Scary : Paranormal Activity, Aliens and The Illuminati ..

(menacing music) (wind roaring) (yells) (people yelling) – [Man] Holy shit, tree flag. (man grunts) – [Man] I mean seriously. – [James] What is up,
ladies and gentlemen? This is James LaFleur with
the Impossible Channel. Welcome back, hope you’re
having a wonderful day. Smokeless fire, folks,
that’s what a Jinn is. And if you don’t know what a Jinn is, that’s a long story, but I’ll, you know right now we’re not here
to talk about that exactly. We are going to be talking
about a lot of things, folks, but why did I mention a Jinn? Well, because we are holding, I just heard about Apple’s
new release, new iPhones, and all that wonderful equipment, folks. Now a lot of people
believe that technology, this technology was given
to us by other beings and whatever, you know,
this really sounds crazy, but you know don’t go away, not now. This is crazy, guys. You know what’s happening, like Hurricane Florence right now, we just had Hurricane Florence, and there’s something weird about life, and I’m not talking
about iPhones right now. The names iPhones, X, iPhone XS, or XS Max, it seems like I’m saying stuff that I just don’t want to be saying. It doesn’t sound good,
the names are horrible, and I kinda agree with most
of the comments out there. But again, I’m not here
to talk about that. We’re talking about smokeless fire, Jinns, the kind of thing you just don’t wanna go around talking about. But the fact is, folks,
you’ve been sitting down your entire life, literally. You cannot escape that. What is that, folks? Sitting down. Sit down, right? – No, God, No! – [Demon Voice] Yeah. – [Woman] Control. – [James] And that is the thing
you cannot avoid in school. Now after school of course,
you’ve got cars, right? (tense music) Now you’re gonna
understand why I’m talking about smokeless fire, like
oh, you’re talking about cars. Technology that was brought to us since the 1700s, I believe, was developed slowly to what it is today. Now like most of the
things, you guys want to call them the Illuminati maybe, right? But they probably got their hands on cars. – [Woman] Some people
can’t shake the feeling that their phones may be
picking up their conversations even when they’re not making a call. – Search for online, you may think a company is listening in, and that is possible,
(menacing music) experts say, but companies
know so much about you already, they probably don’t need to eavesdrop. – [James] Then you got
televisions, plasma, but you know these plasma screens, they’re literally smokeless fire, and that’s what a Jinn is. Let me just play a small
clip here of a phone on a, I don’t know if this
is a real video, folks, or this is CGI of sorts. This is just unbelievable. There’s a person with an
old phone, a cellular phone, put it inside a microwave,
and see what happens. This is exactly what I’m talking about folks, smokeless fire. So who knows if what they’re
putting inside our iPhones, the technology that they’re using inside our phones,
televisions, whatever you want. Electricity that’s running
through our power lines, does that have anything
to do with smokeless fire, and that was the Jinns. (eerie piano music) Before… I don’t know, a lot of
people do believe in that, and I’m bringing this because
I would like to believe that the world is a random place. You know what I’m talking about, come on. A random place, doesn’t
have the Illuminati, doesn’t have a conspiracy
behind everything, it’s just a random place. I would really love to believe that, but then you’ve got this kind of video. Roll the video, let’s see this. – Okay I’m picking it up here
in Wilmington, North Carolina right at the intercoastal and
we’re in one of these bands. This is about as nasty as it’s been. We had some bands like this last Friday. – [James] This, it’s all
over the social medias. It’s everywhere. This guy, Mike, if I’m not mistaken. Hi, Mike if you’re watching this video. I have no grudge against you. Kinda understand what you’re doing here, but just don’t go that
live television, you know. That’s a big fail there. That’s exactly the kind
of video I’m looking at, and I’m seeing this guy
go through all of this, and I’m like, “Oh my
gosh, wind gusts at what?” Winds at 49, 29, what? And why is this guy
looking like he’s gonna fly off of the screen, you know, like there’s a huge hurricane coming and then you’ve got these
people walking around in the background just normal, normally, you know. Skinnier people than him, and you got this guy out, this actor, sort of actor, doing all this, “I’m gonna… (imitates yelling) And you’re like, oh my
gosh, he’s screaming. And he’s like acting, and I’m seeing that there are two people behind him. Nothing’s gonna happen, there’s no wind. This guy is pretending. That’s exactly what I
stop and I think, what? ♪ What the fuck is going on? ♪ (death metal music) – [James] Am I actually
living in a random world? Or is this actually being planned? That’s exactly when I stop and I think, oh my gosh, smokeless fire. – We should be very careful
about artificial intelligence. If I were to guess at what our biggest existential
threat is, it’s probably that. With artificial intelligence,
we are summoning the demon. You know all those stories
where there’s the guy with the pentagram and the holy water, and he’s like, yeah, he’s
sure he can control the demon. (audience laughing) Didn’t work out. (chuckling) – I take it there will be no
Hal 9000 going up to Mars. – Hal 9000 would be easy. It’s way more complex than, I mean, it would put Hal 9000 to shame, yeah. That’s like a puppy dog. (chuckling) – [James] In the future,
we might actually be going into a sort of trap with this artificial intelligence thing. And if this planet is one of a kind… – Why do we need to
build a city on Mars with a million people on it, in your lifetime, which I think is kind of what
you said you’d love to do. – Yeah, I think it’s important to have a future that is inspiring and appealing, I just think that there have to be reasons that you get up in the
morning and you wanna live. – [James] There’s a movie that shows monkeys finding this huge
iPhone in the middle of nowhere, and they’re hitting and jumping, this is a classical movie, I mean this is really what
is happening right now. They gave us these black things to hold, black rocks, and we’re amazed. Forget about holding your phone, what the heck, if you go and
check your history right now, you have a phone right, you can do that. Go and check how many hours
you spend on it per day. Now if you just sum that up and you see how many years
you’ve been using your phone, you’re going to be like, oh my gosh, I’ve been
holding my phone forever. So in other words, it’s been centuries we’ve
been buying and building technologies that we don’t
even know where they came from, how they work exactly and
what they are capable of. And in general, this is where
a lot of people come in and say that there are
conspiracies in the background. What about cars? Have they been listening
to us for how long now? ‘Cause phones have been listening to us, this is exactly the example
I wanna give you guys, this is not a conspiracy anymore, it was ’till a couple of years ago maybe, but now everyone knows Facebook and others have been listening to us. Who else has been listening
to us and how long? Cars are perfect. If you stop to think about it, what is the thing that is
in each country the same? Cars. You get the point, right? What I’m looking at right now
is again, technological times. We can talk about cloning, for example. You know, Kid Buu. I don’t really know if I buy this guy, if he’s acting or if he’s being real. – [Kid Buu] Yeah, originally my first gen, or my second gen now, that’s why you see the celebrity births say I’m born in
Toronto but that’s false. My first gen was born in Jersey, however I was cloned by Clonaid in Canada. My model number is 0112568 if anyone wants to see the registration. Shout out, Clonaid. Productive version of you,
including your memories, you can be selective as to which ones you keep or don’t keep. This process has been
around for quite some time, like Dolly the sheep was cloned back in… – [James] You know, leave a comment. But this guy came lately in a video and just out of nowhere started talking about the fact that he was cloned. And I do believe that
cloning has been happening. If you just put Trump and
clone on Google search, you’re gonna get thousands of
videos from really serious, supposedly serious sources. – [Jim Carrey] You
don’t know what that is. – [Jimmy Kimmel] I have no idea. – You don’t know, Jimmy
Fallon doesn’t know, David Letterman doesn’t know, all the comics in show business
don’t know what this is. – [James] Saying that
Trump hasn’t made it, that he has a clone. So why the heck not have they been using this in the music industry? So what I’m trying to
say is we are living in sadly technological times indeed. And we do need to find a
way to make it through this. I’m gonna leave it at that, folks, and leave a comment, what
do you think about all this, do subscribe if you haven’t, leave a like if you enjoyed the video, and I’ll see you again. (eerie music) (upbeat piano music)

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  1. This new technology isn't for me. I don't like being radiated, spied upon, etc. Keep your eye phones, radiate your kids, eat gmo food,. Good luck with that. After this I'm breaking my cell and only using a landline and am NOT using any of their "new improved technology.". No 5g for us!!!

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  4. Write down what you want to talk about and then read it. Second, most of your examples are not smokeless fire. You've just succeeded in confusing Jinn with a bunch of other things. Congrats.

  5. He was right when he said they were demons. Read Genesis 6 and the Book of Enoch. God tells you be careful that you be not deceived

  6. You understand that they are creating fear in people. Because of the power of our collective consciousness. That means we can create the opposite. All we need to do is wake up and live as one. Cause we are!!!

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    Excellenté mY|Man

  10. Yes most valid point . mr|JameS
    am not in Habit of Giving Accalades
    to very many You|tubers
    But . I must saY Your videos are well produced
    On/point . and GreatlY/appreciated
    by I' . and all others wHo are (as/well)
    Privelaged . to view your contents . .

    Excellenté mY|Man

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