Should Male Politicians Get To Vote On Abortion?

as senator alan simpson from wyoming is
basically condemning his uh… party the republican party because of the way that
they tried to uh… you know ban abortion and pass legislation but
basically violates women’s reproductive rights uh… now he thinks that maybe it’s a
good idea to bad men from voting on these issues altogether in fact let me
tell you this exact quote he says it’s a hideous being referring to abortion is
terrible but it’s a deeply intimate and personal thing many legislators
shouldn’t even vote on it aspects that’s up thousands as a character too he he said all school republican his
orgasm validates what i say about how report was used to
be different but they were not this extreme right wing but don’t have a rock antecedents seasoning he is that what i
was there the compromise uh… some symbols but actually practice so security and
medicare sought financial stopped but still think
he’s a disaster and we’ve had a cessation before i
actually think he means well and he actually believes the nonsense he says
about so security but he’s totally wrong about it so he said in the one thing that he matters in
washington he’s very dangerous figure because of
right uh… but here’s something like a war
bottom is a cranky old guy he he says it like he sees it in talks about how his grandfather shot at guided in the middle
of the street brags about it and how do you know it’s a tough guy and all the
stuff and then on social issues he’s incredibly liberal yet he has in
fact act he hates the fact that a lot of republicans are homophobic and
he address that as well the past he said you’re a public and you believe it get
out of your life and uh… up precious right to privacy the rights of up to be
left alone well then how i don’t care what you do you can go worship a great deal at night
i don’t give a rats ask but don’t mess with me and don’t and then go take a
position i have and wrap religion around it that would know present they were hoping
to say that he had elected i’m you know incorporated a great deal off your down
forty but democrats said that you’d be done for your solicited but what’s
amazing is for all the depositions that al simpson has he’s poorly nor but one thing that he’s the words that but let’s make a bit of a
commission yeah i think what’s interesting about
this is because we think of or or special all republicans i picture
these guys is all becoming like mister burns living in giant houses alone with
one assistant very grumpy but you know uh… alan simpson put out
a denim style that you’re right in front of that he’s a little more fun
indelicate but the idea though that you can only vote on things if you have a
vested interests like that women should only book on the
abortion is kind of crazy i mean i don’t think
uh… um… that only gay people should decide
gay marriage for example you know you need endure it’s a little bit extreme
but the idea mean abortion should obviously be legal and
no one wanted that women don’t have abortion party’s name i’m pretty sure not had wanted to know
what it was and i would have all hate the way that abortion is uh… like who not glorified how republicans make
it seem like women do it as if it’s no big deal alan simpson is absolutely
right when he says it’s it’s really difficult decision it’s not something
that a woman is proud to have she has to really think about it in a lot of women
do feel shame and guilt of course a lot of them also feel a lot of relief so i
see where he’s coming from but i think he’s coming from a good place on this
issue but i agree acai acai with you know when it comes to still allowing
mail legislators to vote on it because one thing that people don’t keep in mind
is look abortion also impacts meant issued ultimately be the woman’s
decision but it does impact a male’s life as well being pro-choice is having
a pro-abortion a every gets home uh… you know hard in abortion decision
is for anybody uh… but popular he can’t take this
suggestion seriously obviously made the boat out of work on it but the fact that he’s a republican that’s actually try to reach out to the
other side in in his open minded on social issues is stark

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  1. news bbc co uk/2/hi/health/7081298 — proves me right about NEUROKININ B

    what you intentionally fail to realized: a fetus is not a baby.

    "A fetus is a developing mammal or other viviparous vertebrate after the embryonic stage and before birth."


    it doesn't matter, if the sex was consensual or not… the zygote still has to invade..

    knowing the possibilities =/= the same accepting and wanting whatever consequences of them.

    when u drive do u accept and want to be a in car crash?

  2. Pregnancy doesn't have substantial health or financial risks in the UK, so that argument is completely irrelevant.
    Hijacking this issue to be a gender issue is extremely unhelpful, paints men as essentially surplus to need that should be eunuchs or shut their faces.
    I don't know a *single* woman that actually treats a pregnancy as her own choice alone.
    Most people lack that selfishness
    1)partners are involved
    2)families are involved
    3)possible product of the pregnancy deserves some consideration

  3. They are allergic to reality. They think that ignoring something makes it go away. It really is an infantile state of mind — believing that 'what we think of things' is all that matters.
    How quickly they forget the historically popular thinking on race, women and hosts of other things. It didn't make it true then and it sure doesn't make it true now

  4. You're confusing possibilities with purpose. The purpose of sex is reproduction. The purpose of driving is not to get in a wreck.

  5. I don't get why people don't see the obvious. For the vast majority of abortions, it was the woman's choice to have sex. It's her choice to use birth control. It's her choice to take a morning after pill.

    I think abortions should be illegal after 8 weeks. The heart is beating and there are brain waves.

    Also, if it's not a human, why would it be a difficult choice like Cenk says? Because deep down inside, we all know it is a human.

  6. If her right stems from the use of her body, then the vast majority of late term abortions should be delivered by cesarean and not aborted. Late term abortions are indeed insane and horrifying.

  7. There is a lot more to being human than just a heart and “brain waves”. At 8 weeks you are talking about something the size of a raspberry, with no nervous system at all.

    You could make the same kind of argument against almost any kind of major surgery. "Horror" is not a good argument.

    Even if you give full personhood to a fetus, which is outrageous, the rights of that fetus do not usurp the rights of a person mature enough to carry it.

  8. Never had sex without the intention of having children? I doubt it.

    The idea that sex is only for reproduction, and nothing else, is a BS religious idea. The human ratio of instances of sex to actual births is way higher than any other animal, because sex is also a social bonding mechanism for humans.

    Had sex more than say, 5 times? Can we assume you are ready to adopt 5 children? Or does your rule only apply to women?

  9. I can agree with that. Everyone should be able to control the amount of children they create and are responsible for with all reasonable methods available.

    Of course, once a child is actually born both the parents have a certain financial responsibility towards them, unless they take measures that transfer that responsibility to someone else.

  10. your bigoted position was already expossed and destroyed:

    Fuck your "IT'S ALL MINE, IT'S ALL MINE" mentality.

  11. Last time i checked, the fetus needs it's father in order even to be made.

    The baby is not the "product" of the woman's body, that's the point you are keeping missing, chivalrous white knight

  12. "How am I bigoted with a "it's all mine" mentallity"

    The reasons are explained here:

    just watch the first 4 minutes

  13. I think you're misunderstanding me here. I actually agree that abortion is up to the woman ALONE, because it's her body.
    BUT the father in question should be allowed to distance himself completely from the child, including giving it support, in the same time as the woman is allowed to abort the child
    So, whether the child gets born is truly only up to the mother.

  14. You can't even follow the argument. Nothing I have said depends in any way on a fetus being the "product of a woman's body". At no time did I even imply such a moronic notion.

    It does not matter how the fetus is made. What matters is the use of someone's body during a pregnancy. End of story.

  15. What is the role of the father? He makes the baby, the woman carries his baby, but he doesn't have equal rights to determine what will happen to their baby.

    But the situation after the birth is changing, now suddenly he needs to financially support him/her or else he will be arrested. It's getting harder and harder for young men (and many women) to ignore this selective discrimination against fathers.

  16. Well, I did, I only also gave an ultimatum to it. That is, if men aren't allowed to distance themselves as I stated, they should actually have a say in the abortion question.
    It removes the possibility that men can only accept a situation where a woman uses her pregnancy as a tool to force the father to support her and child
    You can't simply have your cake and eat it too. I hope you understand that I speak for equality, not 'women need to be protected', because I don't believe that

  17. Actually, they would usurp the rights of the mother. You can't put someone to death because your "rights" are being violated. Can you kill someone who takes food from you?

    Are you saying we should be able to kill a baby 1 minute from birth?

  18. Life wouldn't exist without the X chromosome. There are babies born with XY,XX,XXY,XYY, X etc, but none with Y because women are more than just vessels, we are essential for life!

  19. Many men get out of paying child support, or even pay less than they should. I agree that everyone should have an equal vote on the issue, but it is ridiculous to debate that pregnancy affects the sexes equally. You argue that women cannot give birth without men and that's somewhat false. Women can't create a baby without men, but after the semen meets the egg the man can go die and that woman would still have that baby.

  20. It is not up to the woman for the man to pay child support (or be a part of that child's life), it's up to the courts and him as well as her. It isn't just a woman's decision to have a baby. Semen+Egg=Fetus, and both are required for a healthy child. Pills and condoms are available for a reason

  21. Yeah but it's because you wimmins have a neolithic concept of an alpha male which means that you find military-funded murderers heroic!!??!1 Yeah, I said it…what does that make me? alpha? YOU wimmins create the men of your society (through your maternalism and reproductive choices)…we're just dudes…seriously…simply dudes trying to get laid and drink beer…take some responsibility srsly!

  22. women should have the right to an abortion (it's their body) but men, as stakeholders should have a 49% stake in it all (on condition of them paying child support/looking after the little tykes)…I'm not sure God has anything to do with it as he's been absent for circa 2000 years.

  23. actually with genetic engineering it's possible/or plausible that DNA from two women could create a baby..and entirely possible that were it necessary DNA from two men could too…it's also entirely plausible that there could come a time when a womb could be entirely synthetic…but as it stands I'm totally with you – in fact I'm more radical to wimmins rights – i just don't think you (as a gender – nothing personal) fight for them very well.

  24. again, I hate to be a douche – but no-gender is essential for life…DNA is essential for life – and to be honest, if all women became infertile, said pressure would lead humanity to develop synthetic reproduction…however, it's your bodies that get fucked up, and your lives which are taken over with hormones etc…so you certainly have more right to choose than dudes…although it's be douchey not to consider the father's wishes….

  25. But you see here's the thing. Never did I say it affected the sexes equally.

    War, homelessness, work place fatalities, suicide rates, etc all mostly affect males. My point is merely is that if we were to give men a 1/2 vote or a no vote when it comes to issues like abortion then it's only fair for women to get a no vote or 1/2 vote in these issues.

    Of course this highlights how completely ridiculous the suggestion is yet somehow the extremist feminists don't seem to be able to grasp it.

  26. Male politicians should shut the fuck up about abortion.
    I will never have to experience an abortion as a man.
    Surely, women can figure the stuff out themselves without guys (cranky or otherwise) lecturing them on their bodies?

    Paying alimony is a separate discussion. Men have no right in this area.

  27. yes babies should have the right to live…but should a cell? Or two cells? Should tumours have a right to 'life'…should a non-sentient collection of cells – less conscious that a carrot have the right to life? If so – shouldn't carrots? (see, without God, your argument is baseless, which is why he has everything to do with the argument)

  28. The Y chromosome is gender specific, it's juts that.

    Again, the semen of the father is determining the gender of the baby (if the fastest sperm carried Y, the baby will be boy; if the fastest sperm carried X, the baby will be female; Not only that, but 50% from the genome of the baby is coming from the father)

  29. I never stated it was only paid by men. . . Maybe you people need to stop going off on knee jerk reactions and actually start looking at what the conversation was about.

  30. Do they? Do they really????? There are pretty strict laws about the point at which abortions can take place – if people are aborting fully formed babies then they're already breaking the law – that is NOT what the debate is about…that is already illegal.

  31. Really? Some interesting science you've put into that statement? Now, don't get me wrong, 24 weeks is pretty late for an abortion…but as brain development continues post-birth – I guess we're really asking when a baby feels pain – this is scientifically contested from 10 weeks (the earliest cited – your view) and 26 weeks (the latest cited)…but, ah, this really is contested…and doesn't equate to conscious 'being'…if the debate was 'up to what point is abortion kosher' – that's at least

  32. a reasonable debate…but the abortion debate isn't about that…it's essentially middle-aged (predominantly white) men telling the rest of the world what they believe (based on ancient scripture of herding nomads) rather than reasonable research and debate around the ethics of abortion – it is certainly unreasonable to ban abortion in it's entirety, unless of course you wanna give carrots (and other basic collections of cells) their rights to life…

  33. It is actually possible now to make a child without male DNA. I do MUCH more with my life then declare myself magical and wonderful. Look into sociology sometime and you'll find men more often calling themselves special and wonderful, look at this argument for one example. I don't men aren't equal to women, I just hate someone calling girls vessels.

  34. Not always. As I mentioned there have been babies born with only a single X chromosome. Other than that of course babies need the rest of their genome, but who says it has to be from a male? Genetics can probably make children from two women.

  35. Even with our current technological state, men are able to reproduce without the aid of human women. It's called "artificial wombs". It's banned technology, just like genetine engineering on humans and cloning… but sooner or later the ban will be lifted.

    However, artificial semen is much more complex thing for achievement. It's still only possible on theory and sci-fi.

  36. LOL – not being funny dude but er…you can't even spell foetus…LOL..and what are you talking about? Sides of the stomach? We're not sand-tigers? We're talking about FOETAL (check the spelling) development – not sides of the womb – lol, "I put science in?"…"sides of the stomach?" best…post…ever!

  37. Unfortunately I don't use youtube as my scientific sources – but I checked your foetal development videos – you're an idiot – anything which describes Foetal development as a baby is PRO-LIFE…you are officially an idiot…an actual idiot – "Someone uploaded a youtube video" – now that's science…and you're taking a retarded step backwards now saying it's a baby in the womb or not…so what? When does life begin? Conception? LOL – or at your arbitrary 10 week decision. why do you decide?

  38. LOL – wut? Is this your idea of science again? YOU keep asserting the baby is 'basically' a human at 10 weeks? What are you talking about – and no I don't need another link to your data (youtube videos – LOL)…

    I mean, you're becoming an advert for abortion post-birth!

  39. Abortion after the 6 month is ethical issue. Is not "pro-life"

    the baby is actually feeling pain.

    If the mother wants to kill her baby, then fine – i am okay with that

  40. LOL – your arbitrary 6 month standard is based on what? I believe, if you look at my posts I've already specified that if the question is when should it be legal to have an abortion – that's cool…but that is not what is debated…and why is your 6 month and the foetus is a baby any more true than Catholicism's assertion that the baby is a baby at conception – apart from you saying it?????

  41. Christ, I don't understand this shit. We have scientific proof, the fucking CONSTITUTION of the united states, majority in favour for it, and unrealistic arguments against it like "Give it up to adoption" so that it can live a life embarrassed of his parents. So some tell me why this is still an issue? If christians don't like it, build you own fucking country, but don't impose your religious believes in a country that has no religious laws and no set religion.

  42. Some people have issue while eating meat, they use slogans like "meat is murder"

    Some people have issues with killing human fetuses who are able to feel pain and suffer greatly while getting killed.

    Meat eating is legal, killing of fetusus – too.

    I don't have issues with neither one of the two things

  43. …but then look at your linguistic assertions.
    1. Killing foetuses/Foetuses can be killed – implies the foetus itself is alive – rather than a collection of cells.
    2. Foetuses feel pain – at some point this is likely but could be as late as 25 weeks (even the most liberal countries tend to prevent abortions after the second trimester – making this academic).
    3. Foetuses suffer greatly – there is no way you could know this.

    even if you have no issue – your language perpetuates an issue

  44. "foetus itself is alive – rather than a collection of cells."

    Well, you can apply "collection of cells and molecules" to adult humans and animals as well.

    The fact remains that babies in the 6 and 7 months are feeling, they are moving. And yet, it's considered legal in my country and in yours to kill them. I am not against abortions, this is ethical issue… i am not a fan of ethics especially in the field of biology.

  45. 24 weeks dude (just under 6 months) that's the end of the second trimester – after that it's illegal…but look we agree on our ultimate conclusions – it's just your assertions of fact about issues which are scientifically highly contested – that 'babies' feel…and, then linguistically the use of 'baby' to describe foetus is a trick that pro-lifers do with their badly constructed arguments to inspire emotional attachment to a developing foetus – I will keep highlighting it where I see it. Peace

  46. That is some fugly spelling you got there. It derives from the Latin "fetus", so even though both spellings are accepted, if anything "foetus" is the "less correct" spelling.

  47. You are retarded…the spelling is foetus…doesn't matter how you slice it…the derivatives of English go back to Latin, Greek and Arabic – and if you wanna speak latin, greek or arabic – do it…but don't be a grammar nazi based on the root of language if you're then going to argue that the actual spelling is not the correct one…at least proper grammar nazi's know how to spell foetus lol. Idjut (oh the irony??)

  48. LOL at retards calling other people retarded, seems to be extremely common nowadays. You're simply fucking wrong, foetus is the variant spelling. Fetus is the way it's spelled in Latin, and it's still the standard spelling in English. Both are accepted, but "foetus" is only commonly used in British English. Look stuff up before you call people idiots, idiot.

  49. Wait? Am I speaking to irony incarnate? Fetus? FETUS? Hahahahaahahaa – foetus is not an accepted technical term in the english language…the technical term is foetus (so basically, what the dictionary accepts is fuck-tard inbreds like you with the inability to spell CAN spell it fetus)…but walk into a science lab/hospital and they'd treat you like what you are – a fucking mongoloid. I-R-O-N-Y embodied.

  50. "The etymologically accurate original spelling, fetus, is used in Canada and the United States. In addition, fetus is now the standard English spelling THROUGHOUT THE WORLD IN MEDICAL JOURNALS."

  51. Just because I was found on your mom's breast doesn't make me a cancerous growth – loads of shit's been found on your mom – like lint, and fleas, and all sorts of dudes…why don't you learn english before you critique it because you're a fucking embarrassment to grammar nazism, your family name and to the theory of evolution (or should we spell it theerie – [email protected]!)

  52. Sorry, but you're a fucking idiot…you actually had me for a moment – so I went and checked 2013 journals of foetal development – and boom…validated. Seriously, you have a salient point – fetus is used (non-technically – by fucking retards lol) but in actual, genuine scientific journals you are still a fucking mouth-breather.

  53. I can't kill myself I'm your BEST FRIEND (based on the amount of time I've wasted on you)…I like to include all of googles journals too in my searches – rather than limiting them to proper peer reviewed academic journals! LOL – you're a fucking moron….don't breed! For the love of god, whatever retarded shit your parents passed to you – let it die DIE with you (sometime soon please – just sowin' seeds). (:

  54. If you ask me, politicians shouldn't vote on ANYthing with this much social impact. We live in a connected world and I see no reason why issues like this shouldn't be left to the People.

  55. But war, workplace fatalities, etc CAN affect women. A man, by contrast, will NEVER be in a situation where he needs to decide whether or not to get an abortion for himself. It is physically impossible for a man to ever have need of an abortion.

  56. Absolutely. The point of view of the person on this issue, should be more important than the gender of the person casting the vote. Think about it for a second, do you really want Phyllis Schlafly or Christine O'Donnell voting on abortion rights? I'd bet that if they were voting, they'd vote no, despite being women.

  57. You seem to be under the impression that babies live in a woman's stomach, when they actually live in the woman's uterus.

  58. So the vast majority of the times a woman gets an abortion its because the father wants it, ok…. Actually women are adult, independent actors and although they may be influenced, they make their own decisions. They are not objects to which things happen. They are not children that do what they are told. They are people who, upon consideration of a myriad of influences, decide on a course of action. A prominent influence is financial hardship.

  59. I think the "team" gets it completely wrong on why male legislators should vote on "womens issues". Male legislators should vote on all issues relevant to their constituents, more than half of which are usually women.

  60. They should get equal rights. It's like with an immigration reform. It would be absurd to only let immigrants vote, everyone gets a say, as dumb or intelligent as it may be.

  61. Does that mean let the fetuses in on the debate.I can't imagine any fetus giving up its right to exist, granted the mother doesn't lose her life.

  62. sorry i did not read the comment correctly but even after rereading an argument could be made that the fetus is a part of the body.

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  65. It doesn't matter what gender you are, if you can think through a position and with the fact, say it is wrong, why can't a man say that taking the life of an innocent preborn person is wrong? If a building is on fire or a crime is being committed and I see both a woman and man instructing me on safety in those situations and MY COMMON SENSE, says to me one of them is not saying the safe way to get out of the burning building or save my life in the event of the crime. I listen to the person who is telling me the safe and correct instruction. It is not discrimination to say someone is wrong, it is common sense!!!!

  66. i don't believe men should be able to vote on abortion. i agree that if the case is that a man and a woman are in a relationship, and they get pregnant, the man has the right to voice his opinion but it is ultimately the woman's choice.  since this is ultimately a woman's choice if she should get an abortion or not, men should not vote on it! you can't say "i agree it's ultimately the woman's choice" then allow men to decide and vote if it's legal.  i also agree that women aren't exactly all "yay abortion! so positive!"  abortion is extremely scary for women.  it's not fun. 

  67. i dont think its extreem to only have woman vote on what happens to our bodies or only have gay ppl vote for if they should be allowed to mary. it has nothing to do with everyone they should all mind their own business! itd be better then how things are now where a group of ppl deside on a rule that will only effect a completely separate group of ppl and then have their bvote only count for a percentage of if it should be forced on them or not. and in the gay rights situation as opposed to the abortion thing they are a minority so their voice is very small compared to the majority that wants to force a law on them! its ridiculous!

  68. Until men take a more responsible attitude to sex and contraception then I think they should not be allowed to vote on womens rights.

  69. Ok this is very obvious that men should have a vote in this, the only people that would say otherwise are 99% women, that have a bias opinion on this matter if u ask me for obvious reasons. It takes 2 to tango and women saying men shouldnt be involved in the vote for the few reasons pertaining directly to this issue that they have, need to understand that the father of the child that is inside you takes 100% responsibility for it after its born (as do the women) as far as the law is concerned, and this is about LAWS, not how you feel about it or why it is or isn't fair, LAWS. 

  70. It takes two people to make a baby, and both are responsible once it is born. The idea that men have no interest in it is disgusting for what it says about his mentality on gender relations and empathy / human connectedness in general. 

  71. Wow-there were so few trolls and MRAs back then. Heck even I think its ridiculous to tell half of the electorate that they can't vote on certain issues because of their gender. If this was a video in 2015-trolls and MRAs would dislike the video and make dumbass comment before the minute the video was uploaded (without even watching it).

  72. It really boils down to a simple question. Do you want to live in a democracy or not?
    If yes then I am afraid that everybody has the same voting right on every topic 
    Yes the vast majiority of people have actually no clue about the vast number of topics…
    Still the alternative to universal voting right is non univeral voting rights. With somebody deciding who got the right to vote an who does not…..

  73. I'm not conservative, but abortion is one the few issues I don't agree with other liberals on. However, if you DO believe that you are terminating a life that under most circumstances WILL become sentient in the future, you must consider the fact that about half of abortions involve a male child. If you think of it that way, abortion DOES affect males, and we should have at least say on whether or not it should be legal.

  74. Guess we should ban women from voting on wars. Or voting on garbage pickup and coal mining…

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