Scenarios and implications of the U.S. midterm elections

let’s talk about some of the possible
scenarios now the most likely outcome is the Democrats retaking the house while
the GOP has the Senate but regardless how do we see these midterm elections
affecting Trump’s policies right a lot of issues are at stake to you and
especially pundits are saying that this is actually one of the most important
elections in their lifetime and there’s a reason why they say that that’s
because President Trump who has been very busy first crossing the country
holding rallies talking about illegal immigration and the strong economy so
here is what we have what we know will happen if the Democrats take the house
they will pick a new Speaker Nancy Pelosi the veteran progressive from San
Francisco this will also mean more women in Congress and a lot of investigations
will open or reopen against President Trump as for immigration the Democrats
may try to keep the bill under dreamers the undocumented immigrants who came to
the US as a young age they’ll also try to block Republican moves to push
through more tax reforms another key issue is health care the Democrats will
stop Trump’s attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act so then what happens
if the Republicans keep both the Chamber’s president trama protectionist
trade policy will continue the sanctions will remain on Iran and the trade
disputes with China were also likely to go on yet the talks with North Korea
were also likely to continue along with president Trump’s strong efforts to push
up or build up the military as for health care the Republicans will want to
push for changes to the Affordable Care Act what happens then if Democrats take
the House and the Senate the Democrats will try to moderate President Ron’s
protectionist moves in general including on China the European Union and Japan
the Democrats have said they want to boost infrastructure foreign policy
we’ll also see some major shifts like limiting arms sales to Saudi Arabia and
the scrapped environment issues could be brought back all right we’ll have our
eyes glue to what comes out of this thank you so much for coming in today
thank you for having

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