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all right back out a young turks now got interview with a real progressive for you guys you know we're talking about Bernie Sanders and I fewer and far between they are and in the Senate and Congress referring to alan grayson uh but uh we do have some in the media it turns out and at Tracy Van Slyke wrote a book about it beyond the echo chamber reshaping politics through network progressive media donut Tracy on the young turks I thank you for having me oh no we appreciate it and by the way Jessica Clark wrote the book along with Tracy yeah daring crime that's right now Tracy first tell us how the media used to be and then and then had to change with progressive media getting strong so if you wait remember oh way back when in two thousand oh we had a mainstream media system that was a very controlled by elite those in the corporate mainstream media who are deciding what was the news what was the main messages that needed to get out and we've seen in the transition with technology that progressive media is really harnessed in the last couple of years that now the power of media is in the hands of independent media as well as everyday citizens who are helping and participating in creating powerful progressive media so we outline in the book how progressive media organizations have taken advantage of this new moment to really impact policy and social justice and even change legislation so we really think that there's real power progressive media and everyday citizens or to break down the corporate control that answer the elites have had over the mainstream media system for a very long time Tracy you know on the show we talked a million times about how foxes used to dominate all the news and uh and recently we had governor Jesse Ventura on the program he talked about how MSNBC was keeping host like himself off the air because they had anti Iraq war uh views you know Phil Donnie actually Banfield Saturday all make the same case remember the bad old days and I remember when there were no voices uh uh in the progressive media and so how did it change what I mean was there one thing that changed it was it a series of things on what were those no I mean it was a series of things one technology totally changed you can believe in 2004 youtube was still sort of on sort of the cusp on the beginning we had a whole new world of social networking Twitter and Facebook and even myspace so those changes really gave the power of everyday citizens to start producing and sharing their own media at the same time what we saw was progressive media really let the charge in in taking advantage and integrating those strategies and those new tools and platforms into the work they were producing and the young turks is a perfect example we talked about you guys in the book Shibuya and so we we really believe that you know looking for the future of progressive media to continue to make an impact they need to continue to be on the cutting edge unfortunately we're seeing you know the right wing has hijacked the media narrative in the past they're also starting to step up and to the users online environment we've seen a whole lot of stuff happening with the Tea Party movement and online uh and we need to make sure that we are still on the cutting edge that we're integrating our our users are audiences into the content creation in the distribution and the power of getting beyond the echo chamber we're getting beyond sort of the elites deciding what the news is and but everyday people participating in that that's really interesting you know Diane thought of uh you know until I read your book of how important that social media that's ridiculous i should have right but that's that's why you wrote the book I mean you're right i mean where the property example that here on The Young Turks but it not the reason I say that is present miss this conversation I thought you know we're kind of almost like those uh Iranian dissidents that are fighting a samedi nejad government you know uh there they the Iranian government controls all the media and they try to squash it but he keeps popping back up keeps popping back up now America it's not that the government says all right this is what you're not allowed to publish its that the system has been set up uh and has a self-selection that if you challenge the government you don't get promoted in the media you get demoted in the mainstream media and but it looks like now there is the decision yearning for the actual truth and now the outlets like youtube facebook twitter etc to be able to get that truth to the American people that it looks like it's a little unstoppable but that that leads me to the question of all right how do we how do we take that to the next level because right now if you look on televisions not like the problem is solved it's still 90 percenter service yeah absolutely well I mean so in the book we really outline how you know we talked we talked about in the past or the right-wing media machine right well we sort of outlined in the book what is the progressive media infrastructure that we need and we talked about networked powered media so how to progress the media organizations work with everyday people whether it's individual users or people that are organizing online or different advocacy groups and their supporters and even how to mediate organizations work with each other which is sort of my day job I organize a group around that and we really think that's the power that's the infrastructure we don't want a top down through lockstep right-wing narrative and machine the the way that you know the Conservatives had we want a democratic collaborative coordinated group that works together that really sort of emphasizes the democratic process and in celebrates diversity frankly and so we really outlined in the book what does that look like and how do media organizations and everyday people plug into that that opportunity Tracy real quick let me ask you finally like what what what are some of the organization's for people that don't okay so obviously young I'm i loved it of course they were in the book thank you for your part but but what are some of the other organizations that are doing this on the ground level and that are getting people the the right message right so in the book we talk about 21st century muckraking doing card for Investigative Journalism but in involving the users and audiences and and that's after we talked about talking points memo and how they sort of led the charge around the attorney general scandal which led to the resignation of attorney general Alberto Gonzalez we talked about you know you hear all the time how the left media is preaching to the choir well we talked about the importance of assembling the progressive choir and the role of firedoglake an amazing blog who has combined reporting action and analysis into creating a really powerful group of progressives who are connected to each other online and in person we talk about my favorite chapter is called beyond Pale Male and stale which we shortened to be on pms where we talk about groups in the black blogosphere like jackson geopolitics and feministing with you know in the feminist blogosphere about how they're reaching different communities that and that is really important I think for the future progressive media to think about to expand beyond for the white middle class into reaching communities of color gender women youth and so forth to really sort of bring together a whole diverse network of powerful uh progressive advocates all right tres events like the author of beyond the echo chamber reshaping politics through network progressive media

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  1. @gigerone

    People consider Garofalo to be a…"crazy nut?" Who?? NO ONE thinks she's a crazy nut, in fact, she often speaks the truth!

  2. @whatdoyouwantandwhy Seriously a comment from 4 months ago and in response to a guy wondering if this woman does anal are you kidding me?

  3. @gigerone So if the university types are left wing…. then does that mean that intelligent people are left wing??? Sounds cool

  4. @gigerone
    You notice that you're self contradicting yourself, do you? I love it when the righties say that the left is all powerful and controlling everything – but nobody listens to leftwing radio and watches leftwing shows and Fox News has huuuuge ratings. Can't have it both ways. (Well, when it comes to right wing reality, actually you can..)

  5. @upplsuckimcool16
    Can you say: totally irrelevant?

    By the way: I don't know what you're hearing. She's talking perfectly fine. No fake "question mark", whatsoever. Maybe, instead of trying so hard to hear things that aren't there, you should try to listen to the substance of what she's saying. You know…?

  6. Man,when she said "celebrate diversity",she should have gotten an award for crossing the 38th platitude..what a bore..I'll wait to see her endorse a minority or female Conservative voice,and see how democratic or nurturing of intellectual diversity she is..but every female or minority conservative usually gets called whore ,Uncle Tom,Banana or worse by those compassionate progressives……

  7. @dEdGrimley
    That's what you get when you have a two-party system.
    In multi-party systems it would be bothersome to have biases for all parties.

    Your democrats are: centre-right, liberal, progressive, etc.
    Your republicans are: far-right, conservative, etc.

    So it is easy to become biased along those lines.


    I cannot STAND when people talk like you!!!

    Lie, when you make a statement you end it as if it's a question? and that's really annoying? It's werid when people do that?

    MAN IT'S ANNOYING!!!!!!!!!

  9. What? How are you able to tell from the way she speaks? (please indulge me, that would be awesome to know)

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