Riot police clash with protesters inside Hong Kong mall

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. Female Pol Pot or Famale Saddam Hussein of Hong Kong.
    Do she have to use extremely police violence everyday to justified hong kong's future?

  2. HK police are not experienced at all in riot control, because this level of riots has never happened before. If this was in the UK it would have been sorted out much sooner.

  3. Ooooout of control..FOR WHAT? SCHOOL STARTS SOON BORED RICH TEENAGERS NOTHING TO DO ..Hong Kong is Hong Kong leave it alone..freeedoom

  4. Article 60 of the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties entitles the termination or suspension of a bilateral treaty upon its material breach by the other party. The PRC materially breaches the Sino-British Joint Declaration. Me thinks the time has come to terminate the Joint Declaration. 🇬🇧🕺🏻

  5. Dont bring your children to england council estates if your child is raped police and media will do nothing I hear what Rochdale police said shameful

  6. So what is this… boxing day in Hong Kong?

    That's nothing – just try getting in the way on black friday at any walmart in the midwest 😛

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