Simple Ice-Breaker That Builds Community - Making Connections

one person in a moment and last we're volunteer in a second it's just going to simply ask or and state to the group hey and they're going to say something about themselves that's true for them for example I could say I'm the eldest in my family anyone else in the group who can go pop I connect with that I'm also the eldest in my family will then come and join that person and link arms with them on one of the sides that won't matter which site that person who is now just joined will repeat the process they will say something about themselves that's true they might say I Drive a Volkswagen huh someone else goes yeah I also have that in common and I will join that person and you can imagine the line just keeps on going now I'm going to give you the basics to begin with and I'm going to add some more to it but you've got the basic idea the line continues to build if we get to a point where maybe something has been shared and no one of the group that's left unhinged that has actually got that thing in common that person just simply offers something else and if you really absolutely need to find the basic things such as I'm a boy and that could be the thing that actually connects you with one other person so you can go for the really simple stuff that looks for the more interesting as well got the basics who would like to start who can give us the first thing to begin with you've got an your name is Mary Jo so could you call out so everybody else what's your thing and then you can give us that on kayak so put your arm up to your side and anyone who can kayak well now one of you just the one at this point okay so this perfect and perfect and your name is OC Anna Oceana hazmat clink so now it's Oceanos turn because it's likely just as we saw there a number of you were paddlers you just need one to join at this point Oh shark I have a job over understand right everyone has one of them done Day right so is there another thing a little further down the list and younger specimens so anyone else who happens to be the youngest can now join and as you join also just remind people what your name is all right do I need a jib with this so can I find something that you might connect on all right oh all right fantastic now it is the thing about this exercise at this point everyone wants to clap but your arms are all busy so you can unlock this for a moment and give yourself a little clap well that right [Applause]

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