Social Change Evaluation Tool – TCM (The Change Matrix)

Social Change Evaluation Tool - TCM (The Change Matrix)

her fund is a local non-governmental charity fund established in 2004 our mission is to advocate for women's human rights through funding marginalized women's groups and to provide opportunities for organizational capacity building our grant-making aims to protect women from all forms of violence discrimination property as well as to promote women's civil participation through funding a wild variety of projects we would like to see more grassroots and marginalized women becoming social change leaders enhanced women's awareness of social causes of the situation women's collective efforts leading to changes in social systems new networks formed through strengthening of women's organizing effort / fund is more than a funder we see our grantees as working partners every work we do brings a social change to protect women's human rights such changes takes time and we need our Bronte partners to have persistent effort in continuous learning and systemic review to improve the work it is important to use appropriate tools for assessment and evaluation these tools can help us identify concrete changes we have achieved and render our effort visible to the public by this we can further solicit community support and resources for our social mission because social change is complex we have adapted a framework created by the organization gender at work the change matrix framework helps to measure changes the framework describe four domains in which gender power structures operate and align along two S's individual to systematic and informal to formal these four domains include changes at the level of individual awareness and agency among women and girls changes at the level of assessing to resources services and powerful women and girls changes in social norms and practices and changes in policies and laws we believe the four domains are prerequisite for continuous social change here we use some examples to demonstrate the use of these domains changes at the level of individual awareness and agency among women and girls eight new immigrant women received training and transformed to work as education ambassadors to promote anti-discrimination 20 female sexual minorities after training raised their rights awareness and further advocate of gender equality in corporate sector 10 young girls became committee members after the leadership training and helped to set up the first young women lad NGO in Hong Kong changes at the level of assessing to resources services and powerful women and girls domestic violence hotlines expanded their services to people of different sexual orientations government agreed to increase the number of childcare centers to help relieve housewives from pressure of childcare changes in social norms and practices six political parties subscribe to a referendum for women's rights and agreed to push for the implementation of women's friendly policies eleven media organisations reported the research on sexual harassment which aroused numerous debates in society changes in policies and laws Consulate's open dialogues with foreign domestic workers to discuss the employment conditions and accommodation that could affect victims of violence a revision of sex discrimination audience to protect women at work pace from sexual harassment by customers you might be asking what if I am just a small organization and I don't work in all four areas what could I do not all organizations work in all four areas and no one organization creates social change alone we encourage each and every one of us to contribute in different ways to create a bigger movement in advancing women's rights that's why we encourage all grantee partners to use the change matrix so that her fund could assess changes from our ground making efforts in a holistic and systematic way while we value your work as changemakers the sustainability of your organization is also very important her fund as a strategic partner would like to create new opportunities for growth and development of your organization while providing the grants for the projects for example a women group managed to recruit two new committee members and six new core members after the training workshops while eleven women groups jointly launched and advocated the referendum of women's rights in Hong Kong it is not enough to learn only for improving the future plans the public should also know the significance and achievements of our work so as to secure ongoing support and resources for future development other than facts and figures we also encourage you to use storytelling to demonstrate how your work can bring about changes in women and society thank you for your commitment and effort in promoting women's rights through the change matrix we can learn evaluate and strategize your work together we can further funds women's rights and gender equality in Hong Kong you

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