Scott Adams Shows You How He Cured a Liberal From "Trump Derangement Syndrome"

so if all goes well today I'm gonna have a guest I tried to have yesterday but I had technical difficulties my guest has been he's recovered from TDs and I wanted to talk to someone who had gone through the process of having Trump derangement syndrome and somehow recovering because it's a rare thing I can hear you you could tell me how to pronounce your last name properly why sec ly sec okay Joshua Isaac now you responded to my request for to talk to somebody who once had Trump derangement syndrome but maybe I helped talk you out of it or maybe you come and came out of it yourself does that accurately describe you that does yes and how bad did you have it oh and tell me what is your political leaning do you naturally lean left or right would you label yourself yeah I would say I'm center-left a reasonable liberal yes we do exist all right so you had terrible thoughts about Trump could you could you summarize what terribleness you thought were the problems in particular yes and I can't even get some context about a year prior to the 2016 election I had been with a listener of sam Harris's podcast and of course that you know a left-wing ecosystem kind of the the intellectuals of the left we're predicting that this guy was going to be opening concentration camps and deporting you know the millions of illegal immigrants and starting World War 3 and sexist racist bigoted homophobe we're hallucinating now and now would have to say is it kind of looking back is what was happening but at the time I was fully convinced while these smart people are saying these terrible things are going to happen they seem to be pretty confident so why would I why would I believe otherwise right so would you say that it was the group thinking that influenced you more than say your own critical thoughts about the the facts definitely yes like a like a lot of people I mean you know as a busy person I don't necessarily have you know hours on end to do all the research and the deep-diving myself and so I would look at these kind of you know commentators podcasters so-called journalists who I do the things I respected right so it's a it's a perfectly reasonable shortcut because we can't we can't think through every topic to the bottom you have to rely on people to you know sort of give you the give you the cliff notes there all right so what was it that changed what how did you how did you come out of it give us the the brief journey there yes reflecting on it I have to point I think there's three specific things that happened that were like you know cracks in the other movie screen that I was watching right the two movies on one screen so there were some cracks on my screen crack actually was how sam harris personally you know after the 2016 election for unrelated reasons was kind of dragged through the reputation mud by establishment left wing commentators intellectuals and media and i personally knew this guy sam Harris isn't no bigot or a llama phob or anything like them I saw the same people that were saying Trump is evil they were saying Sam Harris is evil yeah that's really interesting all right so so once you saw that the same treatment could be applied to somebody you did know about and you felt confident then that made you doubt this the same treatment they were giving to Trump who you didn't know as much about but now you're saying mmm if they were wrong before all right go ahead what was your second yes so that was the first crack is there they're turning on on Sam Harris especially like Vox and that whole disaster so that would be the first one the second one actually is a far left friend of mine posted on Facebook an article in Rolling Stone this is I think it may be a little over a year gonna be a year a half ago before my son was born I'm thinking in terms of the timeframe so the article the headline it was something that was just sounded terrible that we expected to happen is a headline with something to the effect of from rolls back child labor laws oh no this evil terrible person sweatshops you can just see the sweatshops in your head right and everyone's showing it's thousands of shares all this man's evil hashtag in peach now right right right I go and I read the article the article is about how the Trump administration is instituting a new labor rule which allows blue-collar employers to hire sixteen seventeen year old high school graduates to work at their companies as apprentices I'd say I completely agree with that the headline was so far removed from that it was a hyper exaggeration that was a second crack and tonight I said to my wife I said how many other Trump rolls back child labor laws headlines have we seen that even if we had read the story we just couldn't read so it was the third thing yes the third thing with you and so this was a looking a little over a year ago before the hoax funnel so this is a little over a year ago the hoax tunnel it looked kind of like a wind tunnel you had this drawing on your whiteboard and you listed the various media hoaxes or exaggerations or a lies about President Trump don't start with the big list or with this little one and work your way through it looked like a wind tunnel right so like work your way through the hoax tunnel and you realize you know maybe there are legitimate reasons to to you know vote for someone else in my case I'm kind of on the Andrew yang bandwagon for 2020 but reasons you know – like president Trump's results in an administration and there's you know reasons to maybe not approve but these are not any of those reasons all right so what's unusual about your journey is that it involves reason and you know actually learning which is so rare and you know I think it helped a lot that you said you were your sort of moderate left-leaning your your appreciation for Andrew yang this sort of speaks to that I mean yang is about uh yang is half a Republican either you know I don't know what he is I don't know how he could get elected because he's he's only half one side and half the other but I that that is very interesting now did you get any pushback from your friends who presumably remain Trump haters well whenever I bring up something like the anybody assured a headline or out here about what Trump did today and I'll say well I looked into that story actually I read past a headline in the article and actually it was ABC and then just as you predicted in the in the what would it be then the vfp hoax funnel where they just say well maybe that means some true but this other thing and so it's just like hopping from one thing to another and maybe they'll get to the point where it's something that like okay I actually agree I'm not a fan of President did Joshua did you see the video clips of the times that President Trump used the same mocking expression as he was blamed for mocking the reporter who had that they had to cap with his arm have you seen the compilation clips the show he does that all the time with other people not until I think it was on your timeline right yeah so the the the news funnel completely protects people who are the Trump haters from seeing the exculpatory video they just never see it and so you can kind of understand why why uh you know why people are fooled now you had you had the ability to start with the Sam Harris who I would say is actually not really political in a way wouldn't you say yeah yeah and I think that the type of people he was having on his podcast had some sort of either political affiliation or they're you know economists they're commentators or technologists and for their own reasons they had fears about about possibly being an existential risk like Eric Weinstein I think that was a Weinstein phrase existential risk yeah I even when I disagree with Sam Harris I appreciate that he's trying to get there through some kind of process of reason and facts and discovery and you know learning etc like he's trying to get get to places through rational processes unfortunately he lives in an irrational world so that's gonna have a limited effect on people's minds all right so Joshua thank you so much and I'm sorry about my miscue yesterday my tactical error that delayed this till today but this is fascinating so anything else you want to add yeah I just saw a comment in here I want to respond to somebody asked is he an artist or an engineer and you would you probably expect just like Andrew yang I am both so I'm a newer I own I own my own business I'm a real estate investor as well but my my main business is as a ghostwriter so it's creativity it's writing so I own I own a creative business in addition to another enterprise so a little bit of both and want to give your company a plug what's the name of your business oh sure sure yes it's it's the entrepreneurs wordsmith entrepreneur is my business I've goes 40 40 full length books since 2011 so we're celebrating eight years this month all right and what kind of books do you go straight a certain genre or anything most of them tend to be a business books entrepreneurship books by thought leaders or aspiring thought leaders who are maybe experts in a specific niche or or industry and they want to go mainstream and so they see a book being something that can open the door to a greater awareness of their personal brand and credit excellent excellent and if somebody wanted to reach you on Twitter tell them your twitter twitter and handle sure at joshua liesecke why SiC is spelled Li SEC it may up at Joshua a sec great thanks Joshua we're gonna go on with the show and I appreciate you very much thanks guys I appreciate it

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