RoeBots Episode 19: “As A Politician It’s Not My Place To Impose My Beliefs On Others.”

In 1973, the U.S. Supreme Court
legalized abortion nationwide. The decision is called Roe vs Wade, and
those who defend it are known as RoeBots. This is how they think… First off, the government is already
involved in the practice of medicine. In fact, except for the abortion
industry, the medical community is one of the most highly
regulated environments in America. I will also point out that telling
people they can’t intentionally kill their fellow human beings
is not practicing medicine – even if the people you tell it to are doctors. As for the claim that they would not
impose their beliefs on others, why are they running for political office? Imposing their beliefs on others is the
only thing politicians are elected to do. That is what every vote they cast does. And if political office holders are not going
to be guided by their own personal views, then why would they bother to tell
us what those personal views are; and whose views are they going
to be guided by if not their own? Let’s also not forget that millions of unborn babies
have been butchered in American abortion clinics only because pro-choice politicians have
imposed their personal beliefs on them. Of course, I guess those babies are
expendable since they are out of sight, can’t vote, and don’t give
money to political campaigns. The reality is, when someone says that
they personally oppose abortion or that they think abortion is
wrong, what they are saying is that abortion takes the life
of a living human being. After all, there is no other justification
for being opposed to abortion. So when you cut through all the political
posturing, what these guys are actually saying is that abortion is murder – but they
would not do anything to stop it. So my question is: has America’s
moral values sunk so low that cowardly and self-serving gibberish like that
can actually be passed off as political leadership? And what are the long-term
consequences for a nation that puts people in positions of leadership
who say they wouldn’t do anything to stop what they agree is the wholesale slaughter
of defenseless and innocent children. Thanks for watching!

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. Wonderful episode! Thank you! If a politician will not stand up and defend the weakest and most defenseless among us, they will not get my vote! The Right to life is fundamental. Without it, no other rights exist.

  2. It is so beyond unfortunate that there are people, especially politicians, that view abortion as birth control, medicine, and/or a right. I wish they would see abortion as what it truly is.

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