Senator George Mitchell launches Institute for Global Peace, Security and Justice

Universities in every free society are important
protectors of individual liberty and most importantly the opportunity of free
and open expression Queen’s has fulfilled that role here in Northern
Ireland for a very long time The idea of the institute is to bring together
academics with practitioners in order to address this
global challenge of creating an inclusive, peaceful and secure
society It’s a really esteemed academic institution
and it’s taking George’s name and George contributed so much to peace in
Northern Ireland I’ve been here for a year in the institute
and I picked Belfast because it was a place where I could study
conflict transformation and the peace process and because of George
Mitchell’s legacy here The thing about the struggle for peace is
that it isn’t simply a struggle to end violence It’s a struggle to build social transformation,
to deliver social justice, to address issues of social repair and to
deliver social healing A peace agreement is not a fairy story
It doesn’t mean we all leave happily ever after we have sectarianism,
we have political problems, and now we’ve got the huge problem posed for us
by the vote in the referendum on EU membership and you need an institute like this
to work through the ideas to give some intellectual underpinning to what could happen 18 years later and on into the future I think that studying here is even more relevant than
ever Peacemaking is one thing, peace building as
we know is a process, a process which we have to struggle and continue
to deliver A very large part of my heart and my emotions
will always be in Northern Ireland I like the place, I love the people, I admire
this university and so to be affiliated with it is for me
the greatest of honours possible

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