Serbian Cannabis: Between Pain and the Law

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. dont take chemo its a scam…. if ur on chemo or have been you need to take up to 3 times as much oil over three times the time as if you have never taken that chemo poison

  2. you need to take more oil per day to be quite sure to kill cancer and no chemo is best … build your tolerance to full spectrum cannabis oil over a month upping the dose every 4 or 5 days by double! so start at a small rice grain bit 3 times per day and double every 4 to 6 days until u are taking around 8 or 9 grains of rice size doses 3 times per day. this is around a gram or a mil per day once your tolerance is up keep taking the high dose ( you will be used to it ) for 2 more months if u have never been on chemo and 6 months if you have been on chemo . it takes a long while and a lot of oil to repair what they chemo has damaged ) good luck

  3. wow that doctor is a ignorant old hag letting her patients die because they could get a bit stoned from thc but opium is alright somehow

  4. I can't stand why people minimise there status in the drug standings, he states he ain't no junkie so that makes it ok to use cannabis and ppl that polyuse are junkies ,what a liberty for its fuckn cannabis that leads most ppl to become junkies

  5. Serbia is in the dumps like Albania….legalize it and make money…..make clothes and shoes and medicine…MAKE FUCKIN MONEY YOUR COUNTRIES ARE SHITHOLES…..$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$…..

  6. Thank you Wisconsin government for keeping marijuana illegal. If it gets legalized, hundreds of smugglers would be out of a job!!!

  7. rick Simson oil? crush the weed cook the weed then soak in alcohol -= better extract or more med than that guy got

  8. Ne kazem da je neko glup,ali ne moze se tako govoriti.prvo nauci nesto,a ne da pričate o zmajevima.smatram da bi vice trebao da pazi o tome sta ko prica jer to nije igra.razume se da je vutra medicina i mnogo ljudi je koristi . Treba tim nekim ljudima objasniti kako i sta da rade da naprave kvalitetne biljke za sto neko pusi celi dan nema veze sa ovim niti zmajevima.neko i dalje misli da vutrA ne pomaze kod takvih stanja?

  9. 20:26 -I f… can not believe what this so called "doctor" is saying , Morphine is good and suggested that is non addictive but Cannabis is a "drug" .WTF ?! Who the f…. gave you a job you moron , Opiates(morphine) addiction is a well established fact BUT Cannabis addiction and some "psychosis " she mentioned is a f…n MYTH .Put 'em all on Heroin Doc , seems you love your opiates !

  10. She don't want weed to be legal because it's a drug but she's ok with prescribing heroin sorry i meant morphine to her patients

  11. Nemam nista protiv legalizacije ali sam 100% protiv ovih aktivista, lazovcina sto prodaju ljudima lazi da marihuana leci rak. Reci lepo "hocu da se naduvam" i ne seri. Marihuana ne leci nista, ovaj laze da mu je majka bila izlecena od vutre, rekao je da je jos uvek isla na hemo terapiju sto ju je izlecilo (mada je i hemo terapija losa).




    I’m a patient in the United States in the state of CT. I can’t believe something like this is still sooo ridiculously illegal in so many places.

    I think with the technology of social media and YouTube type resources that we need to band together to buy housing and all that goes with it. Basically, I’d like to be helpful for people like this. If your government won’t help you, then I would like to. Why can’t a group be made to buy hotels or cruise ships to offer housing and treatments? If I had the money, I think I could make this feasible tomorrow! If your state or government doesn’t want to help you, and you can’t get a better situation yourself? Well I could fix it! We are talking about a hotel or similar, with a grower or similar to medicate. Imagine you could live in an environment where you can get better, or if not, more comfortable without needing to leave the complex. I picture having a swimming pool and hot tubs with a garden and food that is healthy and all is an environment of healing or comfort for those that can’t heal. You could have the financial comfort of having a bedroom, food to eat, and no worry of being arrested. Maybe even a place for body after death, burial or cremation, in a memorial type mausoleum.

    I know if I had money I could get this done! I’ve spent 20 years in the restaurant industry working from the bottom up. We’d need a facility, operating costs, and healthcare workers. If that part is too much at first, most could be done with food and a bed. There’s empty buildings everywhere, and I could imagine one of them in a legal state being donated, and a small amount of monetary donations and volunteers.

    If you knew of a place helping like this, would you support it? Imagine these people being helped with a plane ticket! I’ve learned how to extract every penny to alleviate burdens. Imagine having a charity that helps and you can donate monthly to.

    I know if something were available, people would support in more ways than could be imagined.

    Couldn’t you see someone famous with money helping out financially? Then after seeing the result, seeing so many more people and places you know it would be something that would quickly spread and a force that couldn’t be stopped.

    It’s sickening to know that people are suffering and dying because of inaction, not that they couldn’t be helped, but that THEY WON’T!

    My guess is if you’re watching this, and reading my comment, you probably agree with me. Wouldn’t you like to see a tv ad that would ask for your help and donations like the “save the children” types?

    If you agree with this please give it a thumbs up. Perhaps this could be spark to set it all off!

    Maybe you could get someone with money to see this and agree with my plan. So much could be done today be a regular or video phone call. I would love to do this and not at all to become rich off of it.

    I have to believe this will be done eventually, why not now? I don’t think anyone that thinks the legal marijuana movement will ever be going backwards from here. The difference is, you could be helping so many now instead of 20 years later when a corporation is going to do it strictly for profiteering reasons.

    So many cruise ships get scrapped when they become outdated (interiors and luxury features) aren’t impressive or whatever similar.

    The United States bought one and turned it into a floating and movable hospital ship with operating rooms and recovery needs. It was used in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, why not any more than this, for this reason or for other noble reasons?

    How could you not agree with the premise, and to steal an old chestnut, “if you build it, they will come.”

    Contact me if you think it’s something that needs to be done and have the financial ability or know of how to obtain it. Like I said this wouldn’t be for me to profit from, it’d just give me purpose, not being able to work is killing my mind; and I have always determined my self worth by accomplishments, my grandfather instilled a Sicilian work ethic in me, “if it’s not perfect, why do it?”

    I hope to have a purpose again, helping people in the same or similar hell that doesn’t let up is unfortunately something I’m too familiar with. If we band together it would be an amazing force to reckon with and a future of less pain mentally or physically for so many!

    Don’t you agree that this is incredibly doable, and it’s crazy that it hasn’t been tried yet? I for one would really like to be the first, if you agree, then let’s get this done! Nobody else wants to try, when do you want this, now or years from now when it can be a racketeering investigation for profiteering criminals?

  13. It is considered by the Serbian Government that weeed is illegal/due to they only a part of illegal drug trade in Serbia.
    Legalize it!

  14. In all ways there is not dragons,it is not for junkie,all world says that C.B.D is cure for sick ,and half people. I WISH THAT YOUR MOTHER BE CURED , LIKE BUNCH OF PEOPLE AND TWO LEGAL JUST TWO MAKE CRIME IN SERBIA — MINIMUM 50% GO OF WITH LEGALIZE C.B.D

  15. That doctor ….. I am Absoluutly against weed! its a drug!!! i rather put my patients on straight up morfine shot ….. and thats how you create drug addicts….. Stupid bitch….. she's no doctor … she is a pill/shot slinger…..

  16. На велику тугу и жалост, наш брат Драган је преминуо 17.10.2019. и Србија је остала без једног врхунског човека, брата, пријатеља и борца за Канабис, како у Србији тако и у целој EX-YU! Сахрана ће се одржати у Београду 19.10.2019. на Лешћу са почетком у 12:30ч.
    Нека ти је вечна Слава и хвала брате наш. За Тебе границе сада не постоје…мада, никада нису ни постојале. Љуби те брат!

  17. its so easy and cheep to make the oil i know you have the alcohol its very easy i will send you seeds in the mail give me your adresss

  18. That dude was growing male plants total waste of time unless you want seeds in your heads.I hope his next grow was better and he grew some nice girls.

  19. He said "Smear some of that same oil on a cigarette and you will be chasing the dragon in no time. You will see dragons." The level of misinformation that guy had its no wonder its illegal there.

  20. In the U.S.; The war against opiates is ridiculous! I would suggest to Mr. Trump "The Art of the Deal;" You will only win a re-election by giving something for what you have taken away!!! I voted for you, but now suffer endless pain! Because of your policy, You have assigned all Pain medication to illegal Fentanyl and heroin deaths! I never shared or sold my pain meds..Since AARP will destroy you; You might want to get the Stoners Vote? Legalize Medical Marijuana; Or Give me back my Meds…

  21. Jesus did that doctor really say morphine is better than cannabis????? She is fucking nuts saying morphine isn't addictive. Holy Shit how is she a doctor?????

  22. Marijuana is the only one end stop to cure any kind of disease. Actually the thing is it's useful every kind of aspects. Trust me I know. Hope marijuana gets legalised all over the world with some exceptable rules and regulations.

  23. 2019(G) “Respect and dignity.” Furthermore: (Monaco!!) 👀👀🔥🔥🇲🇨🇲🇨👈👍👍 💯 •—• “human rights” 👀👀🔥🔥🇲🇨🇵🇱🇲🇨👈👍👍💯💯💯 ••• “Respect and dignity, 2019?”

  24. I wish I could go here and show how I do this, I’ve helped thousands of Australians for free, we are 100% compassionate for terminally ill and chronic pain sufferers,
    But the same as our brothers and sisters in Serbia we are outlawed and hunted by the government and the law, just for helping our fellow man with free cannabis and cannabis oil,
    Keep fighting brothers, you will win.
    I love the brother who was making the oil and praying over it as he made it, you totally get it brother, you are working for God, he will deliver you and keep you safe, you are a warrior for God and Jesus, you will definitely win brother, God bless you

  25. Ovoj doktorki bih jebeo mater imam komsiju sa dva kancera
    Mesto hemo terapije su mu dali kao bio terapiju jer mu hemo ne daju
    Eksperimentišu na mladima svoje hemijske lekove pizda im materina ne lece ljude nego ih cine jos bolesnijim sa svojim testovima

  26. Like the video! Very cool! Good smoke! Top!
    Checkt the perfekt song to the video in the link! 2019! Peace!–W5MYU

  27. Doktorki koja se zalaze za morfijum koji ubija dokazano a bez ikakvih argumenata i dokaza blati kanabis, zelim da cela familija oboli od kancera, ms i svih ostalih bolesti koje canabis leci ili bar pomaze! A nju treba da je sramota sto truje ljude lekovima kao sto je morfijum zarad svog dzepa i para farmaceutske mafije za koju radi! Ljudski sljam!!!

  28. mante se ljudi podjebavanja…ovdje se radi o ozbiljnim stvarima. mi u michigenu smo se debelo borili da legalizujemo shit. Ovom jaranu, nema ta trava veze sa THC . Jednom male postane bezvrijedna kao i vecina drugih trutova,haha.Nadju sjeme autoflower i ne moras da brines za takve probleme. samo moras je malo tanjiti da se bolje zastite od gljivica i baja,hehe.Od te tvoje biljke da je neznam kakvo ulje ne moze te napraviti "haj"

  29. ali moj savjet je radi sam sebi to ulje…ima na you tube kako to uraditi. A moze se praviti i kao caj ,samo mjesto vode uzmes mlijeko,punomasno. Skuhaj na laganoj temperaturi i potrebni sastojci se sjedine sa masnocama iz mlijeka. Na usta je mnogo lakse;sporije djeluje ali i duze.

  30. Narodu su zabranili, a ovi iz sns na čelu sa vučićem već 6-7 godina sade na 15 hektara cannabis indicu sa ogromnim postotkom thc-a u plastenicima u jovanjici i do sad su sve ladno izvozili i obrnili milione evra, pitajte recimo vulina onako sastrane da slučajno oboli od kancera bi li otiša na kemoterapiju pa nije debili da potpiše 99% šansu za smrt a u bašti mu tone rastu samo osuši izmelje skuva i cepa friško i neprskano, al Bog ih kaznia pa sve palo jer su pohlepni i nisu narodu dozvolili da uzgaja i da narod ozdravi i uzme neku kintu od izvoza

  31. This guy really is too stupid to grow weed and to make oil out of it? Serbian Climate is perfect in summer, just grow 5 plants and you will be able to give your mom her dose for the whole year. If you need help with anything you can contact me. Just leave a reply.

  32. That Lady was so friggin dumb! "I prescribe morphine" ;She Said.
    …"Its a wonder drug" "it should be in every doctor's office" STUPID IGNORANT Woman! And thinking like that by big wigs here in the U.S. Is why were all effected and suffering from the Heroin Epidemic. So Many People really need to get a clue. The Netherlands should be who we learn from and model our countries after.They have had things figured out for a very long time and their way is proven to work…
    If you agree, Can I please get a [LIKE]??? ALSO…My Channel here on YT is: DrJones Random Videos and Film Collections.(Just Click on my Picture in the bubble there on the left side of this comment to go there) and PLEASE Subscribe to my Channel there. I will return the favor if you wish. Just let me know if so, and I'll subscribe to your channels too. See it's important to me to get some New Subscribers and/or as many Views as possible because If I can start to get anykind of monetary benefit from my channel the money will ALL go towards helping to pay for my daughters college next year… and with me being a single father with many serious health issues. Any amount of extra funds will help with her college. So I Thank ALL of You In Advance and Wish that you all have a Blessed Day and Wonderful New Year ahead.
    ~Ben C.~

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