Robert Ray: Pelosi doesn’t have power to dictate what the Senate will do

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. First of all, the ONLY one trying to DICTATE anything is the current president who claims he can "DO ANYTHING HE WANTS" and has steadfastly refused to allow anyone with firsthand knowledge of his crimes to testify UNDER OATH. What is he trying to hide?? His crimes of course. So sad to see his dictator 101 classes from Putin, Kim et. al. has finally given him the FIRST IN CLASS designation he has coveted since his last in class at Wharton. Bwuhahahahaha

  2. The only conclusion I can make is that she knows the senate will quickly dismiss the impeachment and that she wants to prolong this fiasco into the new year to cause Trump the maximum damage.

  3. As real and truthful as ALL of this is, there are far too many people who are not hearing and/or understanding this. It is quite unfortunate that somehow these concepts, rules decisions, speculations and/or policies have to be shared with all American citizens. We can talk and discuss all of this until we turn blue in the face, but ……………..

  4. Palsy Paloossi is gonna hold it until the CAUCUSES are over so that the democratic senators can go to caucuses. This is because Republicans said they will hold the trial all the way thru them and to bad so sad because they are NOT going to excuse a single senator until it's over.

  5. Very good report thanks Dobbs we are feeling much better about this charade going on in our government, it's a spiritual war.

  6. 1:25 What about THIS TIME??? How about Deterrence through Disincentivization from the successful prosecution and execution of the Traitors. Maybe, just maybe, that would affect those not yet prosecute to "come to Jesus." It will certainly stop recidivism and assist the draining of the swamp.

  7. YES! I finally heard someone say it it! Yes trump has set a workschedule that has made previous presidents look bad. And the next ones will have try to exceed.

  8. God Bless Robert Raye ,
    Stating the facts polosies and her Dems . Have realy took on underhandedly turning the Dirty finger towerds them selves .And Stealing pride from Dems not connected with Congress fight! For committing treasonous crimes ! Their are Dems out in the country . Their Dems because they are ignorant . And don't know better. Just because . Hollywood said !
    Them foolish folks hanging on to every word a star speaks . It's got to be golden . Them fans ! Sad but true 😢💔

  9. Democrats actively destroying the best President in modern history. The Democratic Party should not only be defeated in 2020. It should be completely dismantled.



  12. Come on Dimbecils, don't get discouraged now. We want you to keep your hopes up high so when LANDSLIDE 2020 squashes you, we can watch more of those great vids of you losing your pathetic little minds. We still watch them from 2016-they're hilarious! On behalf of Trump supporters, I thank you.

  13. Why is Nancy Pelosi so reluctant? Hardly due to discussions on Senate procedural formalities with McConnel (she very well knows that he will not change). What leverage does she have besides keep saying she will not leave the impeachment to the Senate. She can threaten with that she will withdraw the whole impeachment.

  14. Pelosi is still trying to change the rules of impeachment to suite what she wants to do what she want to control American people with her socialist government against America.Tell her and all socialist that we are a free country and Americans will not stand for anything less . Either resign or impeach her to save our democracy

  15. She is on leave like Last year. Dont care a bit. Promote her as Ambassador to North Korea. Her and her Gang. pss Schiff Swawel and Nadler.

  16. No one could of chose the right president to Go through all the Democrats BS. BUT GOD KNEW WHO YO CHOOSE! PRAISE JESUS

  17. Technically, the Pres is not Impeached until the FAKE articles of impeachment are delivered to the senate.
    My bet is that Pepsi and Shifferbrains are waiting to do this when the Durham report is released, to hide its likely scathing content.
    If then articles ARE handed to the Senate, they should publish them, so all can SEE the stupidity, wastefulness, arrogance, disregard for public money and abject hatred that runs through the demOcrooks.

  18. Three years of false accusations against Trump and the demarats keep trying to impeach him . The demarats have wasted 3 years of his presidency, I think Trump should get another term to make up for the wasted 3 years the demarats caused with all their false impeachment threats

  19. My Prediction: She will send the Articles of Impeachment the night before Tuesday Election Day Nov 2020 to the Senate making Trump an Impeached President therefore ineligible candidate. Whatever the outcome of the election, Trump will be deemed an ineligible candidate.

  20. So much lies and corruption I my self have been fool by the the democrats Propaganda no more help me God🙏Let’s stand together and fight with Trump To DRAIN THE SWAMP first President who gives a dam about us🤗🇺🇸❤️I will vote for Trump 2020 👊❤️🙏


  21. I wish Trump and the American people would make the province of Alberta and Saskatchewan a republic of the USA,we need help to leave eastern Canada and all the liberals!!

  22. geebag adolf pelosi got a kick in the gee today sos she has no say in the sennot so her demands will be laughed at fake inpeachement will be trown out of the sennot

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  24. If you seen the budget request from the so-called democrats party that Ted cruze exposed is outrageous at best! OMG they are out of their minds! Please god exterminate these fools of their own world and their foolish minds. Trump2020

  25. What if no one in the Senate signed that they received it, looked it over, or even read it ?
    And Pelosi won't admit it, hiding it ?

  26. The drunken slurring POS Piglosi has snookered 🎱 herself along with the other LYING PsoS DemoRATs PencildickNeck Schiff for brains and NoNads Nadler .
    The president to be exonerated..
    3 years of lies and utterBS from the dimwits

  27. Pewlosi reminds me of the conversation between Satan and Jesus during his 40 days of fasting. Satan gave Jesus three choices: jump off this pinnacle, turn the stone into bread, bow down and worship me and all the kingdoms will belong to you. The conversation she wants us to believe is that, like Satan, she is calling the shots. We say, "away from us Satan we worship the Lord our God and serve him only." The devil left Jesus and angels attended to him. The devil will leave because right now no weapon formed against POTUS will prosper and as his enemies come in God raises a standard against them. When God is for us who can stand against us…this is why POTUS' enemies can't hem him into the narrative they continue to spit out. We are covering POTUS and this land with our prayers God will once again be VICTORIOUS in this battle. Wait, watch, and see!!!

  28. Nancy Pelosi should to be out of the Discussion Now! Send the disgusting work you have done to the Senate Now! Do not play these manipulative extortion games on the American People? Stop Holding up the USA and the People. It's time for you to go back to your Democrat Socialist House of Representatives and continue getting nothing done. Pelosi Knows She is Finished with her Obnoxious Hold on America after She Sends this Democrat Socialist fabricated mess, She has done, to the Senate. After that it's just the November 2020 Election. Bye Bye Nancy Pelosi just go away, Leave the American People Alone. Your 15 minutes of Fame are Over Now. Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are finished after the Impeachment is sent to the Senate, they will then disappear into the Democrat Socialist Party working on getting re-elected then they will be forgotten after November 2020.

  29. The corrupt media is one of the BIG reasons why we have a swamp of corruption. They have to be getting a lot of money from somebody.

  30. Please go away Hillary. You would do so well in North Korea, Ukraine or Russia. Nobody except Hollywood trusts you here in America.

  31. Please go away Hillary. You would do so well in North Korea, Ukraine or Russia. Nobody except Hollywood trusts you here in America.

  32. Trump has done more than any other president for the american people you don't have to like him but be aware what he has done that's what we elect a presided for…..
    America decides who we elect not Nutty Nancy and her Democrats

  33. What a freak show produced by the dem party, for this Christmas and New Year and centuries to come for all of us to laugh at dem party.

  34. Impeachment is not a passing news story, is not reversible by a corrupt Senate, is not a superfical stain. Impeachment for serious offenses is forever.
    The further the process goes, the more Trump's culpability sinks in and the more ominous history's judgment against him becomes.

    If I were a Republican lawmaker, I'd be thinking very seriously about how to avoid stinking in history with a madman and national betrayor. Partial redemption might still be possible for those who recant soon enough.

  35. We the American people are demanding that Nancy Pelosi be arrested on two charges 1 obstruction of Congress by withholding and preventing Trump to be claimed innocent of all charges that the tyrannical in dictatorship house passed without the approval of any Republicans I might add. And secondly there is a petition that has over 3,000 signatures on it demanding that Nancy Pelosi be charged with treason she is absolutely did nothing for the American people the entire four years that the Democrats had control of the house we did nothing but attack the president and try to reverse what the people fairly voted for this woman is against the American people she is abused her power as well as proclaimed herself Tyrant and dictator we the American people demand that she be removed and arrested!

  36. Nancy is following Obama's order to impeach since they have won Congress just like they passed Obamacare that destroyed healthcare for the working people that retired early.

  37. Lou Dobbs is absolutely correct….Trump is "the only person who has the strength and endurance to tolerate" the democrat attacks.

  38. When the House or Senate passes a bill, it is referred to the other chamber, where it usually follows the same route through committee and floor action. This chamber may approve the bill as received, reject it, ignore it, or change it.

  39. Pelosi by her actions herself can now be impeached for the very same things she is accusing President Trump for, what a dummy , plus she can go to prison for the bribe she took from EL CHAPO to try to keep the border open. Pelosi prison term near??

  40. She should be shot for treason against the people, the Democrats are scum they have no rights to power People need to spit in their face literally

  41. Why can't the Senate do what the House did? Add a timeframe rule where the House must send the Articles of Impeachment to them by a certain date…say one week after the impeachment vote. If the date is not met, the Articles are null and void and any charges stemming from the original investigation are dropped never to be considered again. Sounds like the court system we citizens are subject to.

  42. The corruption of the Dems and the media will not end by merely pointing out their misdeeds. Go find how they are funded. Did they conspire to overturn an election? Charges against those in the media who assembled together and brainstormed how they would use their granted access to inform America and the world to manipulate information and sow the seed of division for the purpose of skimming money through war or "save the world" schemes. Trump brought an end to all that .

  43. The best thing for the Country is holding corruption accountable come what may. After $40 million it is owed to the people watching this farce to get justice and closure..

  44. Pelosi announces publicly that she is waiting for a Quid Pro Quo from the senate against the president of the US whilst holding articals of impeachment for ransom!.
    Are you serious!, She should be swinging by the neck!.

  45. Funny thing.these idiots in the house had enough nerve to say they expect a honest and fair trial from the Senate.rhese people are sick.

  46. I don't understand how this diabolical impeachment mess is being labeled as or spoken "this impeached President" when the Senate has not yet had a chance to vote? Doesn't a vote, any vote, need both sides to respond before a conclusion can be drawn? Like the other day when nancy pelosi was speaking and taking questions, she abruptly put her hand up and said no more questions about the impeachment, as if to say 'the impeachment hearings are over, Trump is now impeached' so is there anything else you want to know about and suggested the economy or the China trade deal, etc.

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