allowed to litter no he was he was acknowledging that somebody shows up in blackface it's okay it's a joke and you think that should be banned Halloween that should be banned and what if you want to draw a guy who wants to dress like a girl should he be banned listen there are the stereotypes are plenty of stereotypes that we have changed over time swing embed will now be totally unacceptable maintaining gender oppression would be offensive if you if you want so a guy puts up as a female nurse that's not good a couple bad timing that's not these things are not for the people who are doing it to determine it is for those who feel hurt if you saw her on that vision psychic I hope I hope you have young kids like just exactly my kids age then here you too you take it I understand I understand you go to the race place and that all that what happens is swastika but you can't wear the a wean costume you want unless no one finds it offensive well now the selectively offended get to run the rest of the country and this is what we are creating they're creating a society of pantywaist fascists well we are creating is a group of people who are oversensitive to everything and then are willing to call the cops as soon as they are offended it's actually incredible that's a violation of the First Amendment which you saw with a professor from the math communications department at Missouri telling reporters they have no right to be there and at Yale you have students shouting people down if this is the climate that we're supposed to create if this must create openness and tolerance on the campus I'm missing the openness intolerant in let's call the police if I'm a mildly offended because my feelings have been hurting this is creating a country of crazy people how can you watch this and not go crazy and think that everyone who's involved in it is crazy in the first place how about that one's from the communications department to make you listen shutting down the student reporters I don't really in the protest she was promoting this how you promote him I do agree with that and I think that Josh earnest has said the same thing there's a there's a very thick line between ecology being politically incorrect and being racist and words matter so one of the community is people that has been perpetually marginalized at institutions across America over history feels offended we should acknowledge that and I think that these protests are reflection of a community of minorities that feel unacknowledged and not respected and so Ben I read your article today and it was time was shocked by the language you used a fewer you were saying that it's time for the rightful leader right yeah everyone evidence evidence evidence all this is is screaming and feelings how about like a shred of evidence even putting incident right and it happened at Missouri the drove this really really really well where was the police reported exactly when it came to for example the first n-word incident that led all of this there was no police report on any of that in the second incident at the n-word at the University of Missouri the administration investigated and the kids under investigation and the third including with the pass cards with nasty this is we're short on time you tell me Mickey whether we are training these kids to be low cupcakes who never have to have never had to encounter anything offensive assuming everything you said is offensive they never have to encounter it because they can call the cops or they can get their administrators fired or whether it's better to educate them that there are offensive things in life there are insulting things that like there are people who will say very incorrect or impolite things about you politically incorrect things about you very publicly and in a way that you might bear it fail very offense offended by and you have to deal with that in life in moments of hysteria fear conflict there have been exceptions in tournament with an acceptance vehicle right now and we can we can have that debate later no no I will right now I know what I'm saying to you is you may be right than in the absence of any kind of hysterical hysteria for your terrorist attack war whatever in the absence of all that bluster may remain bluster and a guy quitting may remain a guy tweeting and all maybe well that's one scenario I distinctly I just think we need to be alive to a second scenario that our country also gives us the basis to think about and which I think is underrepresented in some of these conversations which is that at certain moments a terrorist attack of a particular kind that fills people with fear gives the president a license to do things that he could not do two days before I know that was mass surveillance but we know with torture I don't know what under arrest under represented I think the problem is that that fear has been over represented in these papers and you have a situation where it's the boy who cried wolf and everybody keeps talking about him being a neo-nazi and then what happens is what are you calling next at all the mimeo Nazi when perhaps somebody the administration does suggest something that shows you say of the Constitution you read history and you know very well there are there have been moments like this where there have been disagreements about the appropriate level of alarm FB or in terms of other countries that went in warth direction but I'm talking about our own country but but but the part of the problem is we only talk about our country we're not actually being fully vigilant actually we are fully do know it because as the editor of The Economist said our country actually is different and by the way there's a reason why dictators have not been able to do in our country of the past two hundred forty years what they've been able to do in other countries that's the cause James Madison put together a constitution along with Alexander Hamilton that created a system of checks and valuable have said this to Donald Trump before when he was attacking Paul Ryan I said on the air Paul Ryan he can shut you down no stop you can pass under that scenario checks and balances they were able we have torture we were able to do mass surveillance we were able to do internment we were able to do segregation we were able to do slavery so all I'm suggesting to you is that within our tradition of things that have been judged legal I'm not saying let's just say I'm ruling out things more worrisome than those things but we can agree those things at different points in our history have been considered legal in causing change for medics ethics areas an internment case koremasa is never acted all right so the I understand the case for being calm but if smell is I think you are wrong what we get is something very much more dangerous than if I'm wrong that's all I'm are that's why I said we stay vigilant I just personally have have confidence in the Supreme Court of the United States and Congress and the system of checks and balances in our Constitution that I do think that that we're not we don't need to jump out of out of there they keep yelling at us so we don't need to jump out of windows with our hair on although they how Anand may feel is that easy for us to say I mean your family Thanksgiving talk here is not favorably distributed right now and that that's the result of contagious yeah fear is contagious and we have nothing to fear with fear itself also I think it's a little scary that the months before he even takes over the presidency we're already talking about the need for a Supreme Court that's very year vet Scott that's called the First Amendment you want the First Amendment to suit you the way you want to suit it I guarantee you on it there fifty percent of Americans at least who believe that somebody the birds American flag should should end the whole point of the First Amendment a lot of a second to restrain what an already can do okay but the first amend its limits I support the ability of people to be able to burn the American flag if they want to but people have the right in this country to debate it and it does not mean that the Third Reich is going to march down our side in spacers right somebody tweeted we don't okay I don't wear that flag right as a foreign thing they and we've got to go because they're screaming like here go I don't worry about the desire to criminalize flag burning I desire about the punishment included in that tweet which was the stripping of citizenship which is outside and nothing I'm not going up to here the co-president and west of the United States Supreme the fact that all not hoses in you're not being national now I got to just say this before we go you're not being rational people leave the Supreme Court I'm not irrational you're taking the president of United thing I'm not earning let me finish because you know what I'm going to say you don't want me to say because you know I'm right the Supreme Court of the United States of America will never under any circumstances allow anyone to be stripped of their citizenship because they burned the American wife of a resident you don't believe that then you haven't been leading constitutional law for the past 70 years

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  1. To burn a flag is an action. It is not a usage of language. However, they will never strip a person of their citizenship for this act the Supreme Court has designated speech.

  2. The Democratic Devil herself (Hillary Clinton) and the rest of the leftist have brainwashed their subordinates that anyone who doesn't agree with them is racist. This is first off not true and second makes us all hate the Democrats. This is exactly what the Democrats want. All of us to hate each other. Divide and conquer is the number one rule of Democrats.

  3. I've having trouble concentrating trying to justify that anahanamanapopolin isnt a living cartoon character, and that offends me….

  4. Well, if America is shit because we "stole land" from others, then I guess all 7 fuckin million of us should just go back to Africa.

  5. “You’re racist and I’m sad”
    “Tell me how I’m racist”
    “Because you’re racist”
    “Because you are”
    “Again. Why”
    “Because you made me sad”
    What a fucking idiot!!!!

  6. Young people in my view throw slurs around like they are eating a bag of chips i mean has anyone ever hung out around a group of whited teens they throw the n word around like its a tennis ball being bounced off the wall and i am ashamed for these kids because their parents didn’t teach em any better.

  7. being the Descendant of Conquerers from a different time is not something to be apologized for…. not everyone gets a trophy… be proud of yourself… you dont have to repeat the past. we live in modern times now.

  8. One of the reasons women make terrible comedians is because they tend to place their political viewpoints ahead of their comedy. They go into their set with the intention of making a political statement rather than making a joke that can be tied to a political statement.

  9. Whoever said "he's a gay Zionist Jew, and then turn around and said he's not an anti Semite, contradicts each other, the dumbest fucking thing I ever heard

  10. As much hate as Milo and Ben have for each other, as many people claim, I'm confident if that's the case they do hate each other, will set aside their differences, and completely mutilate the hateful ignorant leftists, and those who support the leftist, making them either obsolete, or all of them completely sending their resignation, then afterwards, Ben and Milo can go their separate ways, even if they do supposedly hate each other

  11. I went to Hampshire college in 2012 , I lasted 3 months before the endless amounts of drugs swept me away. I was a libertarian there at a school with 99% radical left and I was shunned by society. I had a 30,000 dollar scholarship to attend and most were paying out of pocket or taking extraordinary loans to go there and be indoctrinated. It was a sickening educational institution, full of Marist propaganda. I identify as a moderate liberal , but the SJW left sickens me. They are totalitarian and self righteous and spoiled.

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