Senator Cory Booker Reflects On How Rep. John Lewis Inspired Him To Run | MSNBC

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  1. Booker is slimy. If you listen to how he responds to any somewhat controversial question he beats around the bush and never gives a clear answer.

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  3. So Cory Booker thinks John Lewis should be president? I mean, great, I'm all for it. Nothing against Booker, but that was a better case for John Lewis than Booker has made for himself throughout this entire campaign.

  4. Democrats are useless imbiciles
    Only talk about slavery gays helping blacks browns??
    Are whites not Americans Are whites not Homeless Are whites not poor??
    You imbiciles just keep bringing up slavery in 1965 i marched with Martin Luther king we need to give healthcare to illegals..Seriously all ypu imbiciles
    Will never win again..Trump is a crook is the best you got?? All of you imbiciles have been in the government for decades and you're blaming everything on the new guy??
    Trump will destroy you imbiciles
    I will vote for Trump just to see you do nothing Aholes lose again again again.

  5. Booker…. you want a moment of rage again like back in 1965 ?? Wth ?? You know, that thought of yours kinda sounds like what we are trying to get away from with Trump !! How sad.

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