Social Entrepreneurs: Pioneering Social Change

I wanted to find the solution to a problem and I wanted to do whatever it takes to end that problem in the mid-1970s Bangladesh was wracked with poverty and famine greedy moneylenders victimized local villagers who wanted to start small businesses in one village Muhammad Yunus counted 42 people who needed just $27 to break out of poverty so then an idea came to my mind if I give this $27 to all these 42 people they can return the money to the moneylenders and they will be free and that's what exactly I did and the happiness that it brought to them caught me and I asked myself the question if you can make so many people so happy with such a small amount of money washing to do it more since that first bet the bank Muhammad Yunus started has made nearly 5 billion dollars in loans it's a model that has been copied all over the world spawning a movement known as microfinance people are demonstrably better off in the world today by virtue of that simple insight that small unsecured loans can really make a difference microfinance during the past 25 years has demonstrated that millions and millions of people can participate in society in a normal way in 2006 Muhammad Yunus won the Nobel Peace Prize testimony to the role of a new kind of change agent the social entrepreneur social entrepreneurs like Muhammad Yunus see opportunities where other people see hopeless failures they see potential where other people see tragic consequences they see a future that others can't even begin to imagine in this moment in history where government has in at least in some point places has failed to provide basic goods and services the things that societies need to really allow individuals to thrive social entrepreneurs are tackling those really big problems problems that reach beyond microfinance such as educational opportunity children's health housing clean water climate change and the problem is if you look at what the current business organizations and governments are doing in this sort of space it really doesn't add up to a coherent solution at the scale that we need and therefore I think entrepreneurs are going to be profoundly necessary because these are the people who sort of break up the concrete most people have to see to believe but I think that social entrepreneurs believe and then they see social entrepreneurs have seen that end result before it even got started and they've done so all over the world in Mozambique bless juju Sato transformed healthcare by providing reliable medical services to millions of villagers who had never previously been reached in India bunker Roy's Barefoot college teaches people with no prior training to build and install solar electric technologies and in the United States Dorothy Stoneman has shown how young people can change their lives and their communities through job training and education we had 300 abandoned buildings in East Harlem where I lived we had hundreds maybe thousands of young people standing on the corners and nothing to do and lots of homeless people so I looked at that and said there's something wrong with this picture someone should hire these young people to rebuild these buildings and create housing for the homeless people and that's what we set out to do what's those powerful force you can bring to bear it's a really big idea but only if it's in the hands of a really good entrepreneur it's that combination that changes the world today thousands of social entrepreneurs are tackling a range of problems in all corners of the globe but until recently few of them saw themselves as part of a larger movement some 20 years ago social entrepreneurs were working alone fundamentally they had no idea many times that other social entrepreneurs existed they had a an experience of essentially going against the stream very hard these are very tough people but still alone I think social entrepreneurs have always existed but because they haven't always been defined as social entrepreneurs because we've not always recognized them as such they've had no collective identity they have been lone pioneers and now what you see in the world are a whole framework of supports that are coming up coalescing very very quickly to say hey social entrepreneurship is really viable Oxford recruits about 300 highly talented MBA students each year students want to know how to change the world they want to know how the skills they learn in Business School can help them change the world you see social entrepreneurs and regardless of however many problems and challenges that they have they don't give up they just push forward and they push forward and that's inspiring to me today Oxford is just one of many universities teaching social entrepreneurship in providing homes where practising entrepreneurs can meet and learn from each other the point of supporting the social entrepreneurship movement is to create a home for those people to make them less Maverick and more of a movement the more we wire the field together from local to national to global it means that ideas go from bangladesh to the US and Brazil Poland to South Africa it wasn't happening 10 years ago well that's a function of the increased productivity of the field I think the key thing that we have to come back to time and time again is these entrepreneurs cannot do this on their own they need support they need support from funders clearly but they need strategic partnerships with mainstream business and they need the support of government and policy makers what's so exciting to be alive at this moment as a social entrepreneur connected to thousands of social entrepreneurs around the globe is that within all of us there's this growing movement and that that there's a hopefulness and starting to look at the problems we have as our problems my hope for the future is that by virtue of the stories that we tell about reasons for optimism by virtue of the small pieces of success we build some big pieces of success so that in a decade's time we can say this movement began with one very demonstrable success story and that was called microfinance but very quickly it built a series of other success stories and look at the effect they've had on the world you you

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  1. Very awesome sir I am so proud of you many problems with struggle around the world I have seen daily but why do understand Human

  2. This vidéo is incredible, I'm already a student and this kind of vidéo give me motivation to succeed to help people after my degree.
    Thanks for this vidéo

  3. best wish for all the change-maker of the world from the heart of Bangladesh of Dr. Yunus (Founder of Grammen Bank) ..

  4. I really love this video. It help me come to know what I want to do in my life. I am a business student at LDS Business College. If you have any ideas on what I can to do to be successful In my journey? You can reach me at Google+

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  8. Thank you so much for spreading the act of love a be a good example of becoming a social entrepreneur!. Create a Better World and learn to use the Universal Laws of Mind, Law of Periodicity and Law of Growth to transform and change the world for better.

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    such as watch?v=sJlAj9z40pY

    enjoy your clip naka

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  11. i'm always wanted to be social entrepreneur but i don't know how & where to start esp here in m'sia

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