Social Justice Warriors React To Donald Trump

what happened well the American people decided they wanted Hillary Clinton president oh my god we got only we got it go we're already oh we gotta go oh my god if you voted for Donald Trump you voted for people like me to be put in fucking camps like Auschwitz you voted for that Donald Trump winning grub popper already bagger okay fuck this country man fuck all you fucking dumb fucks that voted for Shaw remember one black people came out in historic numbers to vote for Obama will white people came out in historic numbers to vote against a woman without this election that's what's going on you know what though all you old white racist motherfuckers are gonna die in your shit towns and somes not gonna give a fuck all you dumb shit fucking women voted for Trump you're gonna get knocked up by accident– getting a Guatemala because abortion will be illegal here all of us minorities we need to be come together the Muslim Americans the Mexican Americans blacks Asians please Lee 1ls you can confuse me women white men poor smart went into the one and you motherfuckers are vote for Trump you guys you're gonna suffer you will be the ones that will be going to war with all the countries that are gonna come fucking kill us Trump hate china china is the world's biggest ago China's gonna be like fuck you I wanted to die I'm sick look black people ain't do shit to you Muslims Mexicans whatever the fuck y'all racist redneck cousin fuckin ass niggas don't like winter sir to you wait no you're not packing you not bro you didn't let the devil in the fucking White House you fuckin Wrangler jeans when ass niggas you built for comfort wearing as Brett Favre Jean when ass niggas y'all hate us for what Wayne Tevan do shit you old redneck Confederate flag make America great again y'all niggas don't know what the fuck y'all and god essential bro he don't like Korea Korea don't like us it's on my bombing these niggas bro I'm trying to live you niggas is out of pocket I'm taking look I'm taking my Instagram shit on private so you gonna send it to your racist friends your races aren't your racist family I don't give a fuck they can hold my dick they gonna hold my dick I don't never fuck I really don't give a fuck y'all don't give a fuck the charges voted for my fucking I was on WWE like five years ago get his hair shave and rock bottom than shit y'all gonna vote vote for this nigga he make fun of retarded kids and grandpa's buddy pussy this is our president I'm fucking done with y'all niggas whoa look i'ma try my locational if you don't agree with me we can fuckin mix is easy as day hold my fucking dick fuck you and fuck some nigga okay so probably like most people that are gonna sleep well maybe not because given the result maybe I really am different and maybe a lot of people that I'm surrounded by think with open minds and open hearts like I do and I do want to say that I've been very vocal for my support for everyone besides Donald Trump heavily supported Bernie heavily supported Hillary and they still think that in her lifetime she deserves to be the first female president that's what is that I just wished that she had that opportunity because she's fought for so long and because I believe her when she says that she loves this country this is all she's ever done she's given her life to make it better but like Donald Trump so ironically played after his speech that said you can't always get what you want and happy appease we adjust and we accept everyone who they are and so Donald Trump I accept you and this earth to say but I even accept you as a president of the United States and that's fine that's fine because I think now I want to be a hopeful happy and I want to be hopeful that you will step into I just and President Obama mr. Obama I wanna say thank you for everything you've done but please please just treat people with love and she people with compassion treat people with respect and I will do the same for you and anyway anything you ever want to talk about or understand maybe people that don't think the same way that you and some of the people that support you do please if you want to open your mind to do an open heart I would love to give you a key thank you so much Thank You Hillary for inspiring what don't I can't hold it back what is wrong with you people whatever why would you do that why would you elect an idiot I understand that you've got some problems with your economy and that there's not many jobs but building a wall isn't going to take that long seriously like why would you elect this idiot what's wrong with you people he's openly racist but at the same time attempts to cover his butt when he makes a speech and says I care about all races and you know I really just want the best for Americans we're going to make this a what he's an idiot seriously like to go from somebody like Obama who is has his flaws but is at least a little bit conservative to Donald Trump did anybody ever watch that TV show you used to making out your fire I think was called The Apprentice do you not see how much of an idiot he is fair enough you might be a savvy businessman but you don't want a savvy businessman running a country saying it's gonna look out for poor people if it was a look out for poor people we would have done it already seriously nobody in the world maybe with the exception probably Bill Gates has the opportunity to look after poor people more than Arnold Trump but would you elect Bill Gates to be a president seriously I'm leaving the United States of America but some people say that he can't do that he can't send us back he can't send it to Africa or Mexico he can't do that because where were we born in the United States dull but I'm pretty sure he's gonna fight on that I would be prepared whole bunch of dudes coming in my house grabbing on me putting me on a boat fuck you ain't gonna know Africa okay they send me teaming I'm going to know Africa yeah so Donald Trump is president I'm still like it's still processing in my head of course everyone found out at the same time like 3:00 in the morning but Donald Trump is president and I don't know how I just feel really numb right now I always feel like this is all a dream when I found out I didn't even like react the way I thought that I would I just went to bed woke up and check the poll stuff again to see if it was real and yet it's it's still very very real Donald Trump is president or it's gonna be President whatever same shit and I just don't even is really just not even like processing right in my head right now yep we're fucked Maroof up it's the end hey guys i am george buoyancy we're discussing a political topic I don't know just doing it let's just do it um Donald Trump just became the next president of the United States he will be inaugurated on January 7th or 27th I'm not sure of 2017 so that means Americans you get the fuck out of there I'm joking oh Jesus I've got mitt total Hillary spot so I will I mean I would pick Bernie Sanders over a day it's kind of funny that the DNC Hotel shot themselves in the foot by not picking Bernie Sanders you know they're like no we have to kill it it's gonna be great and then Benghazi emails I'm probably really like not biased towards Hillary though because you know it shows one now I can't like go down missing that orange fucking far um but guys really really don't rope Bailey okay so if you're lucky enough like me to live in England and Britain and what Scotland well island most Island you are lucky to live under a right-wing government rocky being very weird that supports women's rights to support LGBT rights that supports everything like that you know we kind of do have a good government in that respect in every other expected shit but in that respect we do America you don't kind of have that now no what are you done I'm done just in shock this video is just basically when you trying to react to it and I don't know how to process the fact that you just elected not only Donald Trump but Mike Pence guys my number one enemy Oh you you you

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  2. Has anyone ever noticed that the only people who hate President Trump are Gays,Illeagal aliens,and people who don't work.The only thing they are afraid of is not getting their free handouts.

  3. If a guy who doesn't share your opinion and ultimately has no real effect on your life is your number 1 enemy, seems you are doing pretty good. Much better than those who live in countries where homosexuals are beheaded or thrown off of buildings. But no, those who believe that no one should be made to make you a cake are the real bad guys.

  4. Ever wonder if Obama encourages LGBTQ people to come out just as hes flooding the country with radical muslims who kill gays? What are his motives, what was he thinking?

  5. I love these poor poor poor snowflakes, whinning like little b*** because their sugar momma Killary didn't get elected. If Trump isn't your President, then the US isn't ur country

  6. The fact is that all mental institution in USA are closed; I was always wonder WHERE are all those crazy people?! Now I know…

  7. All countries, that are gonna come kill us.. holy shit she must be a fucking idiot. We are literally one of the strongest countries in the world. Jesus fucking christ.

  8. to the people who say they're leaving the USA cuz of trump… I say good fk off then u dicks. UK LOVES TRUMP¬¬

  9. Oh dont get it twisted them red necks and hill Billy's are packing. And they got the advantage as they know how to use the sights to hit what they aim at.

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