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El siguiente video fue grabado el 17 de octubre del 2012 a las 1.45pm Es como medio día Soy la única persona en la casa y… Escuché unos pasos provenientes del primer piso Revisé todas las habitaciones y no hay nadie en ellas Ya han pasado 10 minutos Ahí está de nuevo Voy a ver ¿Hola? Mantendré las cámaras grabando y subiré cualquier evento a medida que ocurran

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  1. Omg i just got a heart attack help! BDIDBDI but if they went to the bathroom I can't judge them maybe it was a close call and they needed to pee reaaaal bad

  2. i guess demon needs to take a mean ass shit break lol

    HEY, DEMON BACK HERE TAKING A SHIT (Friday Movie References) lol


  4. Am i the only one who hears a female voice coming inside the room,after the door has been slappted?

  5. just take two sets of footage. one with a human running up stairs, one without. cancel out one of the audios…….?

  6. The Ghost is probably offended that you walked on him/her doing their business. Next time, Knock before you enter!!

  7. at 1.04 after u stop talking something else says something along the lines of holy shit and it not ur voice

  8. I need help I bought a chess board about 20 ears ago….left it under the stairs nothing strange happened…then I found some old carved pieces…I got home and set the board up I left it out as a display piece….The following morning I awoke at 2.03am and a pawn had been moved….I placed it back following day it moved again…so I moved a piece…2.03am following day a different piece had moved…I had some disturbing dreams in one I was told I was planing for high stakes and in my dream he shook my hand and crushed it…I awoke with a broken finger…someone advice what can I do if I don't move my piece I end up sick or really bad luck accidents noises nightmares that the word do sent seem to cover…

  9. I heard another voice in the video, are you lying to us Mike? @ 1:01 you can hear another voice say "Holy shit"

  10. So this happened to my husband in our friends basement. We've had a lot of bad paranormal experiences and I couldn't understand why the stairs bothered him so bad until I watched this. Now I get it. It's just so unnerving.

  11. What kinda ghetto ass water heater is that? Did you get it from the Mexican Depot? Or is it a homeless man's belongings!?

  12. Il faut que tu mettes à l'endroit où tu veux pas que ce fantôme viennentdans ta chambre il faut que tu mettes du sel du gros sel

  13. Dont wanna be THAT guy but couldn't you easily record the audio of you running up the stairs and then just sync it in with this video so it has this effect? It also looks like you swung the door shut out of frame and quickly moved out of the way…Not saying you did but if it is fake, then thats probably how you did it.

  14. Right, if this is real it's incredible, but I can't help but feel you've recorded that stomping up the stairs on a field recorder and layered it… this real?

  15. If you are the kind that likes to expirament (sp?) There is one i will share that I have not had the resources or the opportunity to try that I will share now. I call it the Faraday gateway, it addresses an issue that I feel makes it difficult to capture activity even if the entity is cooperative. The energy needed to manifest in a big way. You take 3 or more copper wires (preferably insulated) make a tight braid and line a doorway that is open, then you energize the copper wire and ask the entity to walk through the doorway and use the energy to manifest visually. I would have a ghost box, digital recorder, kinect camera,multispectrum camera and k2 or/mel meter running at the same time.

  16. I would love to be part of such an experiment but I understand if that is not possible but if you would like to share it with me please feel free to and you are welcome to contact me with your thoughts, questions and/or comments. [email protected]

  17. DON'T SLOWLY OPEN IT. IS SOMEBODY GOING TO HAVE TO DRAG A DEAD GHOST OR GHOUL OUT FOR PEOPLE TO REALIZE THESE THINGS ARENT SAFE!?!?!?! ive been collecting silver and studying monsters since i was 12 im 24 and dealt with 4 monsters so far, stop testing these things and i won't have to risk nuts and nips for youre stupidity. Why risk yourself when they can posses you and make you tear out youre own organs? Look for crypto hunters

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  19. Now this is obviously fake, skip to 0:52 wait and you'll hear a raise in the volume, this is because when he added the step sound while editing, 2 ambient tracks are colliding and making it sound like ambient became louder. pretty obvious.

  20. Can you not explain the videos of you being debunked? Using wires to drag stuff about?

    No? Didn't think so you scummy lying bastard. Don't be fooled, this man is very skilled in video editing and manipulation, type in Michael D debunked for proof.

  21. I would have to say this is a fake. I believe there is some type of string to close the door as soon as it closes it's pretty dark so you can't see what was used to close it gave him some time to remove it and most of ALL his character doesn't fit the moment so he knew what was going on. If that shit happened in front of me I'm running straight to the front door and down the street. The Xbox kenix thing is the best piece of evidence of the paranormal world.

  22. Watching cause I keep hearing footsteps upstairs nobody's up there the neighbors are gone in the next apartment so yup ik wtf you going through

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  24. i am so interested in spirits and have watched many videos, some I think, nah, and then there's this. I watched 4 of Michael's videos from the beginning and I now totally believe. this is scary, incredible and how brave is Michael!

  25. That would have scared the shit out of me too. It's like they saw you and you scared them. I wonder if that spirit knew it was dead. It must have taken a ton of energy to run up those steps with force and slam the door.

  26. The Poltergeist in the pic next to the comment is in my house. It's not the scariest thing that has attacked me in my home ,there's an Indian Spirit called a Windego. Solid black and sent to get revenge on the White Man. I have been in several fights with one and it would be compared to meeting the Devil.

  27. "If You think they wont come in daylight….(sound effects) you better think twice. This time… They….are here. With young promess actor: MichaelDi'Maggee and SFX studios aka Poltergeists they brought to us: The haunting of Mac'Gee's Mansion."
    😁 imagine this be the trailer and with a voice from those Michael Bay movie trailers, being those for a movie starring this guy and his poltergeist. Dont take me wrong, i enjoy his videos, and i've seen some of them. They are entertaining and to be honest the effects (sound, visual…) are good, simple but effective.
    I just smoked something and i am a little baked 😂😂

  28. Next time your downstairs at night about to turn off all the lights and go upstairs….just remember this video

  29. im watching this at midnight and i almost just shit myself WTF. Ive had a similar experience with footsteps at my old house so I 100% believe this but this was a bit too aggressive and scary

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