Schumer on Epstein: ‘Why did this absurd, obscene plea bargain occur?’

-You've called on
Secretary Acosta to resign
over the Jeffrey Epstein case. Why not call on Manhattan
DA Cy Vance to resign
over the same [indistinct]? -I'm not familiar
with what Vance did. -Should the Senate hold hearings into the Acosta-Epstein
plea deal? -Well, the first thing
I called for is that the Office
of Professional Responsibility make public
their documentation. It's a major mystery
to everybody as to what has happened. Why did this… absurb, obscene plea
bargain occur? What was going on, there? To not — Someone brought
this up in our caucus. I think…
maybe Amy Klobuchar. But someone who's an expert
on — Tim Kaine — on sex trafficking. This was not prostitution, which is what Epstein
pleaded guilty to. This was sex trafficking — a crime that is regarded
in our laws as far more serious. We've got to know
what happened first.

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  1. It has been no secret about Epstein for decades. Chuck….why did you accept millions in campaign donations from Epstein???

  2. How did this deal occur? It happened the exact same way Clinton was able to set up a secret server, destroy emails, smash computers and servers, hammer cell phones, commit perjury and sedition, sell Russians uranium and pocket $145 million all without being charged with a single crime. It happens because you and your cronies are corrupt to the core. It happened the same way Bill was able to rape, molest and intimidate. It happened the same way Bush lied us into war in Iraq and Clinton lied us into war in Libya and Syria. The establishment is disgusting and grotesque. I say let Trump burn it all down!

  3. Because people like Ken Starr and other dirty birds have worked on this for YEARS!!!! And people allowed them to for their GREED

  4. Asks Schumer who as an adult a few decades ago used to troll shopping malls for young teenage girls. I wouldn't doubt that information surfaces of a Schumer Epstein connection

  5. It occurred in order to bury this case so as not to expose Bill Clinton and others as the perverts and rapists that they truly are

  6. Gutless Chuck…. "If you don't show up & turn the documents over, we will have to give you 3 more weeks.
    & if you don't turn over the documents then, we will double the penalty, & give you 6 more weeks."

  7. Schumer tell them how much epstein gave you and many other democrats including Hillary Clinton in campaign he gave you all.

  8. Why was Schumer still taking donations from Jeffrey after 2008 when Jeffrey was charged in Florida? Schumer only after getting called out says he will donate the money to some sex abuse charity. Is this just talk to appease the masses? Schumer should not be let off the hook so easy.

  9. Why did Schumer take contributions from Epstein. Did Schumer intervene or play a role in getting the charges reduced for Epstein? Does Epstein have pictures of Schumer at Epstein Island? These are questions that should be asked but won't by the controlled press. When democrats like Schumer accuse anyone of wrong doing you can be certain that is exactly what those democrats are guilty of but are trying to distract attention away from themselves. This is a standard procedure for democrats like Schumer and the controlled press goes along because they are the mouthpiece for democrats. Everyone already knows this but it always has to be said.

  10. There is no defense and it will be overwhelmingly agreed. Acosta, already self and publicly disgraced, like so many other Trump slithering cesspool dwelling associates, will be gone within weeks if not days.

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