Scott Morrison spurns criticism of Australia’s record on climate change during UN speech

Now, Australia is also taking
real action on climate change and we’re getting results. We are successfully balancing
our global responsibilities with sensible and practical policies
to secure our environmental and our economic future. Australia’s internal though –
and global critics – on climate change, willingly overlook or perhaps
ignore our achievements as the facts simply don’t fit
the narrative they wish to project about our contribution. Australia is responsible
for just 1.3% of global emissions. Australia is doing our bit
on climate change and we reject any suggestion
to the contrary. Like many leaders here,
I get many letters from children in Australia
concerned about their future. I take them very seriously
and I deeply respect their concerns. And, indeed, I welcome their passion. Especially when it comes
to our environment. My impulse is always to seek
to respond positively and to encourage them,
to provide context, perspective and particularly to generate hope. To focus their minds and direct
their energies to practical solutions, things they can do, positive behaviour
that will deliver enduring results for them. To encourage them to learn
more about science, technology, engineering and maths because it will be
through research, innovation and enterprise that the practical work
of successfully managing our very real environmental challenges
is achieved.

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  1. him and his colleges are addicted to coal,Australia is contributing far beyond the numbers suggest when it comes to pollution in asia

  2. Oh dear lord the Trump mini me (who has forgotten to put his wig on) is at it again… so embarrassing that this is representing Australia…

  3. Scott forgot to add that Australia has only 0.3% of the world's population: which means that 1.3% of global emissions and 5.5% of global coal production is a hell of a lot

  4. It's ironic that Australia is already feeling the effects of climate change ,but refuses to change from coal to cheaper green technologies. The liberal party is bought and paid for by the coal lobby.

  5. • Scott Morrison says Australia's record on climate change misrepresented by media ►

  6. Morrison doesn't actually need to do anything to reduce climate change. He can just moan about whilst doing nothing to actually help. Works for Emma Thompson and Prince Harry

  7. Morrison is just another Climate change zealot who wants to bankrupt Australia by adhering to the pointless Paris agreement. CO2 is steroids for plants and we need more of it, not less!!!!

  8. Very interesting and indicative – there was almost no one in the chamber listening. Compare that to the packed assembly listening to Greta.

  9. What a liar!!! Dubbo a rural Australian city of some 40,000 citizens is about to completely RUN OUT OF WATER . What are the citizens going to use….. $$$$$ ? His government is full of climate change deniers including himself!!!

  10. We don't believe Co2 plant food is pollution in the US, except for Al Gore, but to each his own. If you wanna give India and developing nations hundreds of billions of dollars each year in a carbon tax, then go for it, but the US isn't paying a carbon tax to Macron and his bogus climate change accord. Co2 has a specific gravity of 1.5 while air has a sg of 1.0, which means Co2 is heavier than air and cannot float up and create a heat trapping canopy. If you lower Co2 plant food to 200 PPM, 97% of the trees and plants will die. Plants need Co2, water and sunlight to create the oxygen we breath in a process called photosynthesis, and when you lower Co2 you are gonna cause crop failures and starvation in your country. It will be confined to your country or continent and won't affect us, because Co2 is heavier than air and does not float up to the jet streams and travel around the world. By lowering Co2 you are actually harming the planet or your part of the planet, not saving it. Our temperature and climate is controlled by the sun and in 2011 we witnessed some of the largest solar flares ever seen on the sun. The very next day we had record high temps around the world.

  11. He gives USA MILLIONS of $$$ for space program , then after complaints about aussies in drought , gives $100 million for drought relief TO AN AREA NOT IN DROUGHT !!!!
    Saying yes to many new coal mines for QLD is NOT doing anything about cutting emissions !

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