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  1. Hmmmm…… Now where have I heard that before? Oh, yeah! It was Michael Cohen and look what happened to him, Thrown into prison for 4 years after a decade of service as a fixer with a law degree to Trump. Rudy's going to go down like Michael Cohen. Instead of getting four years, I think that most likely Rudy is going to get more jail time than Cohen as he is participating in an international cover-up to get Trump an illegitimate re-election just he was illegitimately handed the Presidency in the 2016 Presidential Election.

  2. Hayes looks like he's auditioning for late night stand-up. Glad he's telling this story, though. People need to see and understand the blood on Trump's hands.

  3. Basically what Chris Hayes just said is Trump wants to become a Dictator but cannot when you have people who ACTUALLY WORK FOR THE GOVERNMENT AND FOLLOWS THE LAW AND THE US CONSTITUTION. That is why she had to go because she stood in the dictator plot of this Shadow Foreign Policy Conspiracy. This is EXACTLY THE ABUSIVE POWER AND CORRUPTION THAT CRIMINAL TRUMP HAS TO BE IMPEACHED!!!

  4. Admit it,you all are mad because he was getting information about the corruption and collusion affiliated with the dnc.They are looking for the hacked dnc server to find out the truth which is what i thought the democrats wanted.

  5. My goodness Chris Hayes breaks it down so well it should be going out over the radio airwaves as a Emergency Public Service Announcement because Americans are deeply distracted and some not knowing what to believe.

  6. Who is Chris Hayes?????

    Some JUDEN who I guarantee is related to the head of CNN in one way or another. JUDENRAT

  7. Trump is compelled to eliminate from U.S. government service anyone with integrity or a backbone. Trump is the bellweather of "the banality of evil".

  8. She covered up the Bidden corruption in Ukraine! She was bad mouthing Trump and was in charge when she covered up Bidden and Clinton trying to get dirt on Trump and Msnofort! She even gave a list of people not to investigate in Ukraine! Bidden confessed on video, and that can't be denied because of his confession!

    #TrumpVideo and #TrumpGenocide prove what the stars reveal about @realDonaldTrump then 2017
    and now 2019

  10. I would much rather pay her payroll than the corrupt Pres …I think we owe her wages if she is fired from State Dept for risking her entire career to benefit "We the People" ….she is for our interests as Americans & we owe her & should be held to our mistakes of putting that person in charge to try to ruin her for doing her job well!!! If not, what message does that send out to other corrupt Narcissiatic people in politics ….its not ok for people afflicted by demonic spirits to ruin Gods people who r for Gods Good & serving for the good of others… we salute her courage for our country, is a very difficult task that she she dedicated & loyal to ….she is the very backbone of what "serving ur country" means!!! …we thank you & hope that ur courage will encourage others who have info that "We the People" deserve to know about how our country is doing politically & what our taxpayer dollars is paying for. .thank you from my heart & soul ….God sees all & truth is his biggest weapon against the devils war on his Kingdom
    …." the devil he is a liar"

  11. All bunch traytors tighter against Trump never going to happen laying against Trump becouse they are loosing big Americans will start a Revolution if something happen to Trump and that the true. evils cannot win against good Viva Trump doing CV a great job for the entire world.


  13. Is there any republicans that are not surrounded by russians.every where you look more russians pop secret service paying can they miss it.

  14. :26 – I wonder if those two gals on either side of her are her daughters? Regardless, I am sure they are super proud of Marie for standing up for what is right! Finally a good example.

  15. This was way too long. Cut out the first 2 minutes and the last 1 minute and we get the point. Most trump supporters are going to skip this video because the intro was way too long. We don’t need to see this, trump supporters do. You’re just preaching to the echo chamber.

  16. This show is a childrens' zoo. Applauding a metaphorical "fart" on cue is degrading to my species. If the host took some valium he'd quit babbling and choose his words.

  17. The main street media is corrupt. We don't believe you, you are fake news, traitors, enemy of "We the people" We are not stupid. We are Patriots!!

  18. This is one of the most absurd things I’ve ever watched.

    I don’t know who this (Man? Woman?) Chris is, but he’s profoundly manipulative and dishonest, and aggressively defending criminals, here… and to see the crowd clap along like trained seals as justice closes in on these scoundrels… what an extreme echo chamber

  19. He's pretty much a lecturer of semi-news, and (opinionated) why one ought to care. Very boring. Hard to watch. Very pedantic.

  20. What's the difference between an alligator and a politician's lawyer
    One is an aggressive beast with a primitive reptilian brain that tears their prey to pieces. They are scaly and very ugly. The other is just an aligator.

  21. as a scotsman, could someone please explain to me, as to how in the USA it seems that most of these women have BALLS , yet, most of the men are impotent ??

  22. Its amazing to see such integity under such corrupt legal public pressure! She is gonna be offered an amazing job my the new President!😉

  23. Thanks, Chris, for making it clear what Ghouliani's role is. I don't think I was alone in being uncertain before about what he does outside his crypt.

  24. For doing all the wrong he's been doing for Donald Trump little do he know the trumpster it's going to throw him under the bus to

  25. The Black and Hispanic community in NYC screamed the alarm through out the 90s about Giuliani, and we were ignored. Finally some of you white liberals are willing to listen.

  26. I see the over/under is three weeks. In three weeks (more or less), Trump will answer THE question with those familiar words: "Well, Rudy only handled a very small part of my legal work…I had another group of attorneys to handle any serious legal problems."
    Rudy, stay away from Greyhound trains and airlines too.

  27. What is this? A news program or a stand-up monologue? The line between the Fifth Estate and pure entertainment has finally been fully crossed, I guess.

  28. She is a anti-Trumper. Didn't you get the memo? If you hate Trump, they will create the crime so you can speak top it in secret to the big boys. Then they will leak the good stuff… to the media… drip drip drip. Don't you people know that this is societal programming? 24/7 Propaganda Media. 24/7 selling the narrative that you must believe.

  29. This show is a hit. I really believe this setting is the future. Where as you are bringing today's news and talking about it to the people. Nice touch.

  30. Hypocrites all of you, quit crying like a 4yr old that lost his blanket and do something like journalism, reporting, or just plain tell the truth. Your opinion means nothing to anyone. Puppets.

  31. Spin Ghouliani and Igor with their bosom buddy Lev under the spell of the Big Orange Lying Warlock DJT. Putin's Frankenstein risen. For the love of money (greed) is the root of all evil.

  32. Americans should read facts Yovanovitch blocked Ukraine from prosecuting Biden from corruption. Read Ukraine news. US media misleading

  33. Would someone please put some bacon grease on the air stairs for Air Force One next time trumpelthinskin has to deplane. Or wax the bottoms of all his shoes.

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