S. Korea’s ruling party, gov’t, Blue House agree to cooperate to resolve trade dispute with Japan

senior ruling party lawmakers the
government and Blue House officials have been discussing the decision to
conditionally extension somya vowing to resolve the nation’s trade and historic
disputes with Japan our political correspondent Kim Morgan
has more top of the three sides agenda was Saul’s decision late last week to
conditionally extend to Sonia during their meeting at the National
Assembly on Friday senior lawmakers from the ruling party and top officials from
the government and the presidential office agreed the decision was
appropriate and timely and with Japan agreeing to hold the director-level
meeting next week they expressed hope the talks will be an opportunity to
start rebuilding frayed relations between Seoul and Tokyo considering the
latest progress between Seoul and the class momentum for change the trade
ministry we work to simply solve the trade dispute we hope the perceivers be
engaged in the talks and we can resolve the program together after their
hour-long closed-door meeting the three sides agree on the need to further
communicate with Tokyo until it agrees to withdraw its trade curbs against
South Korea and puts halt back on its list of trusted trade partners however
the three sides stressed the need for efforts to develop the nation’s
manufacturing competitiveness to protect the South Korean economy from similar
incidents that might happen in the future the ruling Democratic Party said that it
will work to pass related legislation in the National Assembly and actively
promote the need to pass a proposed 1.8 billion US dollar budget in the area for
2020 which is double last year’s amount the top office also promised utmost
efforts to strengthen related policies and ensure the planned negotiations with
Japan goes smoothly we’ll make sure the high-level negotiations with Japan will
be held without a hitch the government will keep implementing policies to
develop the local industry materials and equipment sectors
on the diplomatic front the three sides also pledged continued efforts to narrow
differences with Japan to find a wise solution on the compensation dispute
over Tokyo’s wartime forced labor of Koreans Kim Mugen Arirang news

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  1. Korea didn’t respond to consultation request from Japan which is for talking about the situation of export of Korea last three years. In addition, Korea doesn’t introduce catch-all regulation and put enough people for export controls that’s why Japan and Korea need to see each other. Korea needs to reconsider about its export controls system not blame on Japan nor fight back like a kid. Conversely the action of Korea is against WTO and free trade.
    Plus, Don’t you think this’s hilarious cuz Korean do no-buying Japanese products though they demand selling 3 materials without complicated procedures 😂 😂

  2. Please search this YouTube video.

    Testimony of Former battleship islanders

    This is a video to deny the Koreans were slaves.  


    Former battleship islanders"I was born there but l’d never seen houses with iron nars"

    Former battleship islanders"Iron bars? None."

    Former battleship islanders"Japanese workers were also there and died as much as Chinese and korean workers. "

    statements and false evidence
    here is a picture it has been shown to
    the world as evidence of one of these
    Koreans being forced to move to
    Gunkanjima to work in harsh conditions
    however this man was in fact Japanese
    and was unrelated to Korean forced

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