Social Justice Warriors... and Ganondorf (Jimquisition)

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  1. Not unlike the terms Nazi, Racist, Russian Bot, Toxic, or Problematic. These terms have lost their ooomph via over use.

  2. I don;t usually argue petty points with Jim, but 'Bards are cool' is a statement that makes me roll my eyes a bit.

  3. I'd be more inclined to agree with you if feminists weren't treating the game industry like a zero sum game. I'm all for inclusion & I agree with equal rights. The biggest issue with what I just said is that modern feminists don't want equality, they want carte blanche equality. All the benefits with none of the drawbacks…
    You don't see feminists lining up to work in the oil fields, or buying their finances diamond engagement rings. You hear them all the time talking about the supposed "wage gap" but I've never seen a Male twitch streamer make several thousand dollars in a single session…. but I digress. Feminists are waging a full blown war on the game industry trying to see to it that EVERY game is given the fem treatment and if any of them fail to kiss the pinky ring of feminism the screeching will be heard around the world. They've even been infiltrating the table top community, trying to extol the virtues of feminism on those poor basement dwelling d&d players. And finally Anita Sarkeesian is a fucking con artist liar, trying to con donations in the amount of 35k for a discord. She's an absolute turd & whatever critisism she recieves…. she's damn well earned.

  4. Uh.. Just because a term is used a lot does not mean it stops representing what the definition for it.

    social justice warrior

    noun: social justice warrior; plural noun: social justice warriors

    a person who expresses or promotes socially progressive views.

    Calling someone an SJW is not calling them an "extremist" like you seemingly want to think in this video.. And by all accounts, You – Jim Sterling – is a liberal SJW yourself:

  5. Oh he wants everyone to be welcome well then Stalin hitler mao cone on in you are welcome to join us without being scrutinised

  6. Social justice is being able to call naughty dog racist,xenophobic misogynists because Nathan drake isn't a black lesbian with a gunt, and not just get away with it but be heard and protected. These aren't good people, these are people that want to stifle the creation of art to fit the minorities social idiology. Anita is a racist and sexist, these are not insults but observations after sitting through a couple of her videos. She will hurl insults at anyone that disagrees with her opinions and use her so called " oppressed class" status to weasel out of taking responsibility for any of the bile she spews. To any one that wants to advercate for diversity in gaming the only answer is to make your own game. Be the difference you want to see in the world and don't demand others conform to your way of life.

  7. But diversity just for the sake of diversity is shitty because it is forced diversity just to please certain groups

  8. SJW is the right's version of "racist." It's a meaningless term thrown at anyone not 100% in lockstep with their side in an attempt to discredit that person by people who cannot actually formulate a counterargument.

  9. Just keep in mind that cuts both ways. Many fans of Anita, indeed Anita herself, have participated in harassment campaigns against people they deem unacceptable. I think the Anti-Anitas and Pro-Anitas are neither without some blame in this fight, so let's be fair and not only call out bullshit when it's in the camp that we're not personally a part of, okay?

  10. So SJW is your equivalent of the word Nazi. You should not support blatant lies about the industry. Honestly man the fuck up

  11. Yeah more diversity doesn't mean less games to go around it means more shitty games to go around

  12. Modern day femenism is a cancer femenism like womens rights like voting having the right to work and fair pay used to be femenism Now it is femnaziism You critize antia she censors you or claims arrassment. She is playing a victim to get people to feel sorry for her so they will donate money to her.

  13. Sjws are voilent people who use voilence against people they disagree with or demand censorship againest people they disargee. We don't call them sjws for nothing.they are radicals. It would be different if you had different views and respected other peoples views too but they don't and nether do you jim. They don't believe in scientific fact like there is only two genders.

  14. Old video but the points made are still relevant. The reason I and many other people call them "'sjws" is because there is simply nothing else to call them. They definitely all follow the same tribalistic ideology due to the fact that if someone questions the group then they eat their own (ex. Laci Green). I don't use "sjw" as much of an insult but as a way to characterize the group of people that think alike(similar to the label of Alt-Right). So if you dont call them "sjw", then what do you call them? They arent liberals, they certainly arent progressive, so what are they?

  15. You put a group of reasonable people in a room, but the idiot with the loudest voice is the one that's heard.

  16. It's so sad what's happened to this term online. "SJW" was a term that was crafted (really, a very short time ago,) specifically to refer to people who claim to defend some position, but in reality, only want to bolster their own egos, and will often damage the cause they claim to defend, through "representing" it extremely badly. Not only is it black-and-white to relegate this term to a mere criticism of a political view, it's bad from a personal perspective, since it discourages those who don't hold those views from giving themselves a good, honest look, to see if they practice these destructive behaviors too.

    The point of the "SJW" term was to remind people of their own bottomless egotism, and how badly it hurts their own pet causes, and now we find that, in fact, that egotism is so bottomless, that people would rather just use a word to mean something it doesn't, rather than do any of that scary self-examination stuff.


    P.S.: Anyone who accuses me of liberalism for saying these things has clearly not watched any of my videos. I'm as conservative in my moral views as anybody, and one of those views is honesty about what words freaking mean.

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