Signs Of Demonic Activity & Apostasy In Church | Paul Washer 2017

or instruments of apostasy look at verse two by means of the hypocrisy of liars seared in their own conscience as with a branding art you need to understand something I don't want to exalt my place or exalt the place of a preacher but I want to tell you something as God uses men to advance his kingdom through the proclamation of the truth so the devil uses men to advance his cause against the kingdom of Christ now I want to I want you to notice something from the book of Acts that whenever the kingdom is advancing it's because the Word of God is being proclaimed you want to advance the kingdom proclaim proclaim proclaim the truth but you need to understand that there are two lines on this battlefield and one line has men of truth they are men of truth not by their own virtue or merit but the election the sovereignty the grace of God there are men of truth and they must stand with the truth and stop playing games like little boys and devote themselves to know the truth and to proclaim it and then on this side there is another line and they are claimers of Lies frivolity maybe even good things but not the best things of God now it says that they're liars because they do not speak the truth now what does that mean they do not speak according to what is written and therefore they prove that they have no dawn young man when you get up in the pulpit no one needs to hear from your heart they need to hear from God's Word if you go on the mission field let me share with you something someone called me years ago and said I want to come to the mission field and I said why there I just want to give my life away I said young man no one here in Peru needs your life they need the Word of God proclaimed to them liars they are liars because they do not have speak according to what is written they are hypocritical because they pretend to have a spirituality that is from God but in actuality at best their spirituality is carnal are natural and at worst it's demonic now again how do you know if one's spirituality is from God because it conforms to what is written it conforms to what is written then it's a seared in their own conscience as with a branding iron I believe this can mean – this can manifest itself in two different ways first of all they know they're lying they know they're lying but their conscience is so seared that they no longer believe in God or they no longer fear him now this idea of a conscience seared with a branding iron when I was on our on our on our farm when I was a little boy we used to dehorn cattle by taking these big cutters and just cutting off the horn and it was dangerous because it was dangerous for the cattle because blood would spurt and then there was chance of infection and everything else and it hurt but later on what we did is new technology when a calf was born we'd bring it in after a certain amount of months and we had this iron electric iron with a hole in it and you would lay it on the nub of that horn and you would go down and go down and it would hurt at first and then all of a sudden the animal would get still because what are you doing you're burning that horn off but you're also burning every one of those nerves so they no longer fear they no longer feel anything that's what it means now they know they're lying but there's another way I think they actually believe they're doing the right thing well how did they get to this point they looked at Scripture and particularly they looked at the gospel and found little delight in it little power in it little usefulness of it for their ministries and therefore God turned them over and the best word I can use here is two frivolity two vanity and churches throughout America that are called evangelical that's why that term means absolutely nothing today churches all throughout America evangelical churches are filled with this kind of frivolity now I want us to look at verses three through five three through five totally catch me off guard in light of verses 1 & 2 I just do not expect 3 through 5 and someone says why well if you look at verses 1 & 2 he is using language that's not used anywhere else in the scriptures he said the spirit explicitly says that's like hey listen this is important and then he goes on in and he talks about deceitful spirits and doctrines of demons and he talks about men filled with hypocrisy who are liars and are literally seared in their own conscience and you begin to think surely verse 3 is going to talk about the revelation of the Antichrist I mean something big is coming in verse 3 but what do we get men who forbid marriage and advocate abstaining from foods and then we look at that especially as Americans and go well we have no fear of a pass to see we all marry and I've looked at most of you you definitely don't abstain from food you need to abstain a little bit more actually to be biblical so I didn't want you to think that I was getting too nice so how what does this have to do I mean how do you put these two things together they don't make sense but if you sit there long enough and look at it you see wow I am so in danger of apostasy the church is so filled or not the church but the expression of Christianity in America is so filled with apostasy what is this saying I mean what does it really really mean what he's saying is this anytime you put anything in front of the gospel of Jesus Christ anytime you play something higher you give more emphasis to something other than the gospel of Jesus Christ you are committing apostasy at least to some degree to some kind let me give you an example there are churches that can set above the gospel a certain type of morality or legalism they're all about rules then they're you know I homeschool and I love home schoolers and home school movements but sometimes I've gone in to do conferences and it honestly it looks more like a Pride and Prejudice movie than it does Christianity it's all about the way you dress and it's all about the way you talk and it's all about doing calligraphy and it's all of what no I had a pastor who called me one time and he said I want you to come preach for my church because I think we got a lot of lost people in the membership I said well maybe I ought to preach to you if you've got a lot of people in the membership and I said what do you mean he said Mountain and my church has got a lot of homeschoolers and I go brother I homeschool you homeschool so what are you saying he goes I got people in my church that if you ask them to stand up and give their testimony they'll say five years ago I found homeschooling what's happening there the gospel is being put down and something else is being given importance what do you talk about most preacher what do you preach about most I've been accused sometimes of only having one sermon all I ever do is go to Roman's 3 and teach on propitiation I said yeah and I've read hundreds maybe thousands of Spurgeon sermons and if he took some obscure text anywhere in the Bible he made it back to propitiation as a matter of fact in my study of all the great preachers down through the centuries their great emphasis was the gospel of Jesus Christ the blood that was shed they couldn't get away from it because it captivated them so if they talked about marriage they talked about the cross we can degrade and we can be turned we can take legalism and we can put it above the gospel at the same time and this is more prevalent we can take antinomianism our freedoms and put them above the gospel the reason I can't enter into some of the freedoms of my younger brothers is because of the gospel as a matter of fact look what Titus 2:11 and 12 says for the grace of God has appeared bringing salvation to all men instructing us to deny ungodliness and worldly desires and to live sensibly righteously and godly in the present age Paul said in Galatians 5:13 for you were not caught you were called to freedom brethren but do not turn your freedom into an opportunity for the flesh but through love serve one another blessed is the man who meditates upon the law of God every time it seems I talk about commands or I talk about my delight and the law of God people I mean people in the church will say to me things like will you know the law is just oppressive and this what I always ask them just which law is oppressing you is it the one that says you shall not take your neighbor's wife is that the one oppressing you then you got some serious problems is it the one that says you shall not bear false witness against your neighbor is that the one that oppresses you and makes you feel like you have no freedom no we are not saved by the law our ability to keep commands no no no we're saved through believing and even that believing is a gift from God and yet those of us with a regenerate heart we delight in the law of the Lord and it is the law of God the commands of God that enable us to know how to express love towards God another way is to trivialize the gospel with material prosperity and self-realization most a lot of pastors today call themselves life coaches I applaud that I want them to stop using the word pastor because they're not it's like when someone told me a while back aren't you kind of angry that all these churches are taking Baptist off they're off they're uh you know signs and stuff and I said no I'm glad they're not Baptist Self Realization prosperity brothers I literally have to restrain myself when I hear somebody say Jehovah Jireh the Lord will provide and then point to their Mercedes the Lord will provide what a ram and offering sacrifice on that mount he has provided Christ another way in which the gospel were having this flip-flop in this apostasy is we deny the gospel by diminishing the uniqueness of Christ brothers that is going to be that is going to be the battle of our lives as we grow older you are going to see it's already happening you're going to see it you're going to see maybe even the great majority of evangelicals are going to deny the uniqueness of Christ they're going to say Christ is my Savior but they're not going to say he is the Savior they're gonna say things like Who am I to judge I can't judge others and what others believe no but for me Jesus is my Savior that's apostasy listen I could become the most popular preacher in America tomorrow I could be on every liberal talk show news program and everything all I have to do is change the definite article to an indefinite article I have to stop saying Jesus's they see Savior and start saying he is a savior and everyone will applaud me you see Christians were persecuted in the first centuries for being atheist did you know that because there there was the land before them there was the Roman Empire with thousands upon thousands of gods and everyone was ok with everyone else's gods they traded God's like they trade bike we would trade baseball cards when we were little kids they affirmed one another and then here comes the Christian all your gods are vanity they are not gods and furthermore Caesar isn't Lord Jesus is do you see that we are going to see I believe a massive wave of apostasy and here's what's going to happen when preachers like me will not give in on the day they throw my old body in jail the great majority of evangelicals will stand up and say Amen were tired of that preachers hatred and intolerance don't you ever give in to that you give in to that my friend you are not Christian you are not Christian at all then another way and this this may hit some of you when a church and when I'm say Church I mean a local body of believers when a church uses anything other than the gospel as a drawing card for the church they're close to apostasy let me give you an example I go to websites I look up at church I see a website what's amazing to me I see this photograph it's so common of just a bunch of spectacularly beautiful people with I mean they're beautiful and they're all smiling and they're maybe hugging one another and you hear things like a a an accepting serving kind community and invites you to join them or something like that my first question is I want to go to my pastor sometimes and ask them this question how did they get all the beautiful people because our people are kind of ugly I mean really I mean where did they get all these beautiful people and then the gospel is found on page 16 of the website a watered-down powerless version of what is written there drawing card is them and you say well brother Paul what did Jesus say you know they would know we are Christians by our love the Apostles didn't walk around hugging one another as they walked into town so don't take that text out of context I was with brother Conrad he may not even remember this we were in Romania together years and years ago and he was preaching to our missionaries and he said this he said do you want to know how the Apostle Paul started a church he took a big billboard out and he wrote upon it the most scandalous thing he could possibly write we preach Christ crucified and it was in that scandalous message that the power of God was manifested in the regeneration and redemption of men don't try to put a pretty worldly face on your church don't develop this idea that the cults frequently use then we're going to soft-sell the gospel put the demands somewhere away in the back or the scandalous content somewhere in the back and gradually will move the people toward that that's a deception congratulations you've just become much like these people described in verses 1 & 2 we preach Christ we preach Christ crucified now in 56 seconds what is the cure for this look at verse 6 young Timothy in pointing out these things to the brethren you will be a good servant of Christ Jesus what is our job just like a ship's captain at the pulpit you keep that boat in the right direction and what is that direction headed straight for the gospel of Jesus Christ everything about your church is the gospel of Jesus Christ your proclamation begins with the gospel of Jesus Christ in living colors in living colors the gospel the gospel nothing greater has ever been given to a creature nothing greater has ever been done by God and is your pallet so unrefined spiritually that you desire other things is your church's palette so unrefined because of your preaching that you have to entertain them or get them occupied in your vision so they have some purpose I really get sick and tired of men with all their visions pastor the only vision you need is Christ crucified and raised from the dead and then you simply obey Him you obey Him and allow that obedience and the grace of God to take you where Christ wants you to go stop building your own kingdom preach the gospel of Jesus Christ do only what is written let's pray

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  1. Are you saved? Do you trust Jesus? I have to ask myself this everyday because of my constant and sometimes guiltless insistence on living my own way without a thought to what glorifies God.

  2. Culture of today is widespread in the church as like it is in the secular world. The same type of lies told in the past to malign biblical truth is rampant today with cults. We have to pray in love for the salvation of those who wish to destroy the church.

  3. Culture of today is widespread in the church as like it is in the secular world. The same type of lies told in the past to malign biblical truth is rampant today with cults. We have to pray in love for the salvation of those who wish to destroy the church.

  4. Guys, honestly, I have a question.
    I understand and accept the fact that preaching about Jesus Christ His crucifixion, is of utmost importance to the Gospel.
    However, why do I feel such an urge to place an emphasis on His resurrection, instead of putting the emphasis on His crucifixion.
    I would not ignore the fact that He has been crucified at all, however I would place emphasis on His resurrection, that the stone was rolled away, if I would have a lengthy conversation about this with someone.

    What does this say about me?

  5. What he's saying is true but why pick on the "evangelical"? Never will understand denominations…Christians are Christ-followers. Period….not Baptist, Pentecostal, Methodist, etc

  6. I know for sure I don’t have a proper fear of God. I guess at least there’s hope if I can still recognize that. Dear Holy God, save me from myself! Fix my heart! Show me a love more powerful than any lie of this world!

  7. Oh, no you are too harsh, but do you know how your straight forward teaching helps me concentrate and keep my focus on God. Never change for anything or anyone. Stay humble to God, as it speaks so much about yourself. Thank you.

  8. This is just my opinion. It seems that Paul Washer while he is preaching, he is also emphasizing that he is a kind of a perfect preacher because in his preaching he includes other preachers. Isn't it enough to say read your bible also, so you will know if what the preacher said is right. The scripture itself is inspired by the Holy Spirit. God the Father is the Judge, the Holy Spirit convicts and we are to embrace His words. We also need to hear prosperity gospel specially when we are in financial struggle, reminding us that our labor will not be in vain. God wants us also to prosper. He said ask and it shall be given…. God speaks of spiritual, physical and financial prosperity. It's not only salvation.

  9. Okay, I agree that if we put anything in front of the Scripture it's apostasy. Then compare what you teach about how to be saved against how everyone as saved in the New Testament. TEST THIS:

    Test yourselves, if you° are in the faith! Test yourselves. Or do you° not fully know yourselves, that Jesus Christ is in you°, (lest you° are unapproved)?

    See if you can answer these four questions:

  10. Thank you Paul. Amen we preach Christ crucified in our place. We know God was satisfied with Jesus sin atoning death because he raised him from the dead; the first fruits of the resurrection

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