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Russia can’t influence the US election process: Andrey Kostin

Russia can’t influence the US election process: Andrey Kostin

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. How did Russia stop Hillary from coming to Michigan & Wisconsin. She chose ILLEGALS over Union JOBS!

  2. The deep state is trying to be slick.Trump needs to play dirty and suspended all training with NATO. Than see how deep state like that. Russia hasn't did anything to the U.S.. U.S. needs to stop trying to over throw Syrian president.

  3. That would be nice if this administration had any credibility. Putin can claim what he wants from the private meeting.

  4. I wish President Trump didn’t back down he told the truth. Obama thinking Hillary would win didn’t care or believed BUT as soon as his stooge didn’t win then oh hell yeah he believed but didn’t do squat.

  5. Fox is getting to be like CNN a fake phony news station president Trump is our voice to make America safe and great again he doesn't need to apologize for anything you need to apologize to him and to the American people for slandering him

  6. Barack Øbama, along with the 3 previous lunk heads before him, as well as the European diversity dolts across-the-pond have proven, time and time again, that in order to influence elections in any country, all you need is a mass infiltration of foreign nationals into the location holding the elections.
    No rocket science here!

  7. WTF are you doing Fox News? lol The guy is part of a list of russians who are sanctioned. You want him to fall off his balcony later today? What kind off answers do you expect from this guy?

  8. Again think about it the Democrats were trying to steal the election and now they're trying to say that Russia is one that's hacking all elections honestly think about that

  9. Can't? Really? It seems they have already in 2016 you ass hats. I served this country twice, and this crap makes me sick. They messed with our Democracy period!! Fuck Russia. We our America and we lead. We don't follow scum bags like putin ever.

  10. Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Comey and secret society that tries to overthrow Trump is also then probably Russian spies!?? Lol who the hell knows what is going on.

  11. I cant trust fox ANYMORE they showed there true colors. This last few days. Propaganda. Hate for our President. Tucker Hannity judge Jeanine two other woman but many attempts to fuck shep and others. Its disgusting..

  12. Dumbass Senator Blumenthal called for all paper ballots ,so Putin couldn't meddle with the electronic voter machines ??? They proved two years ago these electronic voter machines are stand alones …not connected to the internet ,like a vending machine ?? What a complete moron this dinosaur is ??? The voter machines were switched to electronic to prevent the dems from stuffing ballot boxes anymore and to prevent the Al Gore incident …hanging chads ….remember ???

  13. Hahaha…just let trump be trump..I notice most Russians are even saying democrats are thinking out of their mind…lol

  14. Suspect Mueller laying groundwork for FALSE narrative: "Russian meddling changed outcome of Prez election"…not true but Dimocraps and Deep State desperate to unseat P. Trump deranged with fear they'll end up in orange jumpsuits!

  15. they did something even more destructive than election meddling. they did all they could to sow discord in america. to instill doubt, anger, disagreement. to make the political divide even wider. to turn us all against each other. and thus, destabilize and weaken us. they even admitted that that was their true goal. and unfortunately they succeeded. we ALLOWED them to succeed.

  16. American's do not elect presidents. The "electoral college" does this. In 2000, the supreme court more or less did it and demanded that the counting be stopped. Read your constitution.

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