Roaming Millennial: Politics, Race, and the Social Justice Crusade (YouTube Week)

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  1. Interesting watching this a yr after the fact… So many of the things they talked about have come true. And now, they both have left Patreon, and she has moved to CRTV and away from YouTube so much after thinking they were the best thing that ever happened to them……

  2. Roaming Millennial might be the dumbest person I have ever heard holy shit. I was literally shocked at how substance-less she was and how actually stupid she is.

  3. I'm an authoritarian who believes in the leadership principal. Democracy has failed us. A new president can come in and change things that the last administration put in. In these crazy times with the left going further and further left we need totalitarianism of a great man who is a great leader.

  4. She's a token. Let's be real.. she knows what's lucrative and where the money is. Just like Dave "I'm backed by the Koch Brothers" Rubin. It's funny how every so-called Skeptic on YouTube has a Patreon. lol This is hilarious.

  5. Quick question – why is it always "Dr. Peterson" but, on the other hand, for example, "Christina Sommers". I never heard her being referred to as "Dr. Sommers". Not that I want to be pedantic about it, but it is telling, after all, that him being male somehow seems to give him more academic gravitas.

  6. Your quote @ 41:57, “Give me your tired, your poor, … " and suggestion that this is somehow indicative of America's acceptance of immigration. It isn't. It is a poem, written to raise money to build the pedestal on which the statue of liberty stands and although nice it's not a founding concept of the country. Even if it were, a key part you left off was "… yearning to breathe free.” Immigrants must come wishing to be American which also means legally.

  7. No! Social media does not make it easier to hide the truth. It makes it easier for people to hear the truth! Both sides are represented and the people get tp make a choice. With only main stream media pulling the strings people don't get to hear the other side or make a choice. That's why they are trying to have it censored! they don't want the truth to come out.

  8. People are wising up to man stream media and tuning them out. Let them fall! they don't deserve to spout their lies!

  9. The Democrats need to forget about the fact that they lost to Trump and get on with the business of government. They won't do that because they have a hidden agenda and that is the destruction of the republic!

  10. Congress is there to represent the will of the people! Unfortunately they don't always do that.

  11. Black people have all the same rights as white people in America. We had the civil rights movement many years ago and settled the issue. Now it's no longer about civil rights it's about denigrating white people! Racism had not been eliminated at all, and it likely will never be eliminated. It's part of human nature. Since the affirmative action laws were passed black people have only gotten more racist than before. Now they feel entitled and deserving. Now they want reparations! I say they don't like it here they can back to Africa! We owe them nothing! their ancestors sold them into slavery and they ended up benefiting from it! they should be glad to be here, but if they don't like it why don't they want to go back to Africa? There are less white people there. Many of them want to separate from white people maybe that's a good thing maybe not. IDK. All I know is they need to be more tolerant!

  12. Millennial's are the most brain washed generation. They've been fed a bunch of psychobabble lies and have gotten fired up to change the world even though it does not need to be changed. We should deport all Muslims. They're dangerous to every other people on the planet! It's not Islamaphobia it's rational desire for self preservation! Yes roaming Millennial we should ban Islam! Islam will always raise it's ugly head of discrimination persecution and murder! It's never going to be a tolerant religion! Two thousand years of Islam and you still don't get what it's about? You're not too smart girl! You're talking from your educated brain washing not from common sense or understanding.

  13. There's no such thing as social justice! There's only justice! When you say free speech is needed you must accept that it's needed for everyone not just hose who have a certain viewpoint! The SJWs try to crush the free speech of anyone who disagrees with them. That's not Justice of any kind! They are hypocrites!

  14. I stringly disagree with the idea that competition is always a good thing for schools. That's because you live in big cities. In more rural areas or poor suburbs, sometimes no funding means no school and people have to travel miles to take their kids to school which definitely means they're not in a situation of equal opportunity.

  15. That's the thing with Charter schools – they're held to the standards demanded by the kids and the parents. If the parents do not think they're kids are getting a quality education, then they won't send their kids there . If the charter schools want parents to choose to send their kids there, the will have to meet the STANDARDS for education that the parents demand in order to choose to send their kids there.

    And yes, I think the real objection is that it would undermine the public school system…in terms of power and authority and the ideologies thereof (including Unions).

  16. Dave and Roaming, the Jingle you are looking for has already been made, and yes, it is by Chris Raygun. It's called "Their Ain't No Rest For The Triggered", and it is exactly what you are talking about. Check it out!

  17. OMG SHE'S IN CANADA!? And omg I couldn't agree more with her about teaching this stuff in highschool and even middle school! I've been saying that since CEGEP!

  18. Everyone wants the US to be like Canada but then you says this is the best immigration policy they hate it until you say its like Canada they get so confused.

  19. That stupid quote from the Ellis Island plaque is crap. There was a sytem that evauated immigratns for work capability and intelligence. A;so 2 of 3 went back home. no welfare state they have to work to make it worked much better than current policy.

  20. If something was enacted without a vote you can nullify it without a vote, why have the bureaucracy and the expense

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