Shaun Attwood at Amnesty International: Human Rights for Prisoners (Part 3)

you'll have to fight get in I'll to help prisons and yeah there was this is chapped room of what would he bring in this guy called jumping bail is the same guy that's called the prisoners during the PO going mr. looking completely out of control and it was a labor guy concert briefly i remember well christmas as well as missionary band came and sang through the razor wire and i was stuck just really little spurts because christmas is when most business commit suicide you know they're reflecting on what the dawn's keeping the families that i was the family's knowledge kind of stuff and it's just this really miserable day for most remove the dust variants CSO the world religious services what prisons kind of don't don't like it because they look as an inconvenience okay i don't know do the burn pattern people are going do they see the airbrush view of britain's I providing together all are they kept away from the I'll do they actually see what's that but I think some of the passes are pretty savvy to what's going on we understand that a lot of prisoners come to the services just to facilitate the drug trade and to pass messages and stuff like that and i would say his only probably front rows are really actually there to like benefit from the service there's a lot of Commerce and contraband exchanging on the back roads like that well I think they know what they're up against then they understand that they're reaching even a small amount of people and they can help of Larry that was not cousin was facing so much time it was my wake-up call no did I want to continue to do drugs in jail and possibly get more time possibly ruin my case her family even more all these things is completely popping up wanting to do the drugs was that that the other pointing up we not appreciated they are there last question on my group my girlfriend who was visiting me at that time the gang would kind of pressure or pressure on earth to bring drugs in because the saddest the whole ages revolves around drugs for these guys because our wild man with me who was one of my best friends will turn on his massive guys one of my bouncers and some of my old bouncers in there and there was just one of the biggest groups in jail I was able to resist that pressure and later on because these guys are always writing the story with protecting me i Cana was able to resist that pressure if you're not doing drugs you considered Layne you're in the minority and be treated very suspicious comment smiling very strongly just to encourage you that actually a very topical thing is that right in the back Florida there is an honest reaction to a letter some of the really scientific really interested that is that prisoner who's been sentenced to death penalty turned down despite adequate legal representation and they met health problems and the batteries nology business kill appearances so minded medicine I think then must be a while performing way

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