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Sinead O'Connor – Last Day Of Our Acquaintance

Sinead O'Connor - Last Day Of Our Acquaintance

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. 2:55 her eyes flutter between defiance and vulnerability as she channels something from beyond this world, only to have her voice break from overwhelming emotion a moment later. This footage is absolutely breathtaking

  2. I'm a forty year old Bostonian. this woman is my hero. I love her music and her voice. lion and the cobra , a cassette tape. sinead where ever you are thank you so much.

  3. Playing this for my cousin Graham who sadly passed away this weekend. He cared about people and he cared about Sinead.Graham said "love this girl, please send her some happy messages she's having a hard time".Graham Pye 1968-2016

  4. Ffs man!!! – Fantasticly beautiful soulfull make yer hair stand on end tune an' it's not the 1st time ive been here an' said so – Sinead is an' Angel : )

  5. @Rumo89 I'm American, but here's my best shot at understanding what she said. "seriously. I was terrible, like I would be in shreds if I didn't win. You know it was something like, there was no point in doing it as far as I was concerned, unless I could just wipe the floor with everybody else, and I still have that attitude." end part "Well I'm very obliged at how your portrayed or how you're perceived by other people no matter who they are It's nothing near to what you are."

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