Shahmeer Abbas Shah Ends Controversy - Ducky Bhai's Peace Video - Shahveer And Rahim Pardesi In Pak

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. Hi everyone
    Just wanna clarify what happened to me, i collaborated with sham, Mostly Positive feedback aya, Kaafi views aye
    Trending pr gye videos but sad someone ruined it which made me go against him ,He tried to ruin my meet and greet ( But ducky said i didn't know k us ky next day meet & greet wala scene hoga) so that really triggered me so i just did this all to release my anger and frustration, however, now that anger has subsided i realise its was a mistske. In addition, it was my error of judgement that made sham to leak Ducky's voice call without permission on Youtube jo k bilkul galat baat hy and i apologize for that but trust me ( kasam ) sy my real intention was to create harmony and peace because i've been with both of them
    Dono achy insaan hain ( Saad & Sham ) Sham told me that his big brother is managing a Biggest fan festival of Pakistani Youtubers jahan har youtuber aye so i thought if they become friends that would be good for their future and a big surprise for Pakistan Youtube community
    Ab mera gussa khtm hy
    Now i'm ready to shake hands with everyone so i'm finishing this and making a peace video tomorrow
    PEACE ❤❤❤

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  3. i like this video uski waja ye hy k ap ne kisi ki b side nhi li ap ne just explain kia k kya ho ra hy … with out spreading hate.. thank u

  4. Now shahmeer realized that ducky bhai is best now he is apologizing because all the peoples are with ducky bhai

  5. Thanks for getting their likes and dislikes ratio. Top work lol… love from Rahim and Mamoo pardesi

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