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  1. The ENTIRE Presidency of Orange Poison Sack has been "unlikely" since the start.
    Now it is a train wreck that has crashed into a sink hole. No way out for any onboard.
    Impeach. Remove. Lance the Orange Poison Sack & imprison it for 50 years.

  2. The child president has visits from his puppet master. Gang Of Puppets applauding displaying submission to Russia ahead of supporting Ukraine.

  3. Their meeting was a progress report 4 the dismantling of the U.S. govt which is what they wanted from the beginning & Bannon announced.

  4. America, and the high handed eraserheads. I guess now you know this Government has been compromised. A Russian Ambassador who speaks fluent english acts like he doesn't. All the while Mike Pompeo a tight lipped hypocrite starts talking tough about Russian Gremlins meddling in the 2020 Presidential elections. One can only assume this traitorous President was going over polling data while the doors of the oval office were closed to public scrutiny.Soon very soon America you will witness your fall. I tried to warn you. But you evil people, eraserheads included. Do not like good advice. Or the good advisors giving it to you! You are enamored with a bozo orange and red liar. Who has been lying to you since he took office.

  5. Trump doesn't see the power imbalance of his meeting with a subordinate…notice in the photo of that meeting Trump is seated and Lavrov standing. Now, there could be other reasons for that positioning, but Trump is in the subordinate position. Trump's expression seems odd too. Anybody else get that vibe?

  6. The Republicans should put a hammer& sickle in their red banner If they intend to keep on pushing Russian propaganda!

  7. Ofc he's going to listen and do whatever the Russians tell him too they helped elected him and trump wants his stupid hotel built there. Reading trump is too easy but his fans are too stupid to see that.

  8. 45 later discovered he'd signed over all his golf courses, children's businesses and responsibility for staffing US security services to Lavrov in exchange for a rigged vote. He insisted on keeping Ivanka.

  9. Things will get worse when Joe Biden is installed as the Democratic candidate to run against Trump…Will Bernie Sanders try and rally his supporters to vote for Biden?….We could be looking at the biggest Republican landslide in a American Presidential election.

  10. Take over of America is complete…. Trump is now openly taking orders from a foreign enemy in the oval office. He is letting you know right then and there…So much for the "land of the free and the home of the brave"

  11. The US president should not be meeting with Russian leaders or diplomats without national security representatives present. It's a huge threat to have a president with no diplomatic or intelligence training alone in a room with Putin or any of his cronies. This is just dangerous and wrong.

  12. Lavrov is the messenger between Trump and Putin. Its was decided in Moscow to have the photo shoot at this time to show the world he has America in his pocket.

  13. Donald Trump knows the Russians intervene, he asked them he was in coordination with him. There are several people very close to the Trump family that says they’ve heard Donald speak in Russian. That’s why he doesn’t need a translator. The American oligarch, the Russian backed American Oligarch is seen as a joke around the world, even to his own boss, Daddy Vladdy.

  14. tRump makes Benedict Arnold look like Goldilocks…
    Can't our CIA, FBI, DIA get this Russian agent out of our White House???

  15. Well we do know what the game plan is. Putin wants the Ukraine for its agricultural wealth, its other resources, its population to boost his population of pawns, and because it brings him closer to the next collection of states to corrupt and dominate. So why is the US so important? Putin I believe wants a short and abrupt invasion of the Ukraine, and the best way to achieve that is to launch a tactical nuclear strike on a Ukraine Nuclear power Station to look like a Nuclear accident to the local population but a clear threat to Europe, and to provide disorganisation to cover for a cross country military rampage. Europe will not retaliate due to disproportionate risk, and Putin needs to know that the US will not retaliate with a proportional response. Hence Putin needs Trump to be re-elected with Trumps complete mastery of mis information and news cycle dominance. All coming to us all in Spring of 2021.

    Its time for Europe to step up and commit resources to the Ukraine to alter the calculation for Putin.

  16. Putin has hush payment video of trump an the Russian kids trump wanted to adopt in trump tower meeting. Trump deflected with dirt on Clinton media fell for it. Trump can't be dead asset. It's do die or prison for trump an he is all in for Russia to the death. Lock him up today.

  17. Trump buddies are the same that stole the oil from Venezuela, The same Putin's elite that have been supporting the terrorist FARC, The same oligarchs that funneled millions into the Republican Party to destroy American democracy. They sit comfortably and laugh!!!! How stupid are Americans!!!!

  18. Trump go too far this dude is low IQ this picture mean he is works for KGB agent so what? Stand up together protect our country we never President trying to sells America likes donal j trump he is committed high crimes is treason.

  19. Lavrov: WTF? Traitor Trump said he told Russia not to interfere? Fcuk that! That little pee pee boy don't have the balls to tell Russia nothing! Nothing at all. Get it straight, Russia tell him what to do. Not the other way around.

  20. Trump does not care that the Russian foreign minister is contradicting the FBI, CIA and NSA by denying election meddling. All he cares about is
    keeping his base convinced that Russian interference was a hoax. Truth and facts mean nothing to Trump.
    Lies and subterfuge are the tools of his office.

  21. Interesting! Let's not forget this was the day of the release of the two Articles of Impeachment in which Democrats DIDN"T WANT TO TALK ABOUT. Now it appears political hacks like Lawrence doesn't either. Back to the Russian narrative despite the report that clearly spelled the fake Dossier in which the FISA warrants were issued over and over by the FBI. The claim is this was not politically driven…..or that's the narrative they keep sticking too. Anyone, please explain? If Carter Page worked for the Trump team in the 2016 election and the FBI was spying on him based off the fake Dossier bought and paid for by Hilary Clinton, how exactly is that not politically driven? Also, what happened to the Bribery charge in the Articles of impeachment? Remember as we hear so dearly from praying Nancy, Benjamin Franklin once said, "We now have a Republic, If we can keep it".

  22. I wonder !! If he is nimore Prez. Is ther anyone in this so called Gov. able to manage with " ANY" sense of Power to ( manage / run ) anything..In the real world this much bull is enough to throw any kinda power off kilter..I'D BE BURNED OUT ..!!!

  23. WE GOT HIM NOW Russia!
    WE GOT HIM NOW Taxes!
    WE GOT HIM NOW Ukraine! Duh, wait, we don’t “got him” at all… 😂


  25. A Saudi soldier killed three US citizens in Pensacola and no one says a word.
    Trump meets Russia's foreign minister as statesmen usually do and everyone goes apeshit.

    You people make me sick.

  26. Russia is controlling the narrative and Chump is so NARCISSISTIC and STUPID to see they are playing him like a CHEAP VIOLIN! The world watches as the POTUS gravels at Russia's feet…disgustingly Un-American!!

  27. Donald Trump is NOT A POLITICIAN, how can we as a nation still have a disrespectful inbicil president to keep humiliating us around the world with his stupidity..

  28. The russian puppet meeting with his handler in the oval, unreal. Enough of this trump experiment, the man is a criminal and far too unintelligent to hold the office. Disgusting.

  29. What y’all are not understanding about trumps relation with Russia , trump owes over a billion , he has been receiving millions for yrs. You do not go bankrupt six times and buy or build all these golf courses hotels legally.

  30. Great photo of Traitor evil Hitler trump and his Boss evil putin's puppet Lavrov in our WH. The Impeachment of traitor evil trump speaks Volume.

  31. "Russia, if you're listening, I hope you're able to find the 30,000 missing emails." Donald Trump

    Nearly 200 countries he could've asked but he said Russia by name.

  32. Can you name The Four Branches of government? Legislative, Judicial, Executive, and Trump, LLP (Limited Liability Presidency.)

  33. Meanwhile, did you know that the Obama administration actually built and implemented the cages for children on the border? I'll bet the mainstream media didn't tell you that now did they. Source: Politico

  34. Here's the deep, underlying ugliness of the Trump GOP and Russia. They want a united white people and their policies align.
    Let Russia become the Soviet Union again, as long as they can put Trump hotels everywhere.

  35. Of course, Comrade Trump-ski and Corpulent Pompeo bow down, kneel, and slather their tongues over the big, black ugly KGB boots of Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov–just like Comrade Trump-ski did in Helsinki. Disgusting, cowardly, traitors. They ought to join Edward Snowden in Moscow.

  36. Truth to tell, the Russians despise Trump. You can see the contempt on their faces, when they deal with him. He is their useful fool. They do not respect a man who will sell out his country.

  37. This is beyond the pale. Clearly, Trump was compromised in big way by the Kremlin & they want to rub it in on America's face.

    Sadly, what US has done to other nations for decades is done onto us. Oh how the mighty has fallen at the hands of so-called GOP patriots.

  38. Boo hoo.
    If Trump doesn't get removed from office, you crooks can't remove Barr and will be prosecuted.
    How blind and stupid are dumcraps?

  39. Why the F is there a Russian standing behind the POTUS's desk, standing over him. The same desk that great men have sat at prior to this corrupt moron.

  40. trump—conspiracy soaked amateur. He really imagined he could do this job, and now, to no one’s surprise, he’s being impeached.
    Like the old saying—“garbage in, garbage out”.

  41. Trump isn't dumb. He's hyperaware of the power optics going on here. He apparently has done something to place himself in a subservient role in the relationship and is trying to play it off as though it's normal. And Russia understandably can't help but dig at him with it on occasion as a reminder of whatever debt or obligation he has to them. He truly is a Russian marionette.

  42. "Toying "with the president of the most powerful country in the world President Trump.. the corrupt MSNBC fake news media and the rabid radicalized socialists democrats are always trying to criticize the best president in the USA history.

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